My Freedom too, America.

The price for my freedom is something that not even the wealthiest country in the world could  possibly afford…

..and I think this rubs the US government the wrong way when they are face to face with something that cant be bought, bullied of lied for.... 

    …but they will have to come to terms with the fact that not everything is for sale.  That despite their many grand efforts that yes, sometimes, they are gong to fail. 

Because you cannot bribe me for my freedom or fear monger it into submission. 

It is not a carrot. I am not a rabbit.

  So you can scare me, threaten me,
 and try to force me to stay at home, but unless you have walked in these shoes on my feet, honey, you ain’t gonna tell me where I can roam. 

The only thing infectious about me is my smile and my laugh, and I tip my hat to the asshole who thinks he could contain even that!
My ancestors have already been your slave. They’ve also been those that sailed across the Atlantic seeking this very land of freedom. 
So from the slave in me to the English immigrant, and all the tyranny that they had to flee from, I hope you know that I was born, bred, and am bestowed this right to my freedom. 

You would have to be stronger than the  seas, and more sinister than their shackles to ever, and I mean ever, get me to turn my back on my ancestors.
This time my bloodline, will not be purchased, persecuted or ever again be put into chains. I’m not a virus, a vector or villain I live in virtue not in vain. I treat other how I wish to be treated. -I just wish others would do the same.

A Critique on Your Method of Suicide

– From a Twice Alive, Once dead girl.

My arm, my laptop and this article.

** I’d genuinely like to begin by stating that the topic of suicide is a very real and very important thing for me. I will be drawing into its themes, and the sad reality of it in the upcoming passages so if you are sensitive to such material, I recommend avoiding this entry. If, however you can withstand a blunt, first-hand perspective, that may at times may seem insensitive, or crude then proceed; but do so with an open mind, with the knowledge that the writer has gone down that dark road herself. I do not wish to trigger an unsuspecting reader. **

Now, disclaimers aside. Allow me to introduce myself in the context of suicide. In the winter of 2015, I died. For reasons that are kept between my therapists, family, and my memoir, I took my own life in a moment of immense agony. I don’t find anything particularly amusing about suicide, except that I do have a morbid sense of humor surrounding my own.

After slitting my wrist, alone; fading away in a pink murky bath I admit that I was certain that I had done the right thing. Looking back on that late December morning I still struggle to find fault in my actions. The pain I was in was so perverse that I had officially, and quite drastically lost my mind. Worse than that I felt as though I had lost my soul.

If you are unfortunate enough to have been in that place, then you know. To describe it to someone who hasn’t been to the eternal depths of soulless despair let me just tell you that I wouldn’t wish it on the devil himself.

Since my death I have had a new appreciation for strength, luck, and one’s propensity for enduring the impossible. When I hear of someone saying that they’ve made an attempt, however severe their attempt may have been I always feel a calm sorrow that tastes like empathy and grief. I can never find it within myself to curse someone out for trying or for thinking it because I know that if they are even half serious that they are or were in great pain. It is something you do when life literally feels, with every breath, unbearable and so much so that you are not only willing, but impatient to face man’s greatest fear; death, and to do so gladly with a housewarming gift in hand.

My mother would always tell me growing up there is no reason in our modern world that anyone should have to suffer. There is always a way out of it and living in pain isn’t living it’s existing. Us, humans were meant for so much more than mere existence. I share her views on the matter but as someone who has done the unimaginable, I have some views that I’ve kept to myself til now.

To be honest I was pissed when I woke up in the hospital the next day. I would remain pissed off for the following weeks in the psych ward and for the next year after I was released. I was angry I had been saved. I was bitter, filled with contempt for everything. The bullshit, albeit necessary bullshit, that one has to endure if they survive, and attempt is enough to drive some people back to the edge.

First there’s the case workers. The government underpaid- unenthused, unamused social workers that make you feel like another case number- another heavy folder dampening their day that they didn’t need. Then there’s police, doctors and other during admission to the psych ward that just talk as if you’re an infant in a stroller, sitting unaware of what the big people are saying; except you are aware, you do understand. Next there’s all the cozy comforts of the ward; other “loonies”, nurses, and the wide open harshly lit rooms. You have to go to therapy, and group therapy, and get in line for meds that you’ve never had before. You have night checks, and the occasional screaming from a fellow crazy down the hall who is cursing about Brad Pit and that the nurse stole his Oreo’s because she’s a Nazi.

 You know, the usual shit.

After the ward you likely have to stay in constant contact with that gloomy case worker. To call twice a day or every day to confirm with them that you in fact are still breathing. Then there’s the judgment from friends, family, and stares from strangers. The annoyance you feel grows for absolutely EVERYTHING. When something simply moves the annoyance intensifies. The people walking on eggshells around you will boil your blood into a fine crimson reduction that sludges through your system like pancake batter.

It’s slow. It’s frustrating. It sucks.

Now, having come many years out of that dark place in time I have reassure all my loved ones that the fear of failing again and repeating those feelings and those moments was enough to keep me from ever trying again. However, I still don’t regret what I did because I know I was in a pain that should have killed me. I do know now how hurt I was and how badly I needed help. Since then I have worked very hard to achieve a healthy state of mind,  So, you can imagine my surprise that after my MANY years of effort to be normal and appreciate life again just to make it to 2020/2021 and find that suicidal ideation is apparently “no big deal” in the eyes of the public.

Again…I am infuriated.

This “yolo” culture we live in is suicidal; indifferent. Its out of touch with reality…much like I was when I was suicidal……and yet… no one is getting strapped to a stretcher, held down by orderlies as you beg, screaming “No! no! no! Don’t you fucking dare! Please! I’ll stop just don’t…” while some stout middle aged nurse approaches with a syringe full of Haldol. Where after a prick to the buttocks your pleading fades to black and you go night-night. The masses aren’t subjected to being watched in the shower because they can’t be trusted to be alone in running water. No one is questioning societies actions and all despite showing signs of mental strain and dangerous mentality. No one is taking their pulse at 1:30 in the morning every single night to make sure that they’re still breathing. No one is even aware that they’ve all lost their minds. Crazies, like me I’m sure are perplexed, worried and strangely in positions to for once, being the voice of reason.

                        What in the literal hell is going on? Is this a sick grand finale joke? Some sort of drawn-out test to see if I’ll regress into an unstable level of psychosis?

There are many similarities of which I’ll get to momentarily, but first you may be thinking who exactly I am referring to in this generation. Well, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the immediate vaccine campaigns taken over the world I mean the whole of society. Not just “yolo” loving millennials.  I mean everyone. People are dying, the system is lying and oddly enough no one is really crying. In fact, things made far more sense to me in the ward than they do today.

I understand the need and urgency to avoid more deaths from the virus.  I do. I lost a relative to the disease myself.

Fortunately, there are very effective, non-experimental non-vaccine treatments. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to talk about them, use them or consider them. What I do not understand is how the world can be in such a dire state of psychosis that everyone has agreed to play Russian Roulette with “untested guns”. Not only do they all wish to do this and with great eagerness I might add, but they are fervently adamant that you do it to! Knowing that you could die or be severely injured we still see the world, the media and the collective cheering you on to “take your shot.”

