The Last Shoe Before the First Bomb

       Nine days before the Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist, Seymour Hersh released “How America Took out the Nordstream Pipeline” the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation released a concise and yet damning report about Russian/US relations.

The report was titled, “Briefing by Chief of NBC Protection Troops” dated January 30th, 2023 and had by and large not made it into circulation in western media. Just like Hersh’s story, the contents bring forth considerable allegations against the United States Government. In the report, it showcases Russia has taken the origins of Covid-19 just as seriously as the independent journalists state-side have, and both have had their fair share of censorship. Upon reading the report, it’s no wonder as to why these reports have been buried deep beneath the shallow albeit flashy headlines of spy balloons and UFO sightings. 

The deep allegations against the US start with evidence of foul-play first playing out when the United States blocked an international oversight convention, called the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention, despite the nation's claims of demanding high levels of safety for the risky scientific research they quietly conduct. 

Further allegations continue, first against Boston University for their hand in enhancing, via Gain of Function, the pathogenic agent known as Covid-19. Citing the all-too-familiar USAID as the primary funder of experiments as well as the state department. 

      Cooperation for the experiment was concluded to also be EcoHealth Alliance, as well as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA.) Those who’ve closely researched the origins of COVID-19 will be less than surprised to see this particular “Scientific Cartel” as they have been found in connection to nearly every facet concerning the virus' emergence. 
   The article further goes on to point out that the readiness of the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and how their immediacy led them and others to be suspicious as to whether or not the pandemic was pre-planned.  Explaining that their suspicions were enhanced when the same state players had ties to the pandemic tabletop exercise, Event 201, which occurred just months before the actual pandemic. 

The assertions turn up a notch, as the involvement of Ukraine and the bioweapons labs are discussed. Major accusations are made against not only the US, but of the Ukrainian Military. Citing violations of drug smuggling, and data that the Ukrainian Military and residents had high levels of various pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs in their system -all within recent record. 
The drugs listed include pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, as well as psychostimulants and narcotics, namely: Tramadol, Methadone, Morphine and other unspecified Amphetamines. Ukrainian officials had their blood tested, proving high concentrations of the illicit drugs according to the document. 

     With this being a serious concern, the Russian military personal, in early 2023 further investigated. Within the city of Lisichansk in Ukraine, a landfill belonging to a biotechnology corporation, Pharmbiotest, where clinical samples and records by the tens of thousands had unearthed after having been dumped haphazardly in an attempt to hide the truth. 

Within the materials, as well as witnesses and participants involved, verified documents confirmed that the U.S Pentagon was involved and was working to create biological weapons with evidence that they were even testing the agents on the local Ukrainian Population as well as other neighboring cities.

Those bearing the grunt of the blame are named furthermore as key culprits such as; the US Democratic Party, US military officials, and the Pentagon’s contracting organizations. Investigation into the DTRA have led the Russian officials to conclude that Karen Saylors of Labyrinth Global Health and Metabiota, Colleen Jonsson of Univ. of Tennessee and the Institute for the Study of Host-Pathogen Systems are also accused to be strongly involved.
Explosion of the NordStream Pipeline
Another name that was tied to the scandal was Lewis Von Thaer, the President and CEO of the infamous Bio-lab in Ohio, Battelle, which has long had ties to the Pentagon, The Department of Energy and notably the post 9/11 anthrax attacks and the subsequent coverup.  The report claims it was Thaer/Battelle who were responsible for organizing the U.S.’s projects in Ukraine related to the zoonotic infections.

-One cannot help to wonder if the recent Train Derailment in East Palestine Ohio, carrying toxic chemicals, was in any way related to the Battelle Biolab in Columbus Ohio.

The report continues making claims that currently, in a rushed attempt to "continue business as usual," the U.S is moving all their labs that are now compromised to the far corners of the globe. Allegedly partnered by the EU and Canada to make orchestrated efforts to aide in moving the US bio-weapons agendas along to maintain their functionality free from Russian intervention. 

Some of the most damning allegations date to much further back in history as far as 1977, professing that these shady U.S bio-lab incidents aren’t uncommon or new -giving the example of the Rift Valley Fever outbreak in Egypt within the vicinity of a U.S Naval Medical Research Unit (Unit 3) where, at the time the disease wasn't endemic to the area prior to the U.S' arrival.

     Other accusations went on to state that the U.S is being behind a swath of other outbreaks which are also cited in concise detail. 

The article ends with essentially a promise of continued, un-swayed investigation on behalf of Russia, and the hopes that other international bodies will do the same. 

      The overall tone of the report suggests a very level-headed, and careful approach with all the notes of democratic consideration. However, as earlier mentioned, the report preceded the revelation of the US’s intentional destruction of the Nordstream pipeline, as reported by Hersh, which was published to his substack on the 8th of February, a whole nine days AFTER this report had already been made.
Expedition 68 crew members Dmitri Petelin of Roscosmos, top, Frank Rubio of NASA, and Sergey Prokopyev of Roscosmos, bottom, wave farewell prior to boarding the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft for launch, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022, at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. Rubio, Prokopyev and Petelin, will launch onboard the Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome for a mission on the International Space Station. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)
   I think it’s fair to assume, that bearing this report, along with the knowledge that the U.S used a NATO-sanctioned international military exercise, BALTOPS, to covertly plant explosive ordinances on the Nordstream pipeline, before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that it would stand to reason the Russian Government is far less forgiving now than they were when this report was initially released.  

