Men’s Responsibility to Protect Masculinity


We’ve all seen the unsavory and untrue “trend” in our society that claims that men, heterosexual men in particular are bad and masculinity is toxic. While women do bear a significant portion of who is to blame for these harmful lies about “toxic” masculinity but there are things that men are also doing to contribute to the demonizing and manipulation of Natural Masculinity. This article addresses the men who wish to take a stand against the anti-masculine rhetoric and degradation of the quality of masculinity and specifically in heterosexual natural males.

**The next article will be geared towards the women but for now this is for the men. *disclaimer: This is in no way an attack on other genders or sexual preference. All forms of identity deserve a voice without censorship or hatred.*

Men, it’s YOUR job, in order to do your part in the reviving and enhancement of natural, and healthy masculinity for you to support your fellow man and his masculine energy. Being masculine, yourself is great! Embracing it is great too, but now the time has come for the male species to defend and re-claim the male’s right to their most natural, and optimal masculinity.

Your masculine potential as a species and as a specific gender is threatened gravely in our time & safeguarding its rightful future is vital.

There are many undiscussed ways in which many men who unknowingly have propagated some of the harm being afflicted on male masculinity. Likely, as the following examples explain, where men have hindered their own species, & often it goes without notice but not without consequence. Understanding these common “anti-masculine” social cues & doing your part to discourage these actions greatly contributes to aide in the fight for the perseverance of masculine men. Below are some things men can keep in mind to benefit their male peers.

#1. Stop Treating Other Men as Effeminate.

Men look to other men for guidance on masculinity, and with fatherless homes becoming more and more common, males often turn to other males in their family and their peers. [calling your male friends w/ gender teases can discourage other males who may be looking to you for cues to masculinity.]

Being playful is natural but there are many ways to tease a male without attacking his masculinity and without calling him:

– Girly








This goes beyond the younger years; in adulthood men make many choices in their life like those guys who get married will often cooperate with their partners on a plethora of life decisions. Your male peers deserve your respect. Belittling a man for his choice in shirts or cars or how he carries himself around women that aren’t his partners isn’t an indication of his masculinity. Being in a relationship and caring about your wife’s input is a healthy & masculine thing. That kind of cooperation and tradition is admirable. 

So, in other words, remember that his girlfriend or wife likely makes your male friend feel very masculine, and his willingness to make compromises that arise in his relationships are not a joke. Be supportive of his choice to live out his masculinity. Do not try to make men insecure. People don’t like feeling insecure and people will choose to not be around people that make them feel that way. Don’t lose a friend and don’t let that friend lose his machismo.

2.  Let Healthy Masculinity Thrive!

This scenario I see all too much and it’s a sad case of fighting fire with fire. As a result, masculinity gets burned. Say a group of men are at a bar, the park, any social setting where there are women around. If your single buddy starts to flirt with a woman.



That tendency of courtship and flirting reflects a healthy hormonal response which should be praised if the situation is healthy. Calling him names, even in jest, about his healthy pursuits in romance is EXTREMELY detrimental to masculinity.

Telling the male friend that he is a:

” a Simp”, “a Wimp”, “Whipped”, “a Cuck“, “a Sucker”, “a White-Knight”, “a Pussy“, OR that he’s: “Gone Soft”, “Lost His Man-Card.”

OR saying he doesn’t “Wear the Pants” in his relationships.

^All these terms villainize masculinity and discourages naturally healthy heterosexual human attraction. No Joke! **This is one of the most crucial anti-male social actions to understand!

When you do this to another male, regardless of if you like them or what your intentions are this scenario leaves a clear message: that your attraction to women and your testosterone is wrong and worthy of criticism even hurtful criticism.

What does that discouragement of his natural attraction to women suggest?

Joking might seem funny to you but to your pal it covertly messages that his interest as a man and his attraction to a woman is stupid and wrong. What then is your suggestion for whom he should to be attracted to? If making advances at a woman is the wrong option, the ridiculed choiceThen what else should he seek? You? Other men? Or perhaps you think he should be alone? That kind of discouragement can come across as if you think he shouldn’t try to bond with a potential mate, or that his hormones are terrible – even when he’s being respectful and sincere?

This is example of : Masculinity Shaming.

Unless YOU want to date your buddy, or unless YOU want to encourage him to be gay or alone then why would you discourage and tease him for exercising his masculinity toward a woman he likes?

The answer: A confidently masculine friend WOULD NOT do this. They would encourage the behavior of his male peer to express his masculinity when appropriate.

  • Also, public, and private criticism, even as a joke can alter a man’s active testosterone. Many studies show that the way we hold our posture has a lot to do with testosterone production. Standing with authority and confidence actually BOOSTS testosterone. Don’t down your friend and ruin his masculinity for all the aforementioned reasons but also to not break his spirits down which will often reflect in body language and that body language could impede his testosterone levels.

Not to mention men have feelings too. It’s not a feminine trait. The ability to know when to apply and reserve emotions is an honorable and masculine trait.

So, treat your bros with respect, build confidence and stand strong when needed to be.

#3. De-Valuing Masculine Presence in the Home.

This one is not so easy to influence but the payoff is a victory for healthy natural male masculinity! Recent studies have shown that the vast majority of adult males that become criminals are often raised by single mothers. In fact, boys tend to be benefited best in either a two-parent home with a mother and a father or being raised by primarily just the father.

As a woman, I write this knowing it’s not the fault of the women and says nothing negative about single mothers and their ability to raise children alone. It just furthers the fact that masculinity helps create more masculinity. Men and women aren’t oil and water but teaching masculinity in males is something that other males are inherently better at. Being a good father, instilling yourself as a good role model to your offspring and male offspring especially is vital to the potential and validity of a boy’s maturing masculinity.

Masculinity is the defining trait of the male species. Being able to speak and understand that “language” is so important to young men who are needing guidance, and respect in order to instill in them those qualities that lack in men later in life that may end up in crime.  Teaching how to cope with authority, rules, repercussions, and reward as a male to a male makes lifelong impressions.

