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A disclaimer- In regard to my video’s I’d like to first say thank you for showing further interest in my work and to my many subscribers I am indebted to each of you. Thank you. My writings and my opinions shared in video’s are always open to healthy and constructive criticism, and debate. Please know that I am a young woman in a big shadowy world and so I may not always be right, or perfect and I reserve my right to change my opinion as new information surfaces.

Change is what defines life & fact is what defines time.

Though that would seem as though throughout time the facts change-this is not what I meant nor believe. Facts will stand the tests of time, and what is relevant to facts are often (in regard to its consequence) dependent on the timing of its revelation. Change is the physical animation that moves life, not facts and that, my friends, are the simple facts of life.

May God Bless us all.

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