It’s almost funny to me. If I tried to be that enthusiastic about recklessly endangering my life or others even if the odds were in their favor, I can assure you I wouldn’t be sitting in the shade of my porch writing this on my laptop. Rather, I would likely making a collage in group therapy next to the uncommonly gorgeous schizophrenic girl in the ward while she strokes my hair because it makes her “happy.”

 There’s just no way in hell that the world’s population would pass a psychological exam right now!

The mentality of “just do it” and “what’s the big deal? So, what if you die?” I was told was not allowed with you “normies” and your precious lifestyles. You try to be realistic, and concerned and warn someone that, “Hey you could die taking that jab. Over 11,000 already have.” is about as useful as telling your head nurse that “you don’t belong in there.” You’ll be met with anger, glazed over stares, and a guilt trip. No one is listening and those who are listening don’t believe you. Even if they did, they aren’t going to stick their neck out for you.

Take it from someone who has killed themselves when I say that the masses are suffering from suicidal and even homicidal ideation. Homicidal isn’t as accurate as I’d wish. It’s more just a total disregard for someone else’s life.  The scary thing is that the governments and leaders are the ones encouraging this mass psychosis. Like the nurses in the ward, you are encouraged (practically forced) to participate in the rituals; going to group, check ins, lining up for the meds window. Everyone social distances in the ward too. Most people don’t know that, but you aren’t supposed to be able to touch other patients. In the wards there is also signs on the floor, made of tape, pointing you in the direction that you are supposed to be going.  

Much like the ward, the media is tightly controlled. You get to see what they say you can see. You can talk to others on the outside but like today they are monitoring your exchange. It’s psych-ward 101 what’s going on today.  If you don’t participate when they tell you to then you have privileges taken away. If you keep doing it then guess what? Your chances of going back to “normal life” will be postponed until you can learn to comply. Restrictions tighten.  Refuse the medication that you don’t think you need, and you are reminded how dangerous you are to everyone else if you don’t take them. They beg, bribe and eventually harass and force you to take the drugs.  You don’t get a say on what treatments they give you. They are the doctors and they are here to save and protect the little, helpless you.

What should terrify you all is the part I haven’t mentioned yet. When doing a lengthy stretch of time in the ward, whether or not you’re truly crazy there is a phenomenon that takes hold of every patient. After a few weeks you have unknowingly grown comfortable in your cage. So much so that when its time for your release and they unlock the intake doors where sweet freedom awaits…. you hesitate.

You don’t want to leave.

You have become institutionalized, and you don’t recognize it until they give you a clean bill of health and send you off. What started off feeling like all your rights have been seized suddenly has changed. You panic. It was easy to be told when to be places, it was simple to not have choices or responsibilities. However, its from being locked up that the mind gets warped. We are adaptive creatures and I think society is unaware of how quickly this alteration of reality sets in. The fear I have for humanity is highlighted by the statement made at the World Economic Forum by none other than its founder Klaus Schwab when he said by 2030 we would do nothing and that we “would own nothing and be happy.” This seems to be grooming us toward just that and as someone with first-hand knowledge of the psychological impacts of lockdowns, medical tyranny, and personal freedom reduction even if it was/is for our better good, I know has deep impacts on us. The difference I see is that most people aren’t aware that this is happening.  Order out of chaos is a dangerously effective grooming tool and its being done worldwide,

Luckily that feeling usually doesn’t stay very long for most people but in the context of today’s world what would this mean? Would it mean a society that would be begging to be dictated? That they would cry, begging for a vaccine or to have lockdowns again? Willing to lie about being infected just for the opportunity to stay in quarantine? Unable to function freely because their muscles for independence had grown soft and weak. Or worse, intentionally becoming infected just so you can go back to that prison you’ve grown accustomed to?  This sick acceptance of death, disregard for other’s lives, the fear of not being controlled; holding their breath for someone to tell them what to do, think and feel is disturbing to me and I’ve seen what the inside of my arm looks like without so much a raised eyebrow.

But as I mentioned earlier, I find it nearly impossible to be mad at anyone who finds themselves in that suicidal state of mind because I know that only great fear or great pain could cause such behavior. Does no one see the lunacy being propagated? Has the fear of threat been exaggerated to give excuse to lock you up? I leave you with one last terrifying thought… a question to ponder on- one which truly keeps me up at night.

            If freedom to the psych patient is just beyond a set of doors that reunites them with the “real world”, where then will the world have to go when the time in their locked-up lunacy is over? What can one expect if they face the exit doors when they will only lead back into the ward? When people snap-out-of-it, what good is the return to reality if the “real world” has gone completely mad? Will it be too late? If it took me years to find my way back to normalcy what hope does the entire human race stand. I say this because I needed time, and help…things we cannot afford to do for every single person on earth while maintaining a healthy civilization.

In the words of the great physicist, Albert Einstein (one of my personal favorite quotes) “The question that sometimes drives me hazy; Am I, or the others crazy?”

Breaking Covid-19 Vaccine News! I found the Smoking Needle!

Ain’t that the truth!

Smoking gun. Smoking Needle.. you get the point.

The covid-19 vaccine has caused a panic of its own and for good reasons. Many other self made amateur researchers and writers have pointed at a multitude of red flags concerning the coronavirus and the vaccine since the virus emerged.

Too many things didn’t make sense and the nonsensical happenings accelerated with the roll out of the vaccines.

Now I’m not going to get too far into what the research has been saying, or why myself and many have serious doubts about these injections- well at least not in this article. I will in a subsequent article.

However I stumbled upon some data that was so alarming that I am going to bypass the entire background story and add to this blog a video I just posted to my bitchute not but an hour ago. It is what I believe is the smoking needle. The missing piece that ties together conspiracy theory with empiracle proof. The need to get this info out ASAP surppasses my desire to give the full background story.

To put it quickly, this explains the “conspiracy” theories made by many around the world who’ve been vaccinated and claim to be magnetized as a result, it explains the heart issues (look up Ringer’s solution side effects for more info), explains magnetized meat, the push to wear masks despite the lack of science, and it explains the two part vaccine system (two spaced apart doses) and the neurological issues as well as the blood brain barrier and placental issues. Sounds too crazy to be true I know.

BUT HEAR ME OUT! Watch the video. I’ll post all the links you need but you really only need to look up one thing: Google Patent KR20210028065A

WATCH THIS VIDEO I EXPLAIN IT ALL and just and FYI, I massively, and I cannot stress this enough, MASSIVELY curse throughout this video so viewer discretion is advised.

Breaking news! Graphene is in the Coronavirus Vaccine

Also check this out, the actual Patent:

KR20210028065A – Physiological saline containing graphene dispersion and corona virus vaccine using the same – Google Patents

More sources for data :

Mass-Producing Graphene | American Scientist Mass-Producing Graphene | American Scientist

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Take Me To Your Believer


Yes, Aliens! Are they real? Is it a hoax or just a history of confused encounters with unverified events that have simple scientific explanations? Well, on December 31st 2020, Trump signed legislation which included an out of this world, (pun intended) surprise. In the legislation a clause dictated that the intelligence community of the United States was under obligation to bring forth any and all documentation, and knowledge of unidentified aerial phenomenon/ UFO’s, and all things regarding little green men.

When is this information dump supposed to occur? According to the bill, the deadline was not to exceed 180 days after its approval. This makes the date of government disclosure set for June 29th 2021.