Tensions must understandably be high for both the United States and the Russian Federation. Questions arise as to what this means for the American Astronaut, Frank Rubio and the two Cosmonauts, Petelin, and Prokopyev who are currently stranded aboard the International Space Starion-considering that it is Russian shuttles that, for now, are the only ones expected to be ready to bring the three space-farers back to the Earth's surface on the Russian's craft the Soyuz-23.  

    As an American whose grandmother worked for NASA during the height of the American Space-Race, I can't help but sympathize with those stranded on the ISS. One cannot help but wonder if they will return to Earth only to see a full-fledged WW3 in progress? 

Will they have a return home at all? The lifespan of the ISS is nearing its expiration in coming years as it is. Furthermore, eyes are steadily watching what Germany will do knowing that it was the United States who sabotaged their energy that was being provided to them via the Nordstream Pipeline and act which has since put a major cramp on their financial sector and their livelihoods making their winter a much more difficult one than they had hoped for. 

All the makings of new tax-gouging, deep-state created War have now been laid beneath our feet. All the while record-high inflation and ecological disasters like train-derailments, and food supply sabotage runs rampant throughout the United States. What infuriates the citizens is that we had no hand in this international disaster and find the enemies to our freedom not overseas, but here at home leading the US’s military industrial complex. But who do you think will bear the costs of this reckless behavior of our government? The White House? The Military Industrial Complex? 

      History has shown us time and time again, from WW2 to The War in Iraq, and now The Russia-Ukraine conflict, that this will come at the expense of the average American citizen. How long are we to pay for the sins of those who have escaped the clutches of justice and accountability more times that we are even aware of? 

The Train Derailment: Columbiana County in a Humanitarian Crisis & the “Poison Plastic” that Haunts them.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), dubbed the “The Poison Plastic” by Greenpeace, has been leaked following a horrific train derailment in the charming city of East Palestine, Ohio. PVC, otherwise simply known as Vinyl, is a very common chemical used in an array of products. Generally, the finish products that are in products sold in stores are considered safe but in its unadulterated form, and at its very fundament PVC is one of the most toxic substances on Earth. PVC is ranked as the third most produced artificial polymer of a plastic in the world today. Estimates of yearly production were around 40 million tons but as continuous manufacturing of the harmful agent steadily increases, the most recent (2020) figures claim over 54 million tons are produced annually around the world! While there were multiple dangerous chemicals involved in the derailment PVC sticks out because its threat to humanity is one of supreme significance.

PVC is often divided into two main subgroups:

-Rigid PVC that is commonly used in plumbing and construction


-Softened PVC- Softened PVC is made to be more flexible and malleable with the additive of ‘plasticizers.’ Of which, the endocrine disrupting chemicals known as phthalates are the most commonly used.

The production of PVC relies on a highly toxic chemical called vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), which is derived from fossil fuel processing. Furthermore, like the “controlled burn” conducted by the currier shipping company responsible for the crisis, Norfolk Southern, the disposal of PVC presents significant risks to human health as it does not biodegrade and can take hundreds of years to break down, leading to a buildup of toxic chemicals in the environment. So why does such an ominous chemical even exist? The answer is simple, money. The industry is worth an estimated $57 billion annually.

According to a recent article at

“Citizens in E. Palestine, a town of approximately 4700 people, were advised to evacuate immediately. The Norfolk Southern train was allegedly carrying 100,000 gallons of vinyl chloride. According to the American Chemical Society, safety officials, “[i]n an effort to avoid an explosion, railroad, and state authorities began a controlled release and burn of the vinyl chloride Feb. 6. Earlier that day, the governors of Ohio and Pennsylvania ordered an immediate evacuation of a 1- by 2-mile area that crossed the state line.”

Although, East Palestine marks the epicenter of the humanitarian/ecological crisis we must keep our minds and our hearts the nearby neighboring cities and states as well.

Here are the top 11 cities, in order of closest to furthest, that are within 10 miles of East Palestine, Ohio that should also be taking protective measures against the harmful chemicals released following the derailment:

1.         Negley, OH

2.         New Waterford, OH

3.         Rogers, OH

4.         Columbiana, OH

5.         Elkton, OH

6.         Darlington, PA

7.         West Point, OH

8.         New Galilee, PA

9.         Enon Valley, PA

10.       Washingtonville, OH

11.       Lisbon, Ohio

Brief Insight into the Health Risks:

PVC has been linked to various health effects, ranging from short-term to long-term effects. Studies have shown that short-term exposure to PVC can cause respiratory problems, such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Long-term exposure has been linked to more severe health effects, such as cancer, developmental disorders, and endocrine disruption. Studies on animals have also linked PVC to a range of adverse health effects. For instance, a study conducted on rats found that exposure to PVC led to developmental disorders and liver damage.

Compared to other toxic chemicals, PVC is considered to be one of the most dangerous due to its widespread use and the potential for human exposure. In one study, men who worked in PVC plants had 6X higher risk for testicular cancer than the average man. Not only does PVC fall into the realm of being an aggressive “forever chemical” but it in its manufactured form is one of the least recyclable compounds around, with under 3% of PVC ever being recycled. The excess PVC then builds up and is either buried in the earth to brew in a landfill, seeping into ground water, or it is incinerated. 

Burning PVC results in horrific consequences because it releases one of the most dangerous chemicals known to man, Dioxin. Most of all air pollution that is from burning PVC is purely Dioxin.