Situations like divorce and out of wedlock births are common in the United States, and not every couple can find the footing to work through a relationship for the sake of the children. However, taking no responsibility for your kids, and not fighting for full or partial custody may be detrimental to the child’s fundamental understanding of masculine energy and behaviors- this may lead to the child disrespecting authority and even women later in life.  Be the example to young men for how to act out their masculinity in a healthy way.

Share your masculinity by being a respectable man. Doing what you can to encourage and strengthen understanding of masculinity will strengthen your bond as a father. Showing your son that, yes children can arise from adult relations, and sometimes those adults don’t work out but regardless as a man you acknowledge its still your role to be that father figure and set a healthy masculine example.

In conclusion, there are many forces; socially, politically, chemically, etc. that are doing all they can to demonize and devalue true natural masculinity and there are things you can do to defend them. Don’t treat your friends effeminately, don’t tease your male friends for making a healthy advance towards a woman he likes, take responsibility for being the masculine presence in your children’s lives (extended family too, wherever the need for healthy masculinity arises.)

Making traditionally masculine habits “cool” and admired again by other males is truly the first step men can do to protect natural male masculinity.





statistics on fatherless homes and their impact

Survive, America.

A few months back I wrote another speech- a desperate attempt to release my angst and grief in the best way I knew how. After writing it, I took to recording my lamenting to put together a short video that I then posted to my bitchute account. What was the cause of my grief and anger? It was the pains I felt and feel still upon watching the country and world I love backslide into an unrecognizable form- one without clarity, sanity, or comfort. Worst of all I felt helpless to stop it. So below is my short speech. Perhaps, you’ll agree or maybe you won’t. Beneath the video is the transcription of the speech for those who prefer to read. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment as well.

Transcript of speech (written by Destiny Rezendes 2022):

When you wish, pray, ask for or demand…be sure that you’re being as specific as you can. Human creation throughout all time and all nations has always fallen short and it has always lacked in patience. But isn’t innovation great and progress thus destined? Although that may be true, we’ve still failed to learn our lessons. 

Our hindsight is 20/20, but our foresight is gone.  Do you really think you’ll find acceptance in those who deny God?  What? Because mankind is so perfect? You forget we are often wrong.

They retort with “…but I was born this way” and then the lost all sing along.

 If you think that how you feel defines our reality just know your fantasy does not apply automatically to me. Does that make me offensive, a racist a bigot, or perhaps rude? Am I a terrorist for seeing the difference between a chick and a dude? 

And what a disrespect to leave this fallacy unchecked….to the scientists that dedicated their lives studying the biological differences of sex. 

Yes, data can change but science isn’t in vain,

All because you fail to recognize what’s real and who is really to blame.

But they cheer out, “Let’s be extra. Isn’t this so lit?!”- Living in a hell where immorality is legit.

Are you seriously celebrating the fact that society has grown sick? 

Now you want to end violence with a pitchfork and a brick.

Liberate with censorship? Replace what’s real with counterfeit?

They say they are saving the economy just as fast as money can print.

 …but now it seems they’ve ran out of script- so they change the topic and end the conversation quick. While the truth is ready to debate, the brain-washed just throw a fit.

Your emotional dysregulation isn’t an argument nor is it an incentive.

Being the most upset doesn’t mean that you win, and regardless of how you feel it doesn’t make me insensitive.

Your off-set hormones, or childhood trauma from broken homes are not the public’s problem because by the time you’re grown, regulating your emotions is something you’re in charge of all your own.

Hasn’t anyone told you that life isn’t fair?

You can’t cancel gravity just because you don’t like stairs.

I’m sure you will try, to toss on wings and wish to fly. Battling morals and nature? Dedicating all your energy to a lie? A fact is a fact there is no logic that can deny, but you rally for delusions and when you fail you wonder why.

See, you don’t want truth in the future, you don’t include it in the deal.  The future you want is custom-made, fitted snuggly to how you feel. 

But how a person feels changes, it’s capricious and unstable, and it’s unfeasible to think it would get a say on who and what gets a label. The designers of modern society must be jumping up and down for joy. To see what a big mess they’ve made out of us their little toys. They’ve kept us busy bickering amongst ourselves with zero intention to stop it. Why would they when our banter distracts so perfectly from their profits?

And how will they be held accountable if we think we’re the ones who caused it? And how the fuck do you call it progress, when nothing has been done at all to try and solve it?!

You can’t fight fire with fire and expect things not to burn. You can’t fight liars with lies and expect they’ll one day learn.

Stuck in a haze? Put a building to blaze! Stare at your screens in a soul-sucking daze or try to cry & scream till you finally get your way. Embrace the victimhood’s proclivity to tout your personal perceptions of pain.

Does nobody mind that we’re being led by the insane? Can’t you see we’re being devoured and maimed with each hour that wanes? You all just go along -content to play their games…but who’s holding on to the reins?

 What is their status, and what is their name?

Some of you remain blind to identify these foul-smelling souls & the hells from which they came. But they are exclusive, but they are not elusive. There are plenty of villains, so one need not be choosy. You need not a Blue’s Clue or to ask Q’s like Peter Dousey -to take a look around and see who’s really to blame for our current causes of the societal stain…

For they leave hints, and money-covered prints over all of their endeavors, agendas, and trips. Words like stakeholder, shareholder, and black-budget folders. Look for profits and coffins and luxury bunkers in Boulder. They happily stand shoulder to shoulder, and the only thing they really fear is getting older. They like to scream at our children that the Earth must get colder!

When exactly will enough be enough?

Will it be when you’re robbed of your canned goods staring down the barrel of a gun?

Will it be when the government rips you away from those you love?

Perhaps you’ll think it’s enough when you wake to no sun, thanks to all of the poisons from the chemtrailing they’ve done. You know that from the very first moment that air terror had begun, 9 million people a year have died from polluted lungs.

Thinking that Covid is the killer- what an utter fucking joke!

White-collar criminals must be laughing hard at their premeditated hoax.

They think that we deserve to die because we are simple and stupid folk.

Maybe they’re right for once since the awakened are outnumbered by the woke.