It’s understandable that there is a lot of buzz (again, pun intended) about the issue. As someone who sees themselves as an amateur astronomer, and casual conspiracy theorist I am more than eager to see what happens. However, like many people I have multiple theories about the entire situation and I doubt that disclosure will answer all my queries.

In fact, I suspect that only more confusion will arise. In times of uncertainty it’s fun and thought provoking to probe (pun definitely intended) into the minds of free thinkers – to gain some insight in regards to how to approach such a topic.

Common Conspiracy Concerns heard loitering around the proverbial “Alien Water-Cooler” include:

  • The disclosure is a false flag. Likely, the government will use the opportunity to stage a high tech holographic alien invasion/threat in the near future to be the new “war on terror” scaring us all into handing over our will and our wallets as we cry out to Uncle Sam to save us.
  • The disclosure is long overdue and only happening to prepare us for deeper truths about aliens; like them living amongst us, under the surface of the earth or moon, or that they have Elvis.
  • There is too much evidence to deny UFO’s and thats the only reason they are coming clean.
  • This is nothing but a soft hit letting humanity believe the government is telling the whole truth while in reality only verifying what many have long known but still withholding any real NEW evidence. Releasing this data only to distract from a bigger story.
  • It’s all just new technology the government has been hiding that they’ve advanced from meaning it can be released publicly.

The reality is no one, except those in the intelligence community tasked to put together the disclosure report, knows what is going to be discovered. We live in a ever changing world. The past year, if good for anything, has shown us that those whom we consider to be experts can be wrong, and that which the majority considers to be a conspiracy theory might actually bare more truth than fiction.

Thanks to the dishonesty of people like Dr. Fauci, the mainstream media censorship, social media’s proclivity for choosing what the masses gets to think, and the inconsistency in the scientific community over the past year it’ll be nearly impossible for anyone to accurately predict what will happen, and perhaps more importantly whether or not to trust it.

Personally, I am on the side of those who believe that we are not alone in the universe and that intelligent lifeforms have wizzed past earth from time to time-some even making a pit stop or two.

My reasoning isn’t because I saw the movie Mars Attack or Independence Day growing up and became obsessed. Nor that I was abducted by little green men in a shiny flying saucer only to be returned a bonefide believer clad in a tin foil hat..

Although, I must admit that I do love a good movie about aliens…especially the kind that have Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, both in their primes; handsomely saving the planet and where Vivica A Fox is a sultry scantily-clad stripper.

How could you not love that?

As motivating as that all is- I have come to believe aliens exist due to a sadly less theatrical yet more realistic reason….


To loosely quote a cult classic, the 1997 film Contact, “…if we are the only life in the universe…it’d be an awful waste of space.” That’s a reasonable conclusion especially because we don’t know how many galaxies there are in the universe or how many universes there are. More than that we don’t know how many planets are in those galaxies, and we have never ventured beyond our own solar system to even begin to say with any degree of certainty that we are alone in our shiny vast galaxy.

If we are alone in the cosmos then it all would be a literal waste of space. One could say that it would be a testimony to how special we are as a species if we are in fact alone in our presence and intelligence. Either way the “alone” outcome is a disappointing one for many of us.

Logic isn’t finite. Science isn’t immutable. They are ever changing and historically our perspectives and understanding of our world and the science that defines it changes drastically all the time. It wasn’t even until 1905, thanks to Albert Einstein that we had an equation to calculate the speed of light. We used to joke about the idea that the moon or mars hosts water and now its considered scientific fact they they do have water. Tons of it in fact.

Regardless of our evolution through what we consider to be fact and fiction there are still outright nay-sayers. Those who take a definite stance against anything that isn’t nailed down in absolute verifiable reality, The dullest of these arguments is one that was used by renowned astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He claims that IF there were aliens then how come we all haven’t seen them and all gotten great 4k footage of UFO’s? He of course is highlighting the fact that this generation is glued to devices capable of high quality filming and that we are all quick to film anything mildly exciting. So why isn’t there more high quality pics of these crafts and their operators?

To that shameful excuse of an argument against the existence of aliens I have a rebuttal in the form of a few questions:

Do you know how many people have already claimed to have seen UFO’s? Every year thousands to 100’s of thousands of reports are made by people all across the world. How many people need to witness them for it to become accepted fact? I ask this because how many people have seen with their own eyes a whale-shark? Or a Narwhal? How many people have seen a Tasmanian devil? Certainly thousands, or millions even…but not everyone. What about Pluto? With a pricey telescope it still is difficult for someone to see, and it’s not always visible. We have to take the word of Nasa’s probes and the few institutions with telescopes large enough to view the former planet. Yet we take these things to be real and the accounts of them to be fact.

Do you know how many airplanes cross the United States in any given day? How often do you see airplanes in a day?

-How much time do you spend looking at the sky? How easy is it to see planes? Despite being large and constantly in use really think about how often you catch a glimpse of a plane in flight.

According to flight tracking websites its an almost uncertain number that ranges from 5,000 flights at any given moment of the day and around 87,000 flights or more soaring through the skies of the US each day. Knowing the fact that we all have our eyes constantly glued to screens we often fail to see a lot of what goes on in the sky. Even if you were paying attention and able to see 100 flights for one day that would only account for less than 0.115% of the air traffic in the country. So, if people don’t notice 99% of our planes in our skies then it doesn’t seem unreasonable that there would be other flying objects that we also fail to see.

Have you ever tried to take a 4k quality film from the ground of a plane in the sky? It likely is too zoomed in to have anything remotely high quality captured. Airplanes are 30,000ft up, at peak altitude and travelling extremely fast. There is between 62 and 600 miles of atmosphere that extend upwards from the surface of the earth and 30,000ft is only 5.6 miles. So if a massive 747 plane is almost impossible to spot with the naked eye, or on your phone’s camera at only 5.6 miles up then what makes you think that everyone would have great footage of what is flying in the remaining 55-600 miles of our atmosphere? This is not taking into account size. 747’s seem to be much larger than suspected UFO crafts. Making them much harder to see.

-How clear is the sky anyways? Between worsening weather, chemical trails and pollution seeing, let alone filming, objects in the sky can prove to be a difficult task for anyone.

You let me know when Neil DeGrasse Tyson has answered those and sign me up for when NASA makes cell phones that are capable of 4k recording at distances of a few hundred miles…. Something tells me that the government will reach disclosure before that ever happens… and thank goodness for that because I think we’ve all waited long enough.

Science isn’t the savior.

The compulsory vaccine debate has been an ongoing affair for decades. Today, considering the looming threat of mandatory vaccinations it is important to take a stance on the issue in a concise and practical manner.

The stakes and circumstances at hand are dual sided, evolutionary nature versus progressive innovation, and artificial intervention versus biological design. I will try my best to look into the importance of vaccines and whether or not they should be deemed beneficial and more importantly whether or not they must be a condition for human beings in order for them to simply live their lives.