So, while Norfolk Southern’s control burn in the mainstream media might look like a fastidious response to mitigating further risk, it is clear that it was anything but. The so-called “controlled burn” once PVC is even lightly investigated, goes from a decent mitigation tactic, to essentially the equivalent to a criminal burning down a house where they’d just shot someone. It was nothing more than an attempt to “get rid of the issue” as quickly as possible.

Criminal charges, if there is justice in the world, should be pursued against the people of Norfolk Southern. (Norfolk Southern reportedly tried offering the locals of East Palestine a $1,000 cash bribe to forgive and forget their failure to do anything remotely remedial!)  I say this because there is NO acceptable level of Dioxin for humans. Like it’s parent compound, PVC, causes, immune damage, hormone damage, and even birth defects. Not to mention the plethora of other compounds from the leak and their massive health implication. Add all of that to these next factors and you’ll see this is truly a humanitarian crisis, the likes of which will surely ruin the lives of countless American’s that live in the heart of our country:

Additional Factors to consider:

-All time high inflation. Making recovery efforts and expenses impossible for some families.

-The lasting effects of coming out of a 3-year respiratory pandemic that damaged lungs and health.

-The continuation of 8.9-9 million deaths globally already attributed to air pollution.

-The overwhelming neglect of our government’s responsibility to the citizens of the country in times of crisis.

Before diving any further into this tragedy, I want to stress the importance of helping your fellow American, by supporting any relief efforts for Columbiana County in Ohio. Send assistance. Send prayers. Send letters demanding action to Norfolk Southern and to lawmakers and send a helping hand and love to those effected by this if you can.

Examples of people who have been affected:

There have been several cases of people who have been affected by exposure to PVC. For instance, in 2014, a study found that children who lived near a PVC production facility in Louisiana had higher rates of cancer and other health problems than children who lived further away. In another case, in 2015, workers at a PVC production facility in India were found to have high rates of respiratory problems and skin irritation.

Solutions for avoiding PVC exposure:

Consumers can also take steps to reduce exposure, such as not burning PVC products, using water filters, and wearing protective gear (PPE) when handling PVC products.  A recent episode of The HighWire hosted by  documentarist and renowned journalist, Del Bigtree (  sought the advice of two OSHA experts, Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan Kelly, that gave vital advice specifically for the residents of and around East Palestine, Ohio.

Exposure to PVC is well documented and undoubtedly hazardous. Inhaling PVC fumes or dust can cause respiratory problems, such as coughing, shortness of breath, and wheezing. Due to this it is my personal advice to change the filters in your home filtration system with HEPA filters, as often as you can-daily, if possible. Also acquiring HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners would be beneficial to reduce exposures in households in and around East Palestine. Long-term exposure has been linked to more severe health effects, such as cancer, developmental disorders, and as mentioned before, endocrine disruption.

Moreso, PVC exposure has been linked to reproductive, neurological damage, and even death. Furthermore, children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of PVC due to their developing bodies and systems. The heightened risks are also applied to pregnant women, those with COPD, existing cancers, asthma, and adults of childbearing age who wish to have children in the future.

Governments and regulatory agencies should play a role in reducing further exposure by enforcing regulations and monitoring the production and use of PVC as well as calling on agencies like the EPA and FEMA for assistance to families and efforts to contain the leakage and fumes but at the moment this appears to be yet another massive failure on behalf of the government and the mainstream media as they’ve failed to respond in any promising fashion.

With the Ohio derailment this crisis is not only close to home for most American’s but actually is home to thousands of exposed Ohioans and Pennsylvanians.


The East Palestine Train Derailment Disaster held many concerning and dangerous chemical compounds. The list below is the most concerning chemicals that were being transported and have now subsequently released in East Palestine, Ohio:

Vinyl chloride, Isobutylene, Benzene, Ethylhexyl acrylate, Ethylene glycol, and Monobutyl ether

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has set a permissible exposure limit of one part per million (ppm) of vinyl chloride, while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set a reference concentration (RfC) of 0.2 ppm. However, exposure to PVC can occur through various means, including inhalation, ingestion, and dermal contact. Those closest to the epicenter of the derailment are at higher risk of exposure but nearby areas are more than likely going to be adversely affected as well.

To get an idea of the immensity of PVC that was involved in the tragic derailment I’ve compiled comparison to quantities easier to grasp and envision. Here is a comparison of 100,000 gallons to the following  real-life amount of what was leaked in quantitative terms:

  • Swimming Pools: 100,000 gallons is roughly equivalent to the volume of 1.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools. An Olympic-sized swimming pool typically holds around 660,000 gallons of water.
  • Bath Tubs: 100,000 gallons is equivalent to the volume of about 1,333 standard-sized bath tubs. A standard-sized bath tub can hold around 75 gallons of water.
  • Two Gallon Milk Jugs: 100,000 gallons is equivalent to the volume of 50,000 two-gallon milk jugs.
  • 747 Fuel Tanks: 100,000 gallons is roughly equivalent to the fuel capacity of two Boeing 747 aircrafts. The fuel capacity of a 747 aircraft is approximately 50,000 gallons.


Women’s Responsibility to Protect Natural Male Masculinity


Masculinity is under attack. It’s a fact that has been well-documented, but one that many people don’t seem to be talking about. For example: Men are less likely than ever before to marry or have children, they’re more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and they’re dropping out of school at alarming rates. The crisis we’re facing isn’t just an issue of gender identity—it’s a crisis of masculinity itself. And it’s something we must address together as women (and men). Here are three ways we can protect masculinity in the next generation. Men are under social pressures like never before and its cruel to know that they are at the mercy of a harsh world in terms of their physical well-being and masculine health on top of all of that!

