Take Me To Your Believer


Yes, Aliens! Are they real? Is it a hoax or just a history of confused encounters with unverified events that have simple scientific explanations? Well, on December 31st 2020, Trump signed legislation which included an out of this world, (pun intended) surprise. In the legislation a clause dictated that the intelligence community of the United States was under obligation to bring forth any and all documentation, and knowledge of unidentified aerial phenomenon/ UFO’s, and all things regarding little green men.

When is this information dump supposed to occur? According to the bill, the deadline was not to exceed 180 days after its approval. This makes the date of government disclosure set for June 29th 2021.

It’s understandable that there is a lot of buzz (again, pun intended) about the issue. As someone who sees themselves as an amateur astronomer, and casual conspiracy theorist I am more than eager to see what happens. However, like many people I have multiple theories about the entire situation and I doubt that disclosure will answer all my queries.

In fact, I suspect that only more confusion will arise. In times of uncertainty it’s fun and thought provoking to probe (pun definitely intended) into the minds of free thinkers – to gain some insight in regards to how to approach such a topic.

Common Conspiracy Concerns heard loitering around the proverbial “Alien Water-Cooler” include:

  • The disclosure is a false flag. Likely, the government will use the opportunity to stage a high tech holographic alien invasion/threat in the near future to be the new “war on terror” scaring us all into handing over our will and our wallets as we cry out to Uncle Sam to save us.
  • The disclosure is long overdue and only happening to prepare us for deeper truths about aliens; like them living amongst us, under the surface of the earth or moon, or that they have Elvis.
  • There is too much evidence to deny UFO’s and thats the only reason they are coming clean.
  • This is nothing but a soft hit letting humanity believe the government is telling the whole truth while in reality only verifying what many have long known but still withholding any real NEW evidence. Releasing this data only to distract from a bigger story.
  • It’s all just new technology the government has been hiding that they’ve advanced from meaning it can be released publicly.

The reality is no one, except those in the intelligence community tasked to put together the disclosure report, knows what is going to be discovered. We live in a ever changing world. The past year, if good for anything, has shown us that those whom we consider to be experts can be wrong, and that which the majority considers to be a conspiracy theory might actually bare more truth than fiction.

Thanks to the dishonesty of people like Dr. Fauci, the mainstream media censorship, social media’s proclivity for choosing what the masses gets to think, and the inconsistency in the scientific community over the past year it’ll be nearly impossible for anyone to accurately predict what will happen, and perhaps more importantly whether or not to trust it.

Personally, I am on the side of those who believe that we are not alone in the universe and that intelligent lifeforms have wizzed past earth from time to time-some even making a pit stop or two.

My reasoning isn’t because I saw the movie Mars Attack or Independence Day growing up and became obsessed. Nor that I was abducted by little green men in a shiny flying saucer only to be returned a bonefide believer clad in a tin foil hat..

Although, I must admit that I do love a good movie about aliens…especially the kind that have Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, both in their primes; handsomely saving the planet and where Vivica A Fox is a sultry scantily-clad stripper.

How could you not love that?

As motivating as that all is- I have come to believe aliens exist due to a sadly less theatrical yet more realistic reason….


To loosely quote a cult classic, the 1997 film Contact, “…if we are the only life in the universe…it’d be an awful waste of space.” That’s a reasonable conclusion especially because we don’t know how many galaxies there are in the universe or how many universes there are. More than that we don’t know how many planets are in those galaxies, and we have never ventured beyond our own solar system to even begin to say with any degree of certainty that we are alone in our shiny vast galaxy.

If we are alone in the cosmos then it all would be a literal waste of space. One could say that it would be a testimony to how special we are as a species if we are in fact alone in our presence and intelligence. Either way the “alone” outcome is a disappointing one for many of us.

Logic isn’t finite. Science isn’t immutable. They are ever changing and historically our perspectives and understanding of our world and the science that defines it changes drastically all the time. It wasn’t even until 1905, thanks to Albert Einstein that we had an equation to calculate the speed of light. We used to joke about the idea that the moon or mars hosts water and now its considered scientific fact they they do have water. Tons of it in fact.

Regardless of our evolution through what we consider to be fact and fiction there are still outright nay-sayers. Those who take a definite stance against anything that isn’t nailed down in absolute verifiable reality, The dullest of these arguments is one that was used by renowned astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He claims that IF there were aliens then how come we all haven’t seen them and all gotten great 4k footage of UFO’s? He of course is highlighting the fact that this generation is glued to devices capable of high quality filming and that we are all quick to film anything mildly exciting. So why isn’t there more high quality pics of these crafts and their operators?

To that shameful excuse of an argument against the existence of aliens I have a rebuttal in the form of a few questions:

Do you know how many people have already claimed to have seen UFO’s? Every year thousands to 100’s of thousands of reports are made by people all across the world. How many people need to witness them for it to become accepted fact? I ask this because how many people have seen with their own eyes a whale-shark? Or a Narwhal? How many people have seen a Tasmanian devil? Certainly thousands, or millions even…but not everyone. What about Pluto? With a pricey telescope it still is difficult for someone to see, and it’s not always visible. We have to take the word of Nasa’s probes and the few institutions with telescopes large enough to view the former planet. Yet we take these things to be real and the accounts of them to be fact.

Do you know how many airplanes cross the United States in any given day? How often do you see airplanes in a day?

-How much time do you spend looking at the sky? How easy is it to see planes? Despite being large and constantly in use really think about how often you catch a glimpse of a plane in flight.

According to flight tracking websites its an almost uncertain number that ranges from 5,000 flights at any given moment of the day and around 87,000 flights or more soaring through the skies of the US each day. Knowing the fact that we all have our eyes constantly glued to screens we often fail to see a lot of what goes on in the sky. Even if you were paying attention and able to see 100 flights for one day that would only account for less than 0.115% of the air traffic in the country. So, if people don’t notice 99% of our planes in our skies then it doesn’t seem unreasonable that there would be other flying objects that we also fail to see.

Have you ever tried to take a 4k quality film from the ground of a plane in the sky? It likely is too zoomed in to have anything remotely high quality captured. Airplanes are 30,000ft up, at peak altitude and travelling extremely fast. There is between 62 and 600 miles of atmosphere that extend upwards from the surface of the earth and 30,000ft is only 5.6 miles. So if a massive 747 plane is almost impossible to spot with the naked eye, or on your phone’s camera at only 5.6 miles up then what makes you think that everyone would have great footage of what is flying in the remaining 55-600 miles of our atmosphere? This is not taking into account size. 747’s seem to be much larger than suspected UFO crafts. Making them much harder to see.

-How clear is the sky anyways? Between worsening weather, chemical trails and pollution seeing, let alone filming, objects in the sky can prove to be a difficult task for anyone.

You let me know when Neil DeGrasse Tyson has answered those and sign me up for when NASA makes cell phones that are capable of 4k recording at distances of a few hundred miles…. Something tells me that the government will reach disclosure before that ever happens… and thank goodness for that because I think we’ve all waited long enough.

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