The arguments follow many intricated and sensitive themes due to the nature of vaccination. To be clear by vaccine I do mean the traditional definition of a prophylactic pharmaceutical used to prevent a disease from occurring by eliciting an immunity to a disease. Forced vaccination is the side of debate that many others and I am particularly concerned about.  This is a subject that after all places the outcome regardless of its success solely in the hands of the recipient. Additionally, there are laws which protect vaccine manufactures from accepting any liability for injuries. This is all for a medical intervention that cannot be un-done. There is no literature on how to remedy or regulate the effects of a vaccine once it has been administered

Historically, vaccines were created to prevent highly contagious and fatal diseases those that, during that particular time in history, would likely have been a death sentence. The mortality rate or disability rate was usually very high, and as the world population grew the need for global health needed to be addressed. Originally, vaccines were injections of weakened or dead pathogens in an adjuvant solution given to grant a person immunity from catching the disease in question. With a world that had been ravaged by pandemics like the black plague and others it all seems understandable.

Now, if one were to time travel to the days of the plague, rampant small-pox, or polio we’d see a very stark discernment between not only medicine but of health in general. Doctors, Scientists, and journalists LOVE to mention small-pox and polio whenever they feel pressured to explain to the public why vaccines are a good thing. However, one thing that they certainly seem to forget to mention is the other vital life-saving factors that contributed to good health at the time.

Are we really progressing or just doing things differently? Has humanity’s hunger for innovation devoid us all of destined divination?

For example, one seldomly mentions one of the greatest assistants in reducing the world’s illnesses, the Refrigerator. Refrigerators weren’t appliances in American households until the 1920’s and they were terribly expensive, even compared to today’s high prices. During the first 20 years of its use was primarily reserved for military and business ventures. It wasn’t until the invention of Freon in the 1930’s that the beginning of its common use gained popularity.

          Even still, this wasn’t what we, today, think of as a refrigerator because it wasn’t until the 1940’s they could only keep food cold, there was not a frozen freezer til then. The ability to keep food from rotting by storing food in the cold is one of the most reliable and oldest preservation methods since the beginning of time but not until commercialization of the of fridge/freezer combo did they become standard in American homes; this was sometime in the early 1940’s and 1950’s. That was around when we began implementing modern food handling and safety.  Without refrigeration people would starve or greatly put themselves in line for food borne illnesses. The food we buy at the store, for the most part travels hundreds of miles. This international food chain is only made possible by refrigerated vehicles and freezers. If you think a refrigerator has nothing to do with your health, try unplugging your fridge for a year and still feed yourself and your family with food you buy at the store. Good luck not catching salmonella, listeria, cholera, E. coli, or food poisoning.  Instances of dire history would have been averted had refrigeration and proper food handling had been implemented. A large number of “witches” in the Salem Witch Trial were actually cases victims who had ingested moldy bread and yeast. Who knows how many innocent women could have survived if they had refrigerators, preservatives, and disinfectants? The Donner party would have been able to have meals that weren’t made of human body parts. The Oregon Trail would have seen far less fatalities as well. The list is endless. The Irish Potato Famine. All those food-borne illnesses and shortages can lead to a serious detriment to health. With proper food handling these things could largely be avoided all without ever needing a medical countermeasure.

Also, the introduction of the electric oven was another invention that greatly reduced illnesses and increased life expectancy; it wasn’t possible until its invention in 1892.  The first microwave oven wasn’t invented til 1955 by Raytheon that used microwave technology for weapons research. Prior to the oven in its modern sense, you had to eat raw foods or cook over an open fire. Everyone now knows that almost everything is sterilized at a certain temperature. Cooking food thoroughly is one of the restaurant industries biggest concerns; one undercooked pork roast and they’d have sick customers on their hands; potentially ruining the business altogether. Obviously, the food that keeps us alive is of extreme importance and thus, so is ensuring that it is not contaminated, undercooked, or go to spoil.

Another overlooked invention that gets shadowed by vaccines is the indoor toilet. In the 1880’s they were exclusively held in the homes of the elite and some businesses. Today, most countries have modern “western” toilets in their homes and businesses with the exception of the economically disenfranchised. The poorest people in the poorest of countries still engage in open defecation. These countries are the ones that also have the lowest standard of living, lower life expectancy and higher infant deaths. Overall, plumbing directly corresponds to human health and without modern toilets and plumbing we would not have the vitality that we have today. Also, the practice of sterilizing medical instruments wasn’t practiced until 1881. Meaning infectious diseases at the time likely were spreading between people but also through materials at the doctor’s office or on their instruments. It was not until 1886 that doctors would sterilize the operating room and all that touched an open wound. Then not til 1889 did doctors wear surgical gloves.  Up until the 1930’s the air in hospitals and operating rooms had no system of filtration. Leaving pathogens airborne around compromised people. Sterilization by the use of UV light began in the 1940’s.

The reduction of illnesses was chiefly defined by the discovery of antibiotics in the 1920’s. From then on, its use gained popularity and was implemented in more places as manufacturing and distribution became possible on larger scale.

       However there is still much more to credit to health and it’s not yet vaccines. The important ability to have a sink with running water close to a toilet that flushed away the waste was likely one of the biggest advancements in health in human history. Before that people had to find water elsewhere to wash after using the bathroom, or resort to wiping their hands on a towel. Any doctor will tell you one of the most common reasons illnesses occur in most hospital settings and in cases of sepsis that a major antagonist is a bacterium called Clostridium Difficile.

It is commonly referred to as C.Diff. C.Diff is a gram positive spore forming bacterium. “According to the CDC, in 2017 there were 223,900 hospitalizations with over 12,800 deaths in the United States. Although C. difficile is commonly known as a hospital/ care facility and antibiotic associated pathogen, at most one third of infections can be traced to transmission from an infected person in hospital settings. According to wikipedia: C.Diff….

“…produces two types of toxins: enterotoxin A and cytotoxin B, which disrupts cytoskeleton signal transductions in the host. Under stress conditions, the bacteria produce spores that are able to tolerate extreme conditions that the active bacteria cannot tolerate.” In “2017 there were 223,900 cases in hospitalized patients and 12,800 deaths in the United States. A 2015 CDC study estimated that C. diff afflicted almost half a million Americans and caused 29,000 deaths in 2011. The study estimated that 40% of cases began in nursing homes or community health-care settings, while 24% occurred in hospitals.”

Wikipedia: Human Health

The issues concerning it now are largely in the hands of hospitals, nursing homes and the individuals themselves. To remember to keep bathrooms clean, and most importantly to wash your hands after defecation.

Additionally, history has shown that epidemics and pandemics stem from a natural source that is introduced somehow into a new population. The new population having been separate and not previously exposed get sick as they have no immunity to it. It wasn’t until the mid to late 1920’s that commercial flights began to take off and took decades to become a “common” activity. Prior to planes you had to get around with a car, horse and carriage, horseback, on foot, or sail on a ship to travel great distances. All which were and still are considerably dangerous.

The ability to migrate easily meant that someone with Tuberculosis could move to somewhere with warmer and dryer temperatures which would reduce the symptoms. Also, for those near the equator they could move to cooler regions and remove themselves from heavy interaction with fruit bats, tsetse flies and mosquitos. All of which still are very deadly. With modern technology, the movement of all types of people meant the movement of all types of diseases as well. This exposed more and more people to foreign diseases allowing them to gain immunity and tolerance although of course the severe cases likely resulted in death only initially and likely few.  Antibiotics, on a pharmaceutical front, has been humanities saving grace. Unfortunately, as us humans usually do, we have relied too heavily on antibiotics and now we face the biggest threat to humanity, antibiotic resistant diseases- a list that grows bigger every day.