They’ve already tainted the air, the earth, food, and our water…and they can’t wait to defile your movies, newspapers, your sons, and your daughters. They’ll steal your oil, your livelihood, your groceries, and your dignity. Til you’re starving, and shivering begging for crumbs on the street.

Food production in a crisis worse than the great depression… and isn’t that ironic? They say great like we’re all stupid or completely moronic. Like we’d not notice that like their “reset,” the word “great” really means demonic.

But how do we solve it? Well, we’re going to have to get our hands dirty, concerning this elitist scum-shit colonic. -But if you need a warning keep these words in the front of your noggin’. If not, all you know, and love will soon be dead and forgotten. Let’s be clear about the problem here; our enemies aren’t so far but rather very, very near. The only thing in our country that’s truly unified is our people’s overwhelming belief that our own leaders lie. The problem that our government now faces isn’t Russia or China but us, citizens that are losing our patience.

Have they never stopped to consider our loyalty has grown thinner? Thanks to their shady policies and their lies that keep growing bigger. Will they be surprised, when they recognize the red, white, and blue in the eyes of a betrayed face full of pride, with a gun to their side and a finger on the trigger? Why haven’t they seen the threat that they’ve made here at home? Trust me they have, and prepared but have since left it alone… sure that they’ve outsmarted us again thinking they’re free to go and roam.

They’ve masterfully hurt us in ways that no one really knows.

They didn’t need to take our guns, instead, they cut us down to the bones; and assaulted our hormones; by lacing every package, & food item down to the lining of beer cans…Ensuring chemically that those who would dare buck against the system would literally be less of a man. They pump us full of endocrine disruptors, and estrogen bumpers…

So that we’re confused and complain while testosterone gets tossed in the gutter. Then they have the gall to tweet to us all, that they support gender equality, and we just nod and applaud.

Celebrating the fact, that they’ve virtually cut off all our balls.

No wonder they and their stakeholders continue to pile up their stolen riches, or why other countries don’t respect us – because who would be afraid of a nation full of bitches. So, I guess that in this light the left may be right. Men and women are indistinguishable- the second you turn off the lights.

They forget yet again, despite how they’ve lessened the quality of our men… that they still have other matters to attend…With an old saying, I know they’ve been warned…that hell hath no fury quite like a woman scorned…and trust is left to rust the moment it’s been torn.

-But I do not think that all that is lost is ever truly gone.

For I know it was not just man who was made in the image of God. To that, though they will scoff, laugh, and flash their serpentine like grins. Because they have no faith in God. No, they don’t believe in him.

…And that will be their fall which catches them in all their sin. -Because it was God in the beginning and will be again at the end.

This is why their evil has accelerated, their bold moves grow ever big. For a fear, so crystal-clear comes to whisper in their ears, that in the end, “only good will win.”

Jacob Rothschild — It’s Obedience Training — Litteral Truth

By JR December 10, 2021 Covid doesn’t make any sense.That’s the point.We’re being trained to obey deceitful,irrational, immoral, self-destructive dictates. From the horse’s mouth:“For the New World Order we needed a much deeper and lasting compliance. When the overwhelming majority of the people yield in allowing you to inject into them, a substance which any […]

Jacob Rothschild — It’s Obedience Training — Litteral Truth

USA: Between a Rock & a Wrecked Place


We’ve all adapted rather quickly to the current state of the world... as miserable as it all may be. This process that we are undertaking- of assimilating hasn’t solely been the result of force, hopelessness, or by some exhausted notion that we should just “live and let live.” Though I am certain that for many in the world, those may indeed be reasons as to why some seem to be taking the calamity with an ever-growing indifference. There is deeper purpose, and a reason to keep this nation together. The interesting thing is about this how easily offended we as a nation have become and pair that along with our historical proclivity to harshly guard our freedoms, and one might have assumed that throughout this whole pandemic it would have been us Americans who would’ve been first in line to buck against the tightening reigns of a government and the dismantling its citizens rights.

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on

Afterall, in the world’s view of the American people has historically been type-casted as a gun-toting, freedom loving, credit-card maxing, bible-thumping G.I Joe-esque character; Our role on the world stage was a righteous gift to the modern world; delivering hope and democracy one military engagement at a time.

You know... ‘Merica!

-G.I Joe Classic- Hasbro

That source which our comfort, in such unsettling times, isn’t propelled by wanting to comply and I don’t think that it’s from our infamously patriotic nature that’s getting us through.

At least not the distorted patriotism the media deems terroristic, I mean our long-standing spirit of pride that we had as fiery droves of troops that would head off to war, hungry to fight for their country and we, just as hungry to support them. Our adaptation to today’s problems is patriotic in nature, but not quite the same way as it once had. Today the country’s more reminiscent to the atmosphere brought home by seasoned troops that have returned home from a long war; soldiers that’ve just settled back into normal lives to get some well-deserved rest. When out of the shadows, our government would appear to say that yet another war had begun. Those troops aren’t excited. They aren’t concerned. They know what to expect and they know what they must do. They must fight once again.

Blame it on the 244 glorious years of our young country’s existence. It’s been through intense struggles starting from its infancy. Decades would pass as our country grew heartily alongside the generations of our forefathers. Blood, sweat and tears went into the American Dream. The United States grew to a super-power that no longer maintained the same familiar environment we once knew. Together, we as a nation have evolved, and from that rugged upbringing we’ve inherited the torment and temperament that comes from being of the free world. We are today left with a resilient and patient pride, but not one that stems from the tiresome mission to spread democracy to foreign lands. This is no Cold War. No, this is much warmer- for the fight is here on the home-front. Don’t think that just because this “warm-war” is on home soil that we don’t have enemies or that they lack in weaponry to attack us with. The adversary’s arsenal include:

  • Censorship, Cancel Culture. Critical Race Theory. Inflation.
  • Child exploitation, The assault on our Constitutional Rights. Polarizing Politics.
  • Bodily Autonomy. Rising suicides & overdoses. Dishonest Media.

This list of modern armaments could easily continue, but the important question is,

“Can we, the citizens continue?”

What could one expect from those who must fight at home? Where does that fighter find their refuge if the assaults are close at hand? The entire scenario then becomes more of a prison break than a liberation.