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with the body’s endocrine system, which includes glands that produce hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These chemicals are found in many common household products including plastic containers for food storage or microwavable dinners; cleaning products like laundry detergents and hand soap; cosmetics like hair sprays and lotions; pesticides used to grow food on farms; toys made from plastics (especially those marketed toward girls) – even BPA-free plastics can have endocrine disrupting effects!

Endocrine disruptors affect both men and women–and even babies during gestation! The effect of Endocrine Disruptors is most impactful during the first trimester that a fetus is gestating because this is when natural gender forming processes take place within an individual human being (you know: sex chromosomes). Disrupting the natural progression of gender forming processes during this time will have lifelong impacts on the child’s identity as well as their health later on in their life – including reproductive organs damage/dysfunction such as infertility issues due to low sperm count or inability to conceive at all. Giving your son the right to have a fair and natural chance to be his true gender shouldn’t be hindered by a careless mother or selfishness. Give them the equal footing that your father had and let nature and your son make his own conclusions but don’t tilt the scales one way or another. It’s not fair to the world, or your son.

If they later in life, after being given a healthy and natural start, then chooses or informs you that his gender identity doesn’t align to his biological self then you can have that conversation and make the steps that you both think is necessary to facilitate their wellbeing. Until then, give them a chance to be themselves as men, naturally and without hinderance! How could you forgive yourself if you damaged your son’s ability to procreate, be as masculine as he may one day wish to be, or stunt his sexuality, sexual organs, or his ascent through the stages of puberty properly. Puberty is already a very hard time for our youth, stunting their development will only lead to more angst, confusion and pain for your child. Be a good parent and protect them from conception and all throughout their life.

We have a role to play in protecting masculinity.

Women are partially responsible for this crisis of masculinity. Women must take responsibility in their role in creating this crisis of diminishing masculinity in men. As nurturers, women have empathy and concern for the health of those around them. This includes men and their natural masculinity. Women have power to advocate for men’s rights just like they do for women’s rights; it is one of the things which defines women; having empathy, concern and care for the health of those around you. The health of men directly impacts women on numerous fronts including family life, finances and community safety.

No matter who you are, your race, religion, beliefs or background YOU would NOT be here without a MAN. I’m not referring to identity. I am referring to biology! Despite the current propaganda and body-dysmorphia/hormone dysregulation swayed disillusioned statements being made, there are two genders/sexes. There are males and there are females and they do have biological differences that indeed have hormone-based characteristics. Those characteristics have molded what we know to be “gender norms” and “gender identities” which is free for anyone to change and regard however they please. But your sex chromosomes cannot be undone or changed. They are X’s and Y’s and that is completely OKAY!!! It’s even okay to disagree with nature but you must exist with that truth regardless of opinion. Just like saying you need air to breathe-there is male and female within the human species. Not one better than the other. Just different and that isn’t just okay, it’s a beautiful thing.

Do’s and Don’ts for ensuring you do your part in protecting masculinity:

  • Reduce or Refrain from preparing any foods/beverages in plastics, especially if you have them heated (by either the food or the microwave, even from sitting in the sun) because endocrine disrupting chemicals in plastics leach into everything and heats exacerbates this problem.
  • If you’re pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, for at least the first 25 weeks: avoid using too many chemicals on your body, like makeups, lotions, shaving creams unless you can rule them to endocrine safe. That means no parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. Also, avoid microwaved food containers made of plastics.(of course I’m not a doctor and you should consult with your physician with any medical advice)
  • Resist the urge to virtue signal with the crowd when it comes to man-shaming. It doesn’t make anyone better off, in fact it hurts men and in turn hurts women.
  • Stop calling men emasculating things so casually! Calling a man, a “Simp” or a “B!tch” might be how you feel about him but there are other insults that aren’t taking a stab at his masculinity. *the best comeback is often silence anyways.
  • Encourage healthy male bonding; let him hang with his friends, go to the park to play ball, let him go to the gym  and watch the game.
  • Praise his masculinity by asking for his help with things that will boost his ego. “Can you reach that box on the shelf for me! Wow thanks, you’re so big and tall.”  “I can’t open this jar, could you do it, please?” While these sound-like outdated stereotypes and are just basic examples to make my point the idea is to be grateful for your differences and praise them on theirs that may differ from yours. Its not a competition, its collaboration.
  • Compliment him on his actions, appearance, and manliness. Let him know that you approve! Men ARE COMPLIMENT STARVED! Us women are constantly hyping each other up, and men rarely get that from their guy friends and rarely from the ladies. Compared to the love women get, men are running on fumes in the compliment department.

Men should be taught to respect women for their natural femineity and to respect themselves and learn to embrace their natural masculinity.

In addition, men need to understand that they are not solely responsible for protecting women from the dangers of the world. Women are capable of protecting themselves and protecting men; it is a gross misunderstanding of gender roles to believe otherwise. Socially, in my opinion, is where a lot of damage by women on masculinity is occurring. Sadly, women have been led astray by a false movement that masquerades as “Feminism” when the agenda is really about destroying families and creating more debt amongst the everyday people. Modern feminism was created by men (Look into Henry Kissinger and his 300 Report!)

When there are imbalances in the endocrine system, it can lead to numerous health problems, including infertility, depression and diabetes.