When you start to look at health from a bigger perspective you find that vaccines have done some good but certainly not as much as big pharma would like you to believe.  Let us not forget the introduction of food preservatives, anti-viral, antibacterial, the invention of plastics in the 1960’s helped with food storage, and clean running water has done away with most of the world’s biggest health threats and greatly increased the globe’s life expectancy and all of these inventions weren’t mainstream until the baby boomer generation. The disappearance of polio, smallpox, mumps, cholera, listeria etc can be partially attributed to vaccines but if you had to choose between only having vaccines to determine your health and all those modern amenities, I’m quite certain you’d chose the modern amenities because they overall produce a much healthier quality of life than vaccines.

All of this being said, am I calling for the world to halt inoculations? No. Certainly not. I do believe that traditional viral/bacterial live attenuated vaccines do work to a great extent at preventing disease, but I feel as though unless the disease cannot be managed by common modern luxuries like, clean water, over the counter medicines, etc and the disease isn’t highly fatal or contagious then vaccines, especially ones that have had sub-standard testing, trials, and ingredients in them shouldn’t be the standard of treatment. Nor should they be forced on the masses. Injecting everyone for a disease that has a low infection and low fatality rate affecting less than 5% of the population surely can be managed in other ways.

Law makers should concern themselves more with what continues to promote disease around the world instead of promoting mandatory chemical injections that may or may not work or be safe. Ensuring that people have clean drinking water, mosquito nets, safe and available medicines, and personal health and hygiene education would do far more to save the world than any vaccine ever could. I say that because just last year 860,000 + people died from malaria. Over 940,000 died from suicide, and 1.5 million died last year from HIV/AIDS. Over 9 million starved to death and 7.2+ million people died from cancer just last year alone. Of the major causes of death that total in OVER 50 million yearly, vaccines can only address less than ¼ leaving over 37.5 Million to die regardless. The reality its an economic and financial issue which big pharma knows, and they exploit it instead of addressing it. If society continues to try and outsmart mother nature, play God, act invincible and self-concerned the health issues will continue no matter what medicines are created. 

The word Immunity stems from the Latin: Immundus which means filthy and foul.  Vaccines come the Late French Vacca which means Cow (this is because the small-pox vaccine was created by injecting people with cow pox, a similar virus found in cattle.) The word for scientist stems from the Latin inscientis which means “unknowing.” The word for pharmacist stems from Latin “pharmacoliga” meaning “quack.” The word journalist comes from the Latin word “Durnali” meaning someone who is a slave, forced to record and repeat whatever their master’s desire. A slave to words they do not mean and aren’t theirs.

All things aside, the notion that forced inoculations could be implemented and in some places are, is to me a frightening sign of deteriorating human intellect, faith, rights and common sense. To make it worse you could be made to get injected with toxins that lack long term safety data, where no one is liable for the possible damages, there is no antidote, no guarantee, and for our current situation only kills between .5%-2% of the world’s population.

The human genome is around 8% endogenous retrovirus. Without viruses we wouldn’t be alive. Women would not be able to have a uterus and thus never be able to birth babies. We should be extremely careful and cautious about our endeavors to rid the world of viruses…because if we overstep, we might achieve that and wipe all of us out in the progress. So, that means that vaccines are good, right?

The truth?

Yes, sometimes and when done appropriately. However, the answer is also No, they can be extremely dangerous and some plain don’t work. What does work 9 times out of ten is safe plumbing, sewage and food storage as well as good nutrition, safe sex, healthy living, and good personal health education.

Humans are traditionally sensible creatures, some intelligent and talented even. Naturally, we are adapters, and resilient to much of the tragedies in the world. Even before modern medicine, electricity, and politicians we survived, we thrived. If we lose all our intelligence to fear, and all our rights to tyranny we will be nothing more than docile helpless farm animals at the mercy of the shepherds. Never being free and never knowing life beyond a cage and no mindset beyond that which has nothing to live for.

Community over immunity. Transparency over Tyranny. Empathize over Euthanize. Purity over pollution.

If we cannot utilize the technology and amenities, we have already to the fullest of their potential then what makes anyone think that the next technology will be any different. And when will we fix the issues that we’ve created before we create solutions for problems that don’t exist yet or could be diminished by innovations of the past?

The things we let drift away

The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.

John F. Kennedy

By March 31st 2020 the United States marked 3,000 deaths and 163,539 cases. By April 2nd, just four months since its emergence Covid was believed to have caused some 4,300 people to die in the US and nearly 200,000 cases.

The Covid 19 pandemic was first detected in late fall/early winter 2019. The official date of December 31st marks the acknowledgment of at least 27 cases from earlier that month that were diagnosed as “pneumonia like symptoms” in China which are now known to have been some of the first Covid-19 cases.

In response to these frightening numbers the United States, along with dozens of other countries implemented stay at home measures as well as;

stricter personal hygiene -self isolating   -travel bans

-forcing “non-essential” workers to stop working

-implementing special hours for the elderly to shop

-suspended “in-school” instruction for all levels of education.

-suspension of public gatherings, restaurants

-implementation of constant multi-media coverage of the pandemic as well as recommendations

-implementation of fear rhetoric/ reminder propaganda like; “together alone” “stay home save lives” “together apart” “mask up” etc on medias such as; radio, billboards, tv commercials, social media ads, traffic marquees, flyers, store notices, etc.

-the change from the support of alternative medicines to banning them.

-the silencing and media banning of doctors and scientists that had alternative perspectives

-the implementation of a Coronavirus task force and Operation Warp Speed to create a vaccine for the novel virus.

-the prediction was made that before the end of May 2020 as many as 240,000 deaths were expected to occur and up to 2 million deaths in the US by fall of 2020. (neither were found to be true)

In short, before we even got to 4,000 deaths in the united states (regardless of the fact that those numbers are hyper inflated and not considered wholly accurate) we had an upheaval of life as we knew it. Children could not go to school, hug their grandparents, or play with friends -not even for their birthdays. Hard-working American’s were faced with unemployment for reasons beyond their control and in staggering numbers. Grocery stores across the country were barren of essentials. Shopping online was no saving grace as orders of basic items like toilet paper on amazon were either sold out completely or back ordered, some as far back as 6 months. Small businesses had to close-down, and many would close for good.  Face masks were also on short supply leaving millions to be forced to make their own if they had the ability and resources to do so.

Fear and Uncertainty were the only things that were never in short supply or hard to come by.

It is sufficient to say that before we hit 4,000 deaths and just over 160k cases, in those first 4 months we went to great lengths to address the cause. After those early days of April in 2020 the virus went on the continue causing more and more deaths and multitudes of cases to the point that now, 1 year 4 months and a few days since the emergence of the pandemic we are now at 580,938 deaths and over 32 million cases in the United States.

 According to the CDC 89% of those covid-19 deaths were of people that had serious underlying conditions (averaging 2.7 pre-existing diseases per patient), 78% of those hospitalized were considered overweight or obese. Of the ages 0-17 there has been 277 deaths. For those under the age of 10 there were 33 deaths. Most of the deaths were by those in hospice, nursing homes, over the age of 65 and/or had multiple co-morbidities.  

Though there were many recommendations on ways to slow the spread many Americans felt frustrated for having to deal with something they didn’t choose to deal with. A frustration made worse by the media’s constant reminding by posting each and every death minute by minute, heightening the fear that further gave the government and businesses the green light to impose more policies and longer restrictions. But, we all complied and we all did our part because we had American citizens dying every single day and we didn’t want more deaths, nor did we want their deaths to be forgotten or to have occurred in vain.