In the past, we could count on journalists, policymakers, and our neighbors to be on the side of American’s simply for the sake of being an American. However, we’ve watched governors like, Gavin Newsome put in place draconian lockdowns, and imposing scientifically unsupported mask mandates on millions of terrified Californians just for everyone to catch Newsome shamelessly dismissing his own edicts. The sheer audacity we saw in regard to the media, those tasked with pursuing and publishing the truth, when the story of our President’s son’s laptop was called “Russian Disinformation” by none other than the Press Secretary {Jen Psaki} for the White House. And where’s the accountability for leaving the vivid discovery to be crudely swept under the rug until either the authenticity was no longer up for debate or until they’d have denied the claims enough times to wrongly convince us all of a narrative that they knew was a blatant lie!

Certainly, in the America of our grandparents the politicians and media would have actually admitted to their biases and blunders, and they would set the record straight. Yet the slanderous lies are still headlined. The apologies and accountability for their negligence however seems to magically evaporates before ever making it to print.

When we as a country have always seen ourselves as the liberators of injustice and thus, always maintained the belief that if there were ever unjust suffering in the world, regardless of borders or regimes that we, the United States, would come kick down the door, and restore peace and freedom! That’s what we used to expect, but now who do we look to? As I find myself trying to locate rationale in our country’s history I think of the words of John F Kennedy, who perfectly said,

“First examine our attitude towards peace itself. Too many of us think it is impossible. Too many think it is unreal. But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable, that mankind is doomed, that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. We need not accept that view. Our problems are manmade; therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. Man’s reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable, and we believe they can do it again……

….we do not want a war. We do not now expect a war. This generation of Americans has already had enough — more than enough — of war and hate and oppression.

We shall be prepared if others wish it. We shall be alert to try to stop it. But we shall also do our part to build a world of peace where the weak are safe and the strong are just. We are not helpless before that task or hopeless of its success. Confident and unafraid, we must labor on–not towards a strategy of annihilation but towards a strategy of peace.”

John F Kennedy

Kennedy spoke these words just 5 months before he would become a victim of senseless violence when on a visit to the friendship state, Texas, he was gunned down in broad daylight. The reason I bring Kennedy into today’s post is because that was the day the American Dream really started fading. His death alone caused more American’s to be apprehensive of their own government far more than any piece of Russian/Chinese propaganda could ever wish to have. That day, when Kennedy was slain, signaled to our people that America isn’t always righteous and good. It won’t always have the citizen’s best interest at heart. Kennedy’s death was so unpatriotic. The way that our government would dishonor a WW2 veteran, our leader, by not protecting him or his legacy made many question the establishment and to make it worse, they continue to lie about the tragedy even still today.

JFK pictured far right alongside his shipmates on the PT-109

So, as I said before, this is not the rallying cry for war, nor is it the whimper of defeat. This is the morning groanings of yet another day pursuing the noble ideals of a dream so that we all, Kennedy included, can be free and rest peacefully. We may be the tired, poor and huddled masses, but our Lady Liberty has long beckoned none other than the tired, poor and huddled masses. It is not a seasonal invitation that American Liberty extends but a reassurance that here we are welcomed to stay. As Kennedy said, “Confident and unafraid-we must labor on…”

17,128 DEAD

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Back in April of this year, I had written about the appalling disregard many Americans had to a group of 4,000 American deaths-in just the first four months of 2021.

To highlight how absurd everyone’s indifference was towards those that died I compared those 4,000 dead to the first four months of 2020 where an equal number of people died. The difference, other than the year in which the deaths occurred, was the manner of death.

2020’s first four months saw four thousand dead from/with covid-19. However, 2021’s first four months saw four thousand died from/immediately following a covid-19 vaccination.

Now that six months has passed since that post, the number of vaccine deaths has risen as has the number of Covid-19 deaths. Below is a screen grab of CNBC in April of 2021 claiming that over 572,000 deaths in the US, up til that point were due to Covid-19.

In the United States as of October 22, 2021 there’s been a total of 755,721 deaths. Just over 183,000 deaths have accumulated in the past 6 months that’s about 23-24% of the total deaths were in the past 6 months.

Meanwhile the 4,000 deaths from the vaccine in April of this year has grown to 17,128 as of October, 22, 2021. It is interesting to note that the same 23% appears. There is a major difference however. The virus has been in circulation for nearly 22 months while the vaccine has been circulating for just over 10 months.

I began writing this piece last week and since the data has updated. For this reason below is the current red box data, from of the updated figures. Spolier Alert!! We are now over 18k deaths following the vaccine as reported by the FDA and CDC.

I do want to direct people’s attention to the figures not in red primarily the figured directly beneath the 10,721 Bell’s Palsy ( according to sources California’s Gavin Newsome has contracted bells palsy from his moderna booster shot) box where you see 28,112. That is the number of American Citizens that have been left PERMANENTLY DISABLED. nearly 30K.

How figures like 18k dead and 28k disabled can be ignored by the MSM and public is a clear reflection of the lack of compassion in our country. It’s repulsive to say the least. These people matter. I live in the country that when 2,997 US citizens died in 9/11 we as a whole came together to ensure they didn’t die unnoticed and in vain and yet I still live in the very same country, and now, twenty years later where 6 times more citizens have been slain than 9/11 and no one cares

Certainly, the state of our moral fabric is in tatters. I fail to see the justification of silencing the mortal equivalent of over six 9/11s.

I thought it was that we give a moment of silence to those we lose in this country….not complete radio silence on the issue indefinitely, but maybe thats just me.

Democratic Backsliding & The Demoralization of the American Dream, Part II

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In a previous entry bearing the same title except it was Part 1, touched heavily on the current state of the nation in regard to it’s ever growing problem of undergoing the hellish process of democratic backsliding. In this entry, although is released 4 months after part 1, the conversation continues as it all has only become more relevant.

The destruction of our country is remarkable in collateral damage. The whole system is falling apart. The voting system is corrupt and has been for at least a decade or two. The members of congress continue to question people who clearly evade the truth or outright lie, and congress has done nothing to hold them accountable.