The endocrine system is a complex network of glands that produce hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that travel through the bloodstream to target organs and tissues, where they regulate various body functions such as metabolism, growth and reproduction. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with the normal functioning of our endocrine systems by mimicking or blocking natural hormones in our bodies. When there are imbalances in the endocrine system, it can lead to numerous health problems including infertility (inability to conceive), depression and diabetes.

Some of the main sources of endocrine disruptors come from pesticides that are used on crops such as corn and soybeans; flame retardants found in furniture foam; plasticizers like bisphenol A (BPA) which leach from plastic bottles/cups/containers; phthalates found in personal care products such as nail polish remover and hairsprays aren’t all you need to be wary of. Recent studies have found ALARMINGLY high presence of these endocrine disruptors in most of the beauty products women have been indoctrinated into purchasing and using!

This includes:

Foundation, blush and pressed powders as well as liquids and cream-based makeup products.

Shaving cream, hand sanitizer and sunscreens

Lipsticks, Eye makeup, perfumes, and sanitary feminine products

Body washes, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions and even body sprays and hair dyes and treatments!

Because the prevalence of these toxic gender diminishing chemicals are in so many products and used so heavily, I have some tips that I guarantee will help lessen the threat they present to you as a woman, and to the men in your life!

Tip #1. Advocate! Use your wonderful capacity for care and concern to be passionate about this topic. Write governmental bodies like the Human Health Services, express your concerns to the FDA, and to your local retailer! Remember, that governments are meant to serve the people and so are manufacturers! It is amazing what some letters and passionate advocacy can do!

Tip #2. Get familiar with the companies that don’t use Parabens, Phthalates and other endocrine disruptors. Support them by purchasing them over the other products that use those toxins. Businesses RELY on your money to operate. If they see that their clients are buying other competitors’ items over something they could change BELIEVE ME, THEY WILL QUICKLY CHANGE in order to win you back! Be sure to read labels. Almost all products have a customer service number on them, free to call. Bonus: Post about it on social media to spread awareness for maximum impact!

Tip #3. Get your microplastic levels checked, and your hormones! Once you do that, you can take healthy steps to stabilize your hormones and levels of toxicity. Doing this before and during pregnancy are vital! Avoid as many chemicals, and use of plastics as possible. Be sure to check everything with your doctor before any major lifestyle changes.

Tip #4. If you aren’t pregnant and aren’t planning on it for some time, look into toxin detoxes like Bentonite Clay detoxing, juice cleanses, and fasting to reset the body’s metabolism. Also, remember that if it is prepackaged, then it’s probably not the healthiest thing you could be eating. Exercise is also GREAT for stabilizing your hormones!

Hormonal imbalances can be caused by everything from genetics to diet and lifestyle habits. For women and their role in facilitating natural masculinity in males this is primarily prominent in our roles as mothers. While pregnant, during the first 25 weeks of pregnancy the gender and gender certainty both physically and chemically is being determined in the womb. Women have the utmost critical responsibility to give their children the fairest and most natural chance at reaching their child’s natural gender qualities. Women, more than men, have the most decisive role in the aptitude of the child’s sex. Women must be informed and act upon this in a way that best serves the child.

As women, we have the power to advocate for our own health and the health of our families and specifically the men in our families and communities by taking the following steps:

  • Avoiding toxic chemicals. Women should avoid toxic chemicals at all costs. Some specific examples include BPA (bisphenol A), phthalates, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, GMO foods and processed foods. All these things can be found in common household items such as shampoo bottles or plastic wrap packaging around food products like cheese slices or hot dogs–and they’re not good for anyone!
  • Phrases that encourage and celebrate healthy masculinity can help foster positive self-esteem and a sense of belonging for men. Here are some examples:
  • “Be proud of who you are and embrace your masculinity.”
  • “Confidence and strength come from embracing your true self, including your masculinity.”
  • “True masculinity is about being respectful, empathetic, and responsible.”
  • “You have the power to make a positive impact on the world by being a strong, responsible, and kind man.”

Together as a team, not as adversaries is how we bring out the best in both sexes. Give men a chance to be men. No one likes to be shamed for who we are. and knowledge is our only way forward that benefits us all.

Men’s Responsibility to Protect Masculinity


We’ve all seen the unsavory and untrue “trend” in our society that claims that men, heterosexual men in particular are bad and masculinity is toxic. While women do bear a significant portion of who is to blame for these harmful lies about “toxic” masculinity but there are things that men are also doing to contribute to the demonizing and manipulation of Natural Masculinity. This article addresses the men who wish to take a stand against the anti-masculine rhetoric and degradation of the quality of masculinity and specifically in heterosexual natural males.

**The next article will be geared towards the women but for now this is for the men. *disclaimer: This is in no way an attack on other genders or sexual preference. All forms of identity deserve a voice without censorship or hatred.*

Men, it’s YOUR job, in order to do your part in the reviving and enhancement of natural, and healthy masculinity for you to support your fellow man and his masculine energy. Being masculine, yourself is great! Embracing it is great too, but now the time has come for the male species to defend and re-claim the male’s right to their most natural, and optimal masculinity.

Your masculine potential as a species and as a specific gender is threatened gravely in our time & safeguarding its rightful future is vital.

There are many undiscussed ways in which many men who unknowingly have propagated some of the harm being afflicted on male masculinity. Likely, as the following examples explain, where men have hindered their own species, & often it goes without notice but not without consequence. Understanding these common “anti-masculine” social cues & doing your part to discourage these actions greatly contributes to aide in the fight for the perseverance of masculine men. Below are some things men can keep in mind to benefit their male peers.