By the End of 2020 we had 3 to 4 viable vaccines ready for emergency use authorization and by December the first shipments went out, and by the end of that month we had already begun immunizing those that the government considered most at risk. This marked a moment of US history, for never before in our history had mRNA vaccines been used on human beings, and never before had a vaccine been ushered out in such a short timeframe (Averaging 9 months in production, including trials and manufacturing.)

Now that I’ve summed up the past year and 4 months I have to say we should be ashamed. Although its true that there was no feasible way that we could have completely eradicate a novel virus without a single victim. There was no way, despite our efforts to have avoided every single death but we could have been fair and caring and less prejudicial.

 The lack of care, concern, and even acknowledgement of thousands of our fellow American’s deaths is disgraceful and disgusting. Who decided which lives are news-worthy and which lives deserve to be snuffed out, unnoticed and un-mentioned? We have made that choice to say some lives get this fate and it’s a choice we continue to make.

 A massive chunk of the largest social gatherings during the pandemic were done in droves, despite the ongoing pandemic and its policies in the name of equality. The BLM protests were blanketed across the country and continue even today. Despite burning buildings and the possibility that they could have become super-spreader events they were done in the name of equality!  I, myself participated in a Black Lives Matter rally in the name of equality because I hold the American belief that there should be equal representation and that no death should be in vain and that the lives lost deserved loud, clear, recognition because their lives mattered.

However, I am calling out the American people for being everything they have claimed that they weren’t. Despite a year of civil unrest and of us as a country coming together to combat the virus, because we still don’t practice what we preach. The United States is not all-inclusive, fair, caring, or sincere! We are prejudiced, dismissive, and hypocritical. Making all that it seems like we had strived to be was done in vain, because we don’t care when certain people die.

There are thousands of people in the past four months of 2021 that have died, and 100’s of thousands that were injured, or endured some pain, even some struck with lasting disabilities and yet we could care less. The government, the media and the people have decided a certain group of Americans don’t deserve recognition, they don’t deserve media coverage, rallying for justice, and they don’t even get so much as a mention from the main stream media. In fact, they have done all they can to not discuss it. Thousands of American corpses in the past four months that we say nothing a damn word about it but it sure says a lot about us now doesn’t it?

Covid-19 lives matter. Black Lives matter, but not every life matters. Not here in the United States, land of the free and home of the brave. That is the sad but true American-Way, inequality. Unless you’re one of the extremely few Americans that have made these exclusive group’s deaths known and spoken for these people then perhaps you’re not without prejudice. You do not support what we claim to stand for. You are not pro-American, or pro-equality.

Well, perhaps you are pro-American, and we just need to be more honest with ourselves as to what that actually means. It seems like being pro-American actually means you’re pro-government approved equality. Only for equality when there are headlines, and others have paved the way for you.

If you have to have the mainstream media tell you when you should care about your fellow Americans or tell you when and who to cry for and demand justice for them then I hate to tell you but you’re not a patriot, you’re not progressive, you are not warm hearted, understanding or courageous. You’re a marketed reaction with a pulse, that can be conjured at the drop of a headline with the selfish thin reward of virtue signaling.

In the past 4 months there has been a quickly growing group of dying Americans that we have made clear don’t matter. So far, in just 4 short months they have seen 3,544 deaths and 118,903 instances of pain, discomfort and maiming occurring and still we’ve decided they do not matter. In fact, to mention it you’ll likely be reprimanded, branded a conspiracy theorist, combated in social media by fact checkers who reiterate the point that they don’t matter, they aren’t real. So, we as the cowards we are, are fine with this. No rallying through the streets demanding to be recognized, no public outcry, no reverence for their loss.

When last year, over the same amount of time, and exhibiting nearly the same numbers we pulled the proverbial carpet out from under the world, in arms, ready to toss away normalcy, the economy and our rights in the blink of an eye. This year? Well, I guess no one could be bothered by the same circumstances because that was “so last year.” Right? 

All because this year these deaths are in a group of people that apparently is worth less than those who died last year and since the media hasn’t told you that you should care about them so you return to the American default setting of hypocritical selfish indifference.

First 8 months of US Police Officers killing black Americans: 164 deaths (January 01- August 31st 2020)

First 4 months Covid-19:  4,300 deaths and 200,000 cases (December to April 2020 with inflated figures)

First 4 Months of Deaths following inoculation in 2021: 3,544 deaths and 118,903 injuries/reactions (only 1% is represented)

Its not a matter of conspiracy. It’s a matter of lives It’s a matter of integrity. Rather I should say that’s how it should be, but it is clear that caring and equality is political, conditional and it’s not about American lives.

All the measures, policies, headlines, are for some Americans but not for all. It doesn’t matter if you’re innocent. It doesn’t matter that they did it out of fear, or pressure, or because they believed it was their best chance at living and it might have been for some but that does not equate to them deserving to die without being acknowledged.

No major media outlets would dare say those who died from covid were just silly fabrications of tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. Nor would they dare have gone months without reporting the deaths and injuries. How can you justify this treatment?!  No one said you can’t talk about George Floyd or march for Breanna Taylor. Because Black Lives do matter! It’s just that Vaxxed lives don’t.

The number of covid deaths are going down in this country and with our efforts and support of civil rights leaders the killings of blacks by police will also reduce. What is being done to reduce, hell even acknowledge the deaths of those who died after the vax? Nothing.

Let us not ignore the fact that this group is unique in the fact that is growing in possible victims every day and the confirmed total of deaths has risen steadily every week.  A number that will grow exponentially as more and more people are able to, encouraged, coerced and even forced to get the vaccine. Also, its important to note that death toll, along with the other injuries/adverse reactions we see reflect only one percent of the actual figures. There is no cash incentive to mark down a vaccine death unlike there is for Covid-19 patients. The US government is the most silent on the matter leaving us who care to believe that 1% is all that will ever be shown and that even that fraction won’t receive a word of remorse.

This number of 3,544 deaths doesn’t even include the dozens of miscarriages either that have occurred in women that have gotten the vaccine. Nor does it reflect the 100’s of millions that have yet to get a dose, like children, or the millions who’ve yet to get the second shot. Not to mention that now they are saying you will need booster shots of this vaccine and likely need one yearly.

What if it were you or your parent that died after receiving the covid-19 vaccine? How would you feel knowing your death or theirs would go un-noticed? No one would care and if someone dared to shine light on your misfortune they’d quickly be silenced and the whole topic of your death would be labeled a conspiracy and said to be dangerous speech? Only for the rest of the country to line their families up to be next to play vaccine roulette and maybe even share your same sad silent fate?

Could you imagine it happening to a sibling or parent and then finding out that your government said “Well that’s too bad, but you cannot 100% prove it was the vaccine, you can’t sue us, and by the way if you want to keep your job and your child educated then you both have to subject yourselves to the same shot that killed grandma or uncle so and so? Not just once either, but up to two or three… possibly one every single year. How much trauma and anxiety would that cause you and your remaining family? What if it were against your religion? Isn’t that bigotry? What about standing up against bigotry? If bigotry is your thing do everyone a favor and don’t chime in about those who die from covid or met their death at the end a gun that didn’t need to be fired. Don’t pretend to care about lives. Be honest with yourselves and everyone else and have the guts to say “I’m an American and I believe only some lives matter. I support the forced requirement for people whom I don’t know to risk their lives and take the jab. Even if your religion prohibits it. Even if your family has been a victim. I don’t care and won’t care that a certain group of innocent American’s die because the media says they don’t exist and that’s good enough for me.”