We are making laws and policies based on the opinion of non-government entities and a handful of un-elected government officials. There are laws passing without the say so from the public. When it is the people’s moment to try to uphold the integrity of democracy by upholding their civic duties, and voting then they cheat! Both sides! They cheat; not only the system but they cheat the citizens out of being part of the democratic process-officially ending democracy in the free world.

Let’s just quickly jot down the ways in which we’ve recently seen America get the stars knocked out of her stripes.

  • Coronavirus Pandemic- (*653,000k+ dead in the U.S ) ~ (*4,497,000+ dead worldwide.) **This includes; daily fear, changing rules, laws, policies/ daily life constantly being upended. Supply chain congestion, censorship, Societal division, rapid drug development and risky approval process. Vaccines, mandates, elderly dying, social distancing, distrust in science/media/government. Delta Variant, Lockdowns…. etc.
  • Underprepared exit strategy for our troops and citizens trapped in Afghanistan. Humanitarian crisis. More US military are killed in the first week of evacuation than in the previous decade! We had been there for 20 years! No weapons of mass destruction. No trace that the 9/11 hijackers and their people. Just billions of dollars, thousands of lives and instead of leaving with some dignity and honor we high tail it out of there without a plan in motion and with afghani citizens falling to their deaths after clinging to a United States Air Force plane.
  • A Presidential Campaign so ridiculous and embarrassing that the entire country fell pray to being a punchline. Total Joke.
  • Cuba, in a height of crisis sees more political oppression, media censorship/communication blacklist. Food shortages. Poverty skyrocketing.
  • Water Reserves in California are at record breaking lows.
  • Louisiana gets completely slammed by a hurricane. Multi-millions in damage.
  • Prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has announced that if you’re a Canadian and you want to travel, via plane of bus that you must be vaccinated.
  • Wildfires scorched the west coast yet again. 1,000’s of acres destroyed and a lot of homes too.
  • Since the start of this presidency there has been an estimated one million illegals from Central and South America that have crossed the Mexican-Mmerican borders. Currently Mexico ranks number in highest number of new covid deaths, and top five for the number of new cases. There is no quarantine, treatment or vaccine protocol for these people.
  • The Florida Towers collapse in “freak” accident killing dozens.
  • President Biden issues two Executive Orders mandating all Federal workers, Government Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and businesses with over 100 employees to get fully vaccinated. Also the entire military is subjected to this and face punishment if they refuse.
  • Health care workers, after being front line hero’s throughout this pandemic are being forced to get vaccinated or lose their jobs, benefits, and insurance.

Sadly, that list only scratches the surface of the issues we’ve faced since the pandemic started and this whole ordeal is yet to be done.

My question is this: With all that has transpired in recent years, what actions of the U.S government have warranted our compliance? Or our support? Our blind faith? Our tax money?

Because I struggle to see exactly what we are supposed to be grateful for, in debt to them for..

There was a time that many answers to that question would come to mind. However, those days are long behind us. Perhaps a greater question that we should ask ourselves is “What is to become of our future? Not even focusing on the political fabric of America, since that seems likely doomed towards an authoritative police state, but more so in terms of our faith and trust. Are we to live in a world where no one will have faith in doctors, scientists, or politicians? Will no on trust the news. If the truth comes out which child will want to grow up to be a physician? Who will be an eager politician in the making when it’s become such a joke? What is to become of our future?

The answer to that question lies in our actions as the populace. If we protect the foundations of our democracy, our rights, and traditions I believe we will come out of this a true global leader. However, if we are to quietly relinquish our rights, and let the corrupts dilute the democratic system with greed and power then we are helpless and destined to be ruled.

No matter which outcome occurs- you will have a part to play in what history will say about us.

Be Brave. Do Something.

My Freedom too, America.

The price for my freedom is something that not even the wealthiest country in the world could  possibly afford…

..and I think this rubs the US government the wrong way when they are face to face with something that cant be bought, bullied of lied for.... 

    …but they will have to come to terms with the fact that not everything is for sale.  That despite their many grand efforts that yes, sometimes, they are gong to fail. 

Because you cannot bribe me for my freedom or fear monger it into submission. 

It is not a carrot. I am not a rabbit.

  So you can scare me, threaten me,
 and try to force me to stay at home, but unless you have walked in these shoes on my feet, honey, you ain’t gonna tell me where I can roam. 

The only thing infectious about me is my smile and my laugh, and I tip my hat to the asshole who thinks he could contain even that!
My ancestors have already been your slave. They’ve also been those that sailed across the Atlantic seeking this very land of freedom. 
So from the slave in me to the English immigrant, and all the tyranny that they had to flee from, I hope you know that I was born, bred, and am bestowed this right to my freedom. 

You would have to be stronger than the  seas, and more sinister than their shackles to ever, and I mean ever, get me to turn my back on my ancestors.
This time my bloodline, will not be purchased, persecuted or ever again be put into chains. I’m not a virus, a vector or villain I live in virtue not in vain. I treat other how I wish to be treated. -I just wish others would do the same.

Take Me To Your Believer


Yes, Aliens! Are they real? Is it a hoax or just a history of confused encounters with unverified events that have simple scientific explanations? Well, on December 31st 2020, Trump signed legislation which included an out of this world, (pun intended) surprise. In the legislation a clause dictated that the intelligence community of the United States was under obligation to bring forth any and all documentation, and knowledge of unidentified aerial phenomenon/ UFO’s, and all things regarding little green men.

When is this information dump supposed to occur? According to the bill, the deadline was not to exceed 180 days after its approval. This makes the date of government disclosure set for June 29th 2021.

It’s understandable that there is a lot of buzz (again, pun intended) about the issue. As someone who sees themselves as an amateur astronomer, and casual conspiracy theorist I am more than eager to see what happens. However, like many people I have multiple theories about the entire situation and I doubt that disclosure will answer all my queries.

In fact, I suspect that only more confusion will arise. In times of uncertainty it’s fun and thought provoking to probe (pun definitely intended) into the minds of free thinkers – to gain some insight in regards to how to approach such a topic.