#1. Stop Treating Other Men as Effeminate.

Men look to other men for guidance on masculinity, and with fatherless homes becoming more and more common, males often turn to other males in their family and their peers. [calling your male friends w/ gender teases can discourage other males who may be looking to you for cues to masculinity.]

Being playful is natural but there are many ways to tease a male without attacking his masculinity and without calling him:

– Girly








This goes beyond the younger years; in adulthood men make many choices in their life like those guys who get married will often cooperate with their partners on a plethora of life decisions. Your male peers deserve your respect. Belittling a man for his choice in shirts or cars or how he carries himself around women that aren’t his partners isn’t an indication of his masculinity. Being in a relationship and caring about your wife’s input is a healthy & masculine thing. That kind of cooperation and tradition is admirable. 

So, in other words, remember that his girlfriend or wife likely makes your male friend feel very masculine, and his willingness to make compromises that arise in his relationships are not a joke. Be supportive of his choice to live out his masculinity. Do not try to make men insecure. People don’t like feeling insecure and people will choose to not be around people that make them feel that way. Don’t lose a friend and don’t let that friend lose his machismo.

2.  Let Healthy Masculinity Thrive!

This scenario I see all too much and it’s a sad case of fighting fire with fire. As a result, masculinity gets burned. Say a group of men are at a bar, the park, any social setting where there are women around. If your single buddy starts to flirt with a woman.



That tendency of courtship and flirting reflects a healthy hormonal response which should be praised if the situation is healthy. Calling him names, even in jest, about his healthy pursuits in romance is EXTREMELY detrimental to masculinity.

Telling the male friend that he is a:

” a Simp”, “a Wimp”, “Whipped”, “a Cuck“, “a Sucker”, “a White-Knight”, “a Pussy“, OR that he’s: “Gone Soft”, “Lost His Man-Card.”

OR saying he doesn’t “Wear the Pants” in his relationships.

^All these terms villainize masculinity and discourages naturally healthy heterosexual human attraction. No Joke! **This is one of the most crucial anti-male social actions to understand!

When you do this to another male, regardless of if you like them or what your intentions are this scenario leaves a clear message: that your attraction to women and your testosterone is wrong and worthy of criticism even hurtful criticism.

What does that discouragement of his natural attraction to women suggest?

Joking might seem funny to you but to your pal it covertly messages that his interest as a man and his attraction to a woman is stupid and wrong. What then is your suggestion for whom he should to be attracted to? If making advances at a woman is the wrong option, the ridiculed choiceThen what else should he seek? You? Other men? Or perhaps you think he should be alone? That kind of discouragement can come across as if you think he shouldn’t try to bond with a potential mate, or that his hormones are terrible – even when he’s being respectful and sincere?

This is example of : Masculinity Shaming.

Unless YOU want to date your buddy, or unless YOU want to encourage him to be gay or alone then why would you discourage and tease him for exercising his masculinity toward a woman he likes?

The answer: A confidently masculine friend WOULD NOT do this. They would encourage the behavior of his male peer to express his masculinity when appropriate.

  • Also, public, and private criticism, even as a joke can alter a man’s active testosterone. Many studies show that the way we hold our posture has a lot to do with testosterone production. Standing with authority and confidence actually BOOSTS testosterone. Don’t down your friend and ruin his masculinity for all the aforementioned reasons but also to not break his spirits down which will often reflect in body language and that body language could impede his testosterone levels.

Not to mention men have feelings too. It’s not a feminine trait. The ability to know when to apply and reserve emotions is an honorable and masculine trait.

So, treat your bros with respect, build confidence and stand strong when needed to be.

#3. De-Valuing Masculine Presence in the Home.

This one is not so easy to influence but the payoff is a victory for healthy natural male masculinity! Recent studies have shown that the vast majority of adult males that become criminals are often raised by single mothers. In fact, boys tend to be benefited best in either a two-parent home with a mother and a father or being raised by primarily just the father.

As a woman, I write this knowing it’s not the fault of the women and says nothing negative about single mothers and their ability to raise children alone. It just furthers the fact that masculinity helps create more masculinity. Men and women aren’t oil and water but teaching masculinity in males is something that other males are inherently better at. Being a good father, instilling yourself as a good role model to your offspring and male offspring especially is vital to the potential and validity of a boy’s maturing masculinity.

Masculinity is the defining trait of the male species. Being able to speak and understand that “language” is so important to young men who are needing guidance, and respect in order to instill in them those qualities that lack in men later in life that may end up in crime.  Teaching how to cope with authority, rules, repercussions, and reward as a male to a male makes lifelong impressions.

Situations like divorce and out of wedlock births are common in the United States, and not every couple can find the footing to work through a relationship for the sake of the children. However, taking no responsibility for your kids, and not fighting for full or partial custody may be detrimental to the child’s fundamental understanding of masculine energy and behaviors- this may lead to the child disrespecting authority and even women later in life.  Be the example to young men for how to act out their masculinity in a healthy way.

Share your masculinity by being a respectable man. Doing what you can to encourage and strengthen understanding of masculinity will strengthen your bond as a father. Showing your son that, yes children can arise from adult relations, and sometimes those adults don’t work out but regardless as a man you acknowledge its still your role to be that father figure and set a healthy masculine example.