Might as well. Its what you’re all really saying anyways right?



Democratic Backsliding & The Demoralization of The American Dream part I

What happened to the American Dream? The short answer is that we got it and more.

The longer answer is what started as a chase for a dream ended up imploding and although for a very short period of time it became an amazing dream. Sadly, most of us were fast asleep, the corrupted, with their heads full of trickery and hate were unable to go back to bed, and now awake looked with envy upon the sleeping and sought to take advantage of reality and slip back into their sheets before anyone could notice.

From history books we have been told that the origins of our country came out of the injustices committed amongst commoners of England under the rule of King Henry the 8th. While under the rule of a monarch there was little to nothing the average person could do to enact change or get their voices heard. Thus, some departed England to the new world in hopes of creating a fairer system the one in which we all live in today.

In a simple definition our country is in the midst of democratic backsliding. Democratic backsliding is defined as is a “gradual decline in the quality of democracy, and the reverse of democratization, which may result in the state losing its democratic qualities and becoming an autocracy or authoritarian regime.”

From what I have always believed that story is one of the most magnificent stories and I have always been proud to be an American (with the exception of the Biden/Trump presidential debate) However recently its dawned on me that at some point, somehow, something within the American Dream went awry. This is what I think the meaning of “woke” should truly be about. Upon being “woke” after being jarred awake by the coronavirus I looked for answers. Instead of trying to drift back in slumber I went to satisfy the need for understanding and went to undergo an onslaught of research. What I’ve concluded in the year of research whilst being “woke” has forever changed how I see the United States. Like any psychologist today will tell you, people dream prolific amounts in their lifetime, and few undertake the care and effort to document and decipher them. But if they were to do so would find that what they thought their dream was about was in-fact a much more complex and filled with details beyond one’s understanding. The American Dream is no different.

I now heavily believe a great and terrible thing has happened to this country. I’m uncertain of the exact date of when it began. I do not know which state, or on which coast it started on, and I know not the names or faces of those who birthed the atrocities. All I know is that it happened and that there are infinite tracks all throughout the crime scene and just as many witnesses; except the tracks lead everywhere and no where and the witnesses saw all of nothing.

One thing that I do believe to know is why things went awry. Power. Greed. Evil. Call it whatever you like it makes no difference. I hardly see any of them ever standing alone.

I think we have an awful proclivity for advertising our great dreams and noble intentions while at the same time burying our grim reality and discrediting our actions.

The system was never perfect, but it was never this bad.

I wish I knew who is to blame for the great political joke played on every American. It might sound unpatriotic of me but the joke I am referring to are the current political parties, the republicans and the democrats. Both parties as we know them in their actions today would be unrecognizable by their own parties 100 years ago. From a republican freeing the slaves and refusing the expansion of slavery to how now Republican’s are seen as the anti-black party. To democrats, who then supported slavery to now being the majority of the black American’s identifier in politics. One can surely see that some sleight of hand trickery has occurred.

How could such a lurid topic such as the justification of human slavery in our country quietly sneak over party lines unnoticed and undiscussed? That is just one absurdity that still boggles me.

More recently, and I make it a point to try and bring forth an argument that is of relevant timing , topics and terms in hopes that the average person will be able to maintain focus on the point I’m trying to make…More recently, how did we go from a country that would pity, mock, and  stare and point in disgust toward communistic countries overseas and how they treated their people to a country that can’t take the slightest notice to the same practices preformed on their own streets.

Once the American people would speak about how inhumane north Korea or china treated their people with regards to the total government control of their information. From the core policy of Freedom, we clung to the red, white and blue grateful that we lived in a free country, one where we could express our ideas freely and without fear or repression. We used that fear of being like that to build into the believe that we were superior because we could never in a million years see America doing the same and we would all die willingly if it meant ending up in a society like that.

We have used it to justify capitalism and any endeavor against any country that was not “as free” as us.

And justify is a key term. What we believe and what we know doesn’t add up. Beliefs are dime a dozen. Knowledge is arctic ice- not much remains and its less and less every day.

For the life of me I just do not understand how such a disarray has come to be. We all used to have mortal fear of total annihilation in the face of nuclear war. To the point that another great war has not happened since WW2. We all knew that blowing up nukes at each other was futile because it would surely cause irreparable damage to not only those engaged in the war, but certainly would destroy the planet as a whole and thereby sealing humanities fate into near extinction. Now we have people and institutions that deny climate change. We have looked at evidence of imminent danger that holds power the likes of nuclear war and dismissed its very existence.

When did we become so unbothered by acts of murder-suicide? We fight so hard to maintain our independence and spend multi trillions waging wars on foreign soil, often without invitation or provocation. Yet we fail to secure the actual dirt beneath the feet of our soldiers and the air they breathe.

It is easy to say that if we are so ignorant and evil than we deserve such perils that surely await us. Maybe we do. I like to think that we still deserve better than that.


Are You having a Mainstream Media Meltdown?

Don’t worry it doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly become a Karen. Being at your wits end with conventional media is a good thing well, in my opinion it is.

Remember when you were younger, when all TV’s were bulky and heavy before there were thousands of channels. I’m taking back when you were Blockbuster Video age. If you can remember then certainly you remember some one, usually your mom or grandmother, telling you to stop watching TV because “It’ll rot your brains!” Turns out that they may have lied about the tooth fairy, and Santa but they may have been right all along in regards to TV.

Personally, I don’t watch TV. Since I was unimpressed by TV at the age of 15, I feel that I do carry a different mindset than my peers because of it. I suggest everyone give it a try. Stick to DVR’ing one show that you cannot live without-if you must, but otherwise forgo the boob tube and discover your natural born intelligence and wandering curiosity.

I must warn you, however, that unplugging from the MSM is a lonesome road but is well worth the destinations you will stumble upon. It should be considered that maybe all this mass confomity, censorship and craziness isn’t a fluke but rather it is a side effect of constant media interference. Chances are you will discover that it’s not just the TV that’s been manipulating you.

Where we put our focus we find our future.

If we as a civilization continue to focus on lifeless screens, fake lives, fictitious personalities, and phony products then what more can we expect than a future of pure souless simulations. Join humanity again and when you get there you’ll never want to go back.


Welcome back, everyone.

Last post was dedicated to laying a foundation about who Dr. Fauci is for you to draw your own conclusions from. I do always hope that you take matters into your own hands and do as much research as possible. I was raised to be curious and above that to always question authority. Don’t confuse that message with disrespecting authority. No. Absolutely give respect where it is due but worry not over your place and right to question whenever you need. With the world so big and full of information it would be outlandish to think you can’t get answers. Speaking of research and answers at the bottom of this post I will insert links to my favorite non-biased search methods but for you to see where I gather some of my information from and to promote you to do the same.