Common Conspiracy Concerns heard loitering around the proverbial “Alien Water-Cooler” include:

  • The disclosure is a false flag. Likely, the government will use the opportunity to stage a high tech holographic alien invasion/threat in the near future to be the new “war on terror” scaring us all into handing over our will and our wallets as we cry out to Uncle Sam to save us.
  • The disclosure is long overdue and only happening to prepare us for deeper truths about aliens; like them living amongst us, under the surface of the earth or moon, or that they have Elvis.
  • There is too much evidence to deny UFO’s and thats the only reason they are coming clean.
  • This is nothing but a soft hit letting humanity believe the government is telling the whole truth while in reality only verifying what many have long known but still withholding any real NEW evidence. Releasing this data only to distract from a bigger story.
  • It’s all just new technology the government has been hiding that they’ve advanced from meaning it can be released publicly.

The reality is no one, except those in the intelligence community tasked to put together the disclosure report, knows what is going to be discovered. We live in a ever changing world. The past year, if good for anything, has shown us that those whom we consider to be experts can be wrong, and that which the majority considers to be a conspiracy theory might actually bare more truth than fiction.

Thanks to the dishonesty of people like Dr. Fauci, the mainstream media censorship, social media’s proclivity for choosing what the masses gets to think, and the inconsistency in the scientific community over the past year it’ll be nearly impossible for anyone to accurately predict what will happen, and perhaps more importantly whether or not to trust it.

Personally, I am on the side of those who believe that we are not alone in the universe and that intelligent lifeforms have wizzed past earth from time to time-some even making a pit stop or two.

My reasoning isn’t because I saw the movie Mars Attack or Independence Day growing up and became obsessed. Nor that I was abducted by little green men in a shiny flying saucer only to be returned a bonefide believer clad in a tin foil hat..

Although, I must admit that I do love a good movie about aliens…especially the kind that have Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, both in their primes; handsomely saving the planet and where Vivica A Fox is a sultry scantily-clad stripper.

How could you not love that?

As motivating as that all is- I have come to believe aliens exist due to a sadly less theatrical yet more realistic reason….


To loosely quote a cult classic, the 1997 film Contact, “…if we are the only life in the universe…it’d be an awful waste of space.” That’s a reasonable conclusion especially because we don’t know how many galaxies there are in the universe or how many universes there are. More than that we don’t know how many planets are in those galaxies, and we have never ventured beyond our own solar system to even begin to say with any degree of certainty that we are alone in our shiny vast galaxy.

If we are alone in the cosmos then it all would be a literal waste of space. One could say that it would be a testimony to how special we are as a species if we are in fact alone in our presence and intelligence. Either way the “alone” outcome is a disappointing one for many of us.

Logic isn’t finite. Science isn’t immutable. They are ever changing and historically our perspectives and understanding of our world and the science that defines it changes drastically all the time. It wasn’t even until 1905, thanks to Albert Einstein that we had an equation to calculate the speed of light. We used to joke about the idea that the moon or mars hosts water and now its considered scientific fact they they do have water. Tons of it in fact.

Regardless of our evolution through what we consider to be fact and fiction there are still outright nay-sayers. Those who take a definite stance against anything that isn’t nailed down in absolute verifiable reality, The dullest of these arguments is one that was used by renowned astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He claims that IF there were aliens then how come we all haven’t seen them and all gotten great 4k footage of UFO’s? He of course is highlighting the fact that this generation is glued to devices capable of high quality filming and that we are all quick to film anything mildly exciting. So why isn’t there more high quality pics of these crafts and their operators?

To that shameful excuse of an argument against the existence of aliens I have a rebuttal in the form of a few questions:

Do you know how many people have already claimed to have seen UFO’s? Every year thousands to 100’s of thousands of reports are made by people all across the world. How many people need to witness them for it to become accepted fact? I ask this because how many people have seen with their own eyes a whale-shark? Or a Narwhal? How many people have seen a Tasmanian devil? Certainly thousands, or millions even…but not everyone. What about Pluto? With a pricey telescope it still is difficult for someone to see, and it’s not always visible. We have to take the word of Nasa’s probes and the few institutions with telescopes large enough to view the former planet. Yet we take these things to be real and the accounts of them to be fact.

Do you know how many airplanes cross the United States in any given day? How often do you see airplanes in a day?

-How much time do you spend looking at the sky? How easy is it to see planes? Despite being large and constantly in use really think about how often you catch a glimpse of a plane in flight.

According to flight tracking websites its an almost uncertain number that ranges from 5,000 flights at any given moment of the day and around 87,000 flights or more soaring through the skies of the US each day. Knowing the fact that we all have our eyes constantly glued to screens we often fail to see a lot of what goes on in the sky. Even if you were paying attention and able to see 100 flights for one day that would only account for less than 0.115% of the air traffic in the country. So, if people don’t notice 99% of our planes in our skies then it doesn’t seem unreasonable that there would be other flying objects that we also fail to see.

Have you ever tried to take a 4k quality film from the ground of a plane in the sky? It likely is too zoomed in to have anything remotely high quality captured. Airplanes are 30,000ft up, at peak altitude and travelling extremely fast. There is between 62 and 600 miles of atmosphere that extend upwards from the surface of the earth and 30,000ft is only 5.6 miles. So if a massive 747 plane is almost impossible to spot with the naked eye, or on your phone’s camera at only 5.6 miles up then what makes you think that everyone would have great footage of what is flying in the remaining 55-600 miles of our atmosphere? This is not taking into account size. 747’s seem to be much larger than suspected UFO crafts. Making them much harder to see.

-How clear is the sky anyways? Between worsening weather, chemical trails and pollution seeing, let alone filming, objects in the sky can prove to be a difficult task for anyone.

You let me know when Neil DeGrasse Tyson has answered those and sign me up for when NASA makes cell phones that are capable of 4k recording at distances of a few hundred miles…. Something tells me that the government will reach disclosure before that ever happens… and thank goodness for that because I think we’ve all waited long enough.

Science isn’t the savior.


The compulsory vaccine debate has been an ongoing affair for decades. Today, considering the looming threat of mandatory vaccinations it is important to take a stance on the issue in a concise and practical manner.