In conclusion, there are many forces; socially, politically, chemically, etc. that are doing all they can to demonize and devalue true natural masculinity and there are things you can do to defend them. Don’t treat your friends effeminately, don’t tease your male friends for making a healthy advance towards a woman he likes, take responsibility for being the masculine presence in your children’s lives (extended family too, wherever the need for healthy masculinity arises.)

Making traditionally masculine habits “cool” and admired again by other males is truly the first step men can do to protect natural male masculinity.





statistics on fatherless homes and their impact

Government Transparency

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I believe that transparency in government is crucial for a healthy democracy. The people need to know what’s going on, and they can’t do that unless our leaders are transparent about their actions. Transparency is about more than just sharing information with the public: it also means being honest about how decisions were made and explaining why some issues are kept under wraps. There’s nothing wrong with keeping some aspects of government private—that’s necessary for privacy reasons—but there should be no secrets from the public when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars or making laws that affect us all.

Government needs more transparency.

You deserve to know what your government is doing, and you should be able to hold it accountable for its behavior. In the United States, the first Amendment ensures that the people have a right to free speech and freedom of religion. These rights are not just for individual citizens; they also apply to groups of citizens who wish to speak out on behalf of their community or state.

The Bill of Rights guarantees that every American will be able to speak freely about any topic without fear of reprisal from their government. This means that no one can be arrested or punished for speaking their mind except in cases where there is a clear threat against public safety (e.g., inciting violence). However, there are some limits on what kind of speech isn’t protected by these laws—for example: hate speech based on race or gender identity aren’t protected under First Amendment rights because they create an unsafe environment for marginalized groups in society who need support against discrimination at all levels (including within our own communities).

The people should always feel they’ve been given the whole story.

The people should always feel they’ve been given the whole story. They should not be left with any doubt that they have been given the whole story, and they should never feel as though they were intentionally misled or lied to.

The government must take steps to ensure that it is open and honest in its dealings with all of its citizens, no matter what their social class or political beliefs may be.

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A big part of transparency is communicating clearly with the public.

Transparency is all about being accountable, open and honest, accessible, respectful and accurate. When you’re in your role as an elected official or staff member at the city government level you have to be transparent with the public. It’s a two-way street; if you don’t want to be held accountable for what you do then why should we trust what comes out of your mouth?

The most important part of transparency is communicating clearly with the public. The more information we can access about how our government works and what decisions are being made on our behalf—and even how those decisions were made—the better off we are as voters and taxpayers. If a decision doesn’t make sense then it’s up to us as citizens to ask questions until there’s clarity on why something was done in this way instead of another way (or not done at all).

The political process should be as open as possible.

As a citizen, you have the right to know how your representatives are voting and spending their money. A good way to ensure this is through transparency of the political process.

For instance, if you’re concerned about whether or not your elected officials are spending taxpayer money wisely, you can look at their expenses via an open database like Open States or Open Congress. Or if you want to see how they vote on bills that affect your life (like healthcare), there are websites like GovTrack that allow anyone with access to internet search for legislator information and track votes by topic area.

You should also be able to see who lobbyists are meeting with on behalf of which company or organization—and make sure they’re doing so appropriately by having some kind of system in place that ensures lobbyists aren’t trying too hard (or at all) when interacting with legislators and other officials who represent us as citizens.

People should be able to hold politicians accountable for their actions.

Governments should be transparent so that the people can know what their government is doing in their name and how it’s spending its money.

In a democracy, the people have a right to know what their representatives are doing on their behalf in order for them to hold politicians accountable for those actions. The more information you have about your elected officials, the easier it will be for you to make informed decisions about who should represent you in government.

It’s important to know how our government is spending money.

It’s important to know how our government is spending money. The federal budget comprises a large portion of the U.S. economy, and it’s easy to get lost in all the numbers being thrown around by politicians, economists and journalists alike. Most people don’t have time to dig into this data themselves, but if you do make it a priority to learn about government spending—and its effect on our lives—you’ll be able to better understand where your tax dollars go and what they actually buy.

Government officials must be held to high ethical standards.

One of the most important roles of government is to maintain a high level of ethical standards in politics. Politicians need to be held accountable for their actions, and people should be able to trust them. It’s easy for politicians to get away with unethical behavior because they are often not held responsible when they do something wrong. This can lead to corruption within our government and society as a whole.

A free press helps ensure transparency in government.

In our democratic society, a free press helps ensure accountability by holding government officials to account. Government officials who are held accountable are more likely to be transparent and follow the law. As Thomas Jefferson said, “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate for a moment to prefer the latter.”

In addition, when citizens have access to information about their elected officials’ activities and policies via media outlets like newspapers or television news programs, it increases their understanding about what is happening within their communities and encourages them to participate in civic life by making informed decisions at the ballot box.

When government isn’t transparent, we put the democratic process at risk.

You may be wondering why it matters that the government is transparent. After all, even if you don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors, your vote still counts. But this isn’t true. If the people don’t know what’s going on, they can’t hold the government accountable and make informed decisions. They also can’t make their voices heard when they disagree with something or someone in government—which is exactly why we have transparency laws in place: so that citizens can effectively challenge those in power when they feel they’ve been wronged by them.

Without these policies in place, elections become meaningless because candidates try to hide things from voters instead of telling them what they truly believe about issues that matter most to citizens’ lives (like healthcare policy). Without these policies in place, corruption becomes rampant among politicians who are able to get away with whatever it takes—including bribery—to win office or retain power once elected (or appointed). Finally -and perhaps most importantly -without these policies in place our democracy itself suffers greatly because it becomes impossible for us as human beings living together peacefully under one roof through mutual consent based on shared respect instead being governed only by force (whereas democracy means having power derived from consent rather than coercion).