Photo by Pixabay on

The CDC is one of our country’s most respected federal institutions. Well, up until recently it didn’t seem as though trust was shaken but we’ve seen faith in them wavering since covid-19 started. What is the rudimentary facts we can gather about the CDC. The CDC in name is an abbreviation for Center for Disease Control and the title pretty much explains its purpose. After WW2 nearly 75 years ago the remnants of the Malaria Control Group and the funding of the Rockefeller foundation collaboratively created the CDC and it fell under the national defense parented by the US public health service. I know what you’re thinking…. it’s involved with the illuminati! No, at least as far as rational thinking suggests no. The Rockefeller foundation and its supposed rise to the top of the illuminati is just that a supposition. I will, however do a blog post dedicated to the Rockefeller Foundation because (get ready conspiracy enthusiasts) they are very much involved with what is going on with this coronavirus, bill gates, and of course the CDC.

When the CDC first began, back in 1946, it ran on a budget of 1 million dollars and their number one concern was eradicating malaria from the United States and in regions of war across seas. A million dollars might not seem like a lot of money but you have to take into consideration the time period and inflation. One million big ones back in 1946 would be equivalent to 14.1 million dollars in 2020. Still this a meager budget compared to the 11+ billion dollar budget it runs off of in today’s world.

Up until the 1960’s malaria, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted diseases was the majority of what they covered. It wasn’t until 1963 that the CDC along with the PHS began working on immunization.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

With everything going on in the world right now I think it’s more important than ever to get the story straight.

Who can you trust? Who do you rely on? And who do you provide for? Well, perhaps a young woman whom you don’t even know could provide accurate answers for you without bias.

A quick side bar before I delve into his work with presidents and other networks Fauci has worked on. I am not political in a modern sense or the word. I find government extremely interesting but that is vastly different than being political. I personally believe that politics is what is wrong in government. It’s very divisional, greedy, and overly convoluted and so much so that I am not tied to any political party. I could care less who claims what party and which is “better” or not. All politicians and all politics to me are on equal playing field. I humorously describe myself as politically atheist. I don’t believe in politics. So if you’re hoping for me to be biased toward one side or the other you are in for disappointment.

Today, I intend to do some un-tangling by slowly researching then reporting each key components of the pandemic. Step by step, together we can get to the bottom of things and decide through facts and research what is really going on. FYI: Your comments and input are always welcome! Without different perspectives and debate how can these truths ever rise to the surface?

What is today’s topic? Can you trust Anthony Fauci?

Or better still, who is Anthony Fauci and why should we all trust him? This is just one puzzle piece in this whole coronavirus charade but, one that I think most people would agree on, is an important piece to understand; he is, after all the medical mouthpiece for the president Donald Trump and our great nation.

According to Wikipedia Dr. Fauci has a background in medicine stemming back his entire life, literally, his parents owned and operated a pharmacy in the upper Eastside of Brooklyn when he was just a child. During his formative years, while his Colombia grad dad worked as the pharmacologist his mother would work the til. The job bestowed to the young Fauci would be to deliver meds to patients. What’s slightly odd is that you would think that Fauci would have initially gone into college for some form of medical degree because we only know him to be the accomplished doctor he is today. But this was quite to the contrary, Dr. Fauci attended the College of the Holy Cross in 1958 for a bachelor in……..arts?! An arts degree! This was at a time when Fauci considered himself a devout catholic but has since moved away from the faith and now calls himself a “humanist.”

After receiving his arts degree Fauci did intact attend and eventually complete medical school. Not just any medical school, but one that I actually know of through my personal life ( a good friend of mine attended it a few years back) The Cornell school of medicine in New York.

After successfully taking the courses and graduating he began residency at NY hospital-Cornell Medical Center. So begins his lengthy medical career in the field of immunology and infectious disease.

So far what do we know?

1. He had a nuclear, educates, faith driven family life growing up.

2. Fauci has a bachelors in the arts and a doctorate in medicine from good schools.

That’s all we really know of him from birth til about 1966. What is more concerning are what his actions have been for the past 54 YEARS! Over half a century this man has been a medical doctor and in that time he has served closely with 6 different United States Presidents: both the George Bush’s, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, and of course, sitting president Donald Trump.

He’s pretty much seemed to stay within the role of being the advice guy to POTUS whenever outbreaks are the topic of the oval table. Many sources claim he is THE guy. The alpha and omega of infectious disease knowledge. This simply isn’t true. It’s conflated to put it fairly. There have been MANY other (even more prestigious) doctors that aided our government when tackling these concerns. To name a few: Dr.LeDuc of the CDC, Dr.Peter Beilenson Baltimore’s health commissioner, Dr.Gerberding who in a briefing with the house reform committee in 2005 was quoted saying (in the presence of those just listed including Fauci) and I quote, “before SARS started, we had no dedicated scientist for the coronavirus.”, and also there was Dr.Rhodes.

Also documents prove that Fauci worked directly with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for 7+ years starting around 2003 til at least 2010. During that time he served as staff on the scientific board of the Gates Foundation. Additionally the Gates foundation ran publications in 2019 on their cooperative work with the NIH and Fauci in Sub Saharan Africa on a 100 million dollar project to test clinical trials for HIV and sickle cell via means of gene based cures/treatments. This endeavor was backed by two nameless bio defense groups in the US.

So can we definitely say that Fauci is a player in this coronavirus pandemic?


Can we establish a decade + ties of Fauci working with the Gates foundation?

Yes we can.

Can we conclude that he has experience and has been an asset to presidents, regardless of political party for nearly two decades?


Most of what we know about Fauci’s patents are through public record and most are immunotherapy concepts and gene applications also therapies for HIV. His work in HIV immunotherapies has been thrown around the internet eversince the constantly banned video Plandemmic aired in 2020 after the covid-19 outbreak where a prior colleague of Fauci boldly accuses him of stealing intellectual property concerning the HIV therapies and withholding vital care for the sake of making millions but costing the lives of millions and the job of said colleague. Despite many claims there isn’t enough evidence to say whether or not she was telling the truth. From my own opinion upon watching the film of the colleagues accusations, I felt that she was more than less being honest. It didn’t seem like she had much to gain or lose from telling her story other than to be forewarning. At the risk of extreme backlash and possible slander cases she was precise, calm and unwavering in her claims. Still it’s in the air as to how factual it all was.

So we can also conclude that Fauci has earned a spot lit seat in the realm of conspiracy theories, but how much is theory and how much is fact?

What I felt was odd was how Moderna, a very small pharmaceutical/biomedical company in the northeast of the US became a front runner against much bigger companies in the race for the COVID-19 vaccine. President Trump signed the executive order for operation warp speed to entice and push medical companies to deliver a vaccine as quickly as possible with what is likely the largest medical price tag in pandemic history. Who was once the CEO or Moderna?

If you guessed Anthony Fauci you get a gold star. But who has the patent rights on the vaccine work Moderna is producing as we speak? According to the NIH it is joint property between Moderna and the NIH of which, lest we forget, Fauci has been the director of since literally before I was born.

My question to you is does Fauci’s longtime friendships with the Gates foundation, Moderna and the NIH make him trustworthy or exactly the opposite?

He seems to have no loyalty to political parties, is earest about working for and with millions of dollars in funding or payment, he has diverged from his religious background, and has colleagues claiming he’s reckless, his hand is in too many pies for fingers so what to make of it all?! Stay tuned for my next breakdown of people and players in this Covid-19 pandemic.

Guinea pig project or Pandemic salvation?