The stakes and circumstances at hand are dual sided, evolutionary nature versus progressive innovation, and artificial intervention versus biological design. I will try my best to look into the importance of vaccines and whether or not they should be deemed beneficial and more importantly whether or not they must be a condition for human beings in order for them to simply live their lives.

The arguments follow many intricated and sensitive themes due to the nature of vaccination. To be clear by vaccine I do mean the traditional definition of a prophylactic pharmaceutical used to prevent a disease from occurring by eliciting an immunity to a disease. Forced vaccination is the side of debate that many others and I am particularly concerned about.  This is a subject that after all places the outcome regardless of its success solely in the hands of the recipient. Additionally, there are laws which protect vaccine manufactures from accepting any liability for injuries. This is all for a medical intervention that cannot be un-done. There is no literature on how to remedy or regulate the effects of a vaccine once it has been administered

Historically, vaccines were created to prevent highly contagious and fatal diseases those that, during that particular time in history, would likely have been a death sentence. The mortality rate or disability rate was usually very high, and as the world population grew the need for global health needed to be addressed. Originally, vaccines were injections of weakened or dead pathogens in an adjuvant solution given to grant a person immunity from catching the disease in question. With a world that had been ravaged by pandemics like the black plague and others it all seems understandable.

Now, if one were to time travel to the days of the plague, rampant small-pox, or polio we’d see a very stark discernment between not only medicine but of health in general. Doctors, Scientists, and journalists LOVE to mention small-pox and polio whenever they feel pressured to explain to the public why vaccines are a good thing. However, one thing that they certainly seem to forget to mention is the other vital life-saving factors that contributed to good health at the time.

Are we really progressing or just doing things differently? Has humanity’s hunger for innovation devoid us all of destined divination?

For example, one seldomly mentions one of the greatest assistants in reducing the world’s illnesses, the Refrigerator. Refrigerators weren’t appliances in American households until the 1920’s and they were terribly expensive, even compared to today’s high prices. During the first 20 years of its use was primarily reserved for military and business ventures. It wasn’t until the invention of Freon in the 1930’s that the beginning of its common use gained popularity.

          Even still, this wasn’t what we, today, think of as a refrigerator because it wasn’t until the 1940’s they could only keep food cold, there was not a frozen freezer til then. The ability to keep food from rotting by storing food in the cold is one of the most reliable and oldest preservation methods since the beginning of time but not until commercialization of the of fridge/freezer combo did they become standard in American homes; this was sometime in the early 1940’s and 1950’s. That was around when we began implementing modern food handling and safety.  Without refrigeration people would starve or greatly put themselves in line for food borne illnesses. The food we buy at the store, for the most part travels hundreds of miles. This international food chain is only made possible by refrigerated vehicles and freezers. If you think a refrigerator has nothing to do with your health, try unplugging your fridge for a year and still feed yourself and your family with food you buy at the store. Good luck not catching salmonella, listeria, cholera, E. coli, or food poisoning.  Instances of dire history would have been averted had refrigeration and proper food handling had been implemented. A large number of “witches” in the Salem Witch Trial were actually cases victims who had ingested moldy bread and yeast. Who knows how many innocent women could have survived if they had refrigerators, preservatives, and disinfectants? The Donner party would have been able to have meals that weren’t made of human body parts. The Oregon Trail would have seen far less fatalities as well. The list is endless. The Irish Potato Famine. All those food-borne illnesses and shortages can lead to a serious detriment to health. With proper food handling these things could largely be avoided all without ever needing a medical countermeasure.

Also, the introduction of the electric oven was another invention that greatly reduced illnesses and increased life expectancy; it wasn’t possible until its invention in 1892.  The first microwave oven wasn’t invented til 1955 by Raytheon that used microwave technology for weapons research. Prior to the oven in its modern sense, you had to eat raw foods or cook over an open fire. Everyone now knows that almost everything is sterilized at a certain temperature. Cooking food thoroughly is one of the restaurant industries biggest concerns; one undercooked pork roast and they’d have sick customers on their hands; potentially ruining the business altogether. Obviously, the food that keeps us alive is of extreme importance and thus, so is ensuring that it is not contaminated, undercooked, or go to spoil.

Another overlooked invention that gets shadowed by vaccines is the indoor toilet. In the 1880’s they were exclusively held in the homes of the elite and some businesses. Today, most countries have modern “western” toilets in their homes and businesses with the exception of the economically disenfranchised. The poorest people in the poorest of countries still engage in open defecation. These countries are the ones that also have the lowest standard of living, lower life expectancy and higher infant deaths. Overall, plumbing directly corresponds to human health and without modern toilets and plumbing we would not have the vitality that we have today. Also, the practice of sterilizing medical instruments wasn’t practiced until 1881. Meaning infectious diseases at the time likely were spreading between people but also through materials at the doctor’s office or on their instruments. It was not until 1886 that doctors would sterilize the operating room and all that touched an open wound. Then not til 1889 did doctors wear surgical gloves.  Up until the 1930’s the air in hospitals and operating rooms had no system of filtration. Leaving pathogens airborne around compromised people. Sterilization by the use of UV light began in the 1940’s.

The reduction of illnesses was chiefly defined by the discovery of antibiotics in the 1920’s. From then on, its use gained popularity and was implemented in more places as manufacturing and distribution became possible on larger scale.

       However there is still much more to credit to health and it’s not yet vaccines. The important ability to have a sink with running water close to a toilet that flushed away the waste was likely one of the biggest advancements in health in human history. Before that people had to find water elsewhere to wash after using the bathroom, or resort to wiping their hands on a towel. Any doctor will tell you one of the most common reasons illnesses occur in most hospital settings and in cases of sepsis that a major antagonist is a bacterium called Clostridium Difficile.

It is commonly referred to as C.Diff. C.Diff is a gram positive spore forming bacterium. “According to the CDC, in 2017 there were 223,900 hospitalizations with over 12,800 deaths in the United States. Although C. difficile is commonly known as a hospital/ care facility and antibiotic associated pathogen, at most one third of infections can be traced to transmission from an infected person in hospital settings. According to wikipedia: C.Diff….