Take steps toward greater transparency in government!

The importance of transparency is a topic that can’t be overstated. It’s a core tenet of democracy and government, as well as an essential component of ensuring Americans’ rights to free speech and assembly.

In order for our political process to work properly, there needs to be information at the ready. This means that those who hold public office must be honest with their constituents at all times—which includes being honest about their own mistakes and shortcomings. In addition, this kind of transparency helps ensure that there are checks in place on those who have power over us: when citizens know what their leaders are doing, it gives them more power over those leaders; if there were no such thing as transparency, then we would have no way of knowing whether these leaders actually had our best interests in mind!


We need to make sure our government is as transparent as possible. We need to hold politicians accountable for their actions and we need to know how our government spends money. Transparency helps ensure that our political process is free from corruption, but it also helps foster trust between voters and elected officials. Government transparency is an important part of maintaining good governance in any democracy!

Reparations & Injustices for All?

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Recently, I was unfortunate enough to see a clip of one of journalisms biggest shills, Don Lemon, who was treading water in an interview with a British Royal Family Scholar.


I’ll include the link to video at the end for those who wish to fully grasp where my thoughts on the matter are aimed towards. However, in short, I’ll summarize the interview; Lemon was saying that since the Queen’s recent death the vast amounts of her wealth have come to light and he was wondering, and claimed others were as well, if any of that money would go to slave descendants as reparations for the British’s role in the African Slave Trade. The Royal Family Scholar responded the way a lot of non-African descended people do when faced with this issue nowadays, which is (and I’m summarizing here:)

Well, it was the Africans who sold themselves first so take it up with them.”

Lemon was completely speechless and was ill-prepared to have the conversation that he, himself had started. Beyond my personal distaste for Don Lemon, I found that the entire argument on both sides was annoyingly misleading and downright ignorant. I don’t know exactly or why, but I expected Lemon to handle the conversation with more intelligence, being that he is educated, considers himself an advocate for African Americans and because he is of multiracial background.

  I, myself am multi-racial and think that it gives me a fairly sensible understanding of the delicacy surrounding the topic of the African Slave Trade. Don Lemon however proved my theory to be incorrect, because even he, who is also educated is also mixed and yet he failed to navigate through the topic. So, I will attempt to take his place and hopefully give the conversation a much-needed remodel.

First, one must understand the complexity and near impossibility of assigning century long reparations to any person today. This is especially the case for those living in the United States. The U.S is an infant in terms of established countries, and we are largely a very diverse population of traditionally Transatlantic immigrant descendants. Tracing our lineage correctly back generations is extremely difficult even with DNA testing.  Beyond that immediate obstacle, people get into this conversation defensively which is no way to conduct a legitimate debate and expect justice and truth to follow. 

*This entire topic of slavery, oppression and reparations is a mess, and that’s not to say that it’s not worth the hassle, but one must keep in mind that we are talking about assigning blame and decreeing justice for situations that we have zero firsthand experience in for most people living today.

On one side there are those who are advocating awarding reparations to African American’s whose families descend from slaves.  The reasoning behind this argument:

  1. They say they were taken from their homelands and forced into slavery.
  2. Those slaves were violently mistreated for hundreds of years leaving their bloodlines helpless to the continuance of mistreatment.
  3. These prior actions have led to the general disenfranchised state of the African American’s today. Leaving the victims to have generations of injustices unresolved.

On the other side, there are those who are against giving reparations to the descendants of African Slaves. They have a range of reasons why they hold this belief and chiefly amongst them are;

  1. They feel that too much time has passed to carry out reparations properly and its best to leave it in the past and instead just try to move on as best as we all can now that slavery has been abolished and the slaves were given their freedom long ago.
  2. They themselves shouldn’t have to pay for what their ancestors did and likely don’t agree with those past actions but regardless they themselves took no part so they feel they should have no hand in reparations.
  3. Lastly, and nowadays the very common contention that; They believe that their ancestors didn’t kidnap the slaves, but in-fact traded for them at the hands of the African’s themselves -so they are not to blame for what the African’s were willing to sell or trade away.

Both are failing arguments that do each have merit but overall are insufficient and misleading.  The problem lies in their laziness. Both sides of the argument engage in umbrella-terminology and back it up defensively. As a half white, half African American woman I want to address this decade long dispute as simply as possible which won’t be easy, but I find it is necessary.

Please, stop umbrella-terming AFRICA!  It’s disrespectful and inaccurate. Those, like the Royal family Scholar, have got to clean up their reasoning that “African’s sold their own into slavery” when defending their people’s role in atrocities. That type of thinking is as accurate as saying “Europeans are Nazi’s” because both groups hail from Europe, and when discussing the Uyghurs in China we don’t say that “they have themselves to blame because they are doing it to themselves” simply because they both come from Asia.

Would you say to Holocaust descendants that the Jews of WWII only had themselves to blame for what happened to them because it was people from within their own homelands that sent them to the gas chambers? No, hopefully you would not.


Because although on paper, and on the thinnest definitions of truth that statement may be “right” but, it is also culturally, socially, and historically inaccurate.  

        If you want to talk about systemic racism, this is a prime example. The western world’s ignorance is glaringly apparent when they mention “African” as an umbrella term. Both white and black Americans are guilty of this -seemingly everyone today is, but it is lazy and incorrect.

“Africans” did sell other “Africans” as slaves