“…produces two types of toxins: enterotoxin A and cytotoxin B, which disrupts cytoskeleton signal transductions in the host. Under stress conditions, the bacteria produce spores that are able to tolerate extreme conditions that the active bacteria cannot tolerate.” In “2017 there were 223,900 cases in hospitalized patients and 12,800 deaths in the United States. A 2015 CDC study estimated that C. diff afflicted almost half a million Americans and caused 29,000 deaths in 2011. The study estimated that 40% of cases began in nursing homes or community health-care settings, while 24% occurred in hospitals.”

Wikipedia: Human Health

The issues concerning it now are largely in the hands of hospitals, nursing homes and the individuals themselves. To remember to keep bathrooms clean, and most importantly to wash your hands after defecation.

Additionally, history has shown that epidemics and pandemics stem from a natural source that is introduced somehow into a new population. The new population having been separate and not previously exposed get sick as they have no immunity to it. It wasn’t until the mid to late 1920’s that commercial flights began to take off and took decades to become a “common” activity. Prior to planes you had to get around with a car, horse and carriage, horseback, on foot, or sail on a ship to travel great distances. All which were and still are considerably dangerous.

The ability to migrate easily meant that someone with Tuberculosis could move to somewhere with warmer and dryer temperatures which would reduce the symptoms. Also, for those near the equator they could move to cooler regions and remove themselves from heavy interaction with fruit bats, tsetse flies and mosquitos. All of which still are very deadly. With modern technology, the movement of all types of people meant the movement of all types of diseases as well. This exposed more and more people to foreign diseases allowing them to gain immunity and tolerance although of course the severe cases likely resulted in death only initially and likely few.  Antibiotics, on a pharmaceutical front, has been humanities saving grace. Unfortunately, as us humans usually do, we have relied too heavily on antibiotics and now we face the biggest threat to humanity, antibiotic resistant diseases- a list that grows bigger every day.

When you start to look at health from a bigger perspective you find that vaccines have done some good but certainly not as much as big pharma would like you to believe.  Let us not forget the introduction of food preservatives, anti-viral, antibacterial, the invention of plastics in the 1960’s helped with food storage, and clean running water has done away with most of the world’s biggest health threats and greatly increased the globe’s life expectancy and all of these inventions weren’t mainstream until the baby boomer generation. The disappearance of polio, smallpox, mumps, cholera, listeria etc can be partially attributed to vaccines but if you had to choose between only having vaccines to determine your health and all those modern amenities, I’m quite certain you’d chose the modern amenities because they overall produce a much healthier quality of life than vaccines.

All of this being said, am I calling for the world to halt inoculations? No. Certainly not. I do believe that traditional viral/bacterial live attenuated vaccines do work to a great extent at preventing disease, but I feel as though unless the disease cannot be managed by common modern luxuries like, clean water, over the counter medicines, etc and the disease isn’t highly fatal or contagious then vaccines, especially ones that have had sub-standard testing, trials, and ingredients in them shouldn’t be the standard of treatment. Nor should they be forced on the masses. Injecting everyone for a disease that has a low infection and low fatality rate affecting less than 5% of the population surely can be managed in other ways.

Law makers should concern themselves more with what continues to promote disease around the world instead of promoting mandatory chemical injections that may or may not work or be safe. Ensuring that people have clean drinking water, mosquito nets, safe and available medicines, and personal health and hygiene education would do far more to save the world than any vaccine ever could. I say that because just last year 860,000 + people died from malaria. Over 940,000 died from suicide, and 1.5 million died last year from HIV/AIDS. Over 9 million starved to death and 7.2+ million people died from cancer just last year alone. Of the major causes of death that total in OVER 50 million yearly, vaccines can only address less than ¼ leaving over 37.5 Million to die regardless. The reality its an economic and financial issue which big pharma knows, and they exploit it instead of addressing it. If society continues to try and outsmart mother nature, play God, act invincible and self-concerned the health issues will continue no matter what medicines are created. 

The word Immunity stems from the Latin: Immundus which means filthy and foul.  Vaccines come the Late French Vacca which means Cow (this is because the small-pox vaccine was created by injecting people with cow pox, a similar virus found in cattle.) The word for scientist stems from the Latin inscientis which means “unknowing.” The word for pharmacist stems from Latin “pharmacoliga” meaning “quack.” The word journalist comes from the Latin word “Durnali” meaning someone who is a slave, forced to record and repeat whatever their master’s desire. A slave to words they do not mean and aren’t theirs.

All things aside, the notion that forced inoculations could be implemented and in some places are, is to me a frightening sign of deteriorating human intellect, faith, rights and common sense. To make it worse you could be made to get injected with toxins that lack long term safety data, where no one is liable for the possible damages, there is no antidote, no guarantee, and for our current situation only kills between .5%-2% of the world’s population.

The human genome is around 8% endogenous retrovirus. Without viruses we wouldn’t be alive. Women would not be able to have a uterus and thus never be able to birth babies. We should be extremely careful and cautious about our endeavors to rid the world of viruses…because if we overstep, we might achieve that and wipe all of us out in the progress. So, that means that vaccines are good, right?

The truth?

Yes, sometimes and when done appropriately. However, the answer is also No, they can be extremely dangerous and some plain don’t work. What does work 9 times out of ten is safe plumbing, sewage and food storage as well as good nutrition, safe sex, healthy living, and good personal health education.

Humans are traditionally sensible creatures, some intelligent and talented even. Naturally, we are adapters, and resilient to much of the tragedies in the world. Even before modern medicine, electricity, and politicians we survived, we thrived. If we lose all our intelligence to fear, and all our rights to tyranny we will be nothing more than docile helpless farm animals at the mercy of the shepherds. Never being free and never knowing life beyond a cage and no mindset beyond that which has nothing to live for.

Community over immunity. Transparency over Tyranny. Empathize over Euthanize. Purity over pollution.

If we cannot utilize the technology and amenities, we have already to the fullest of their potential then what makes anyone think that the next technology will be any different. And when will we fix the issues that we’ve created before we create solutions for problems that don’t exist yet or could be diminished by innovations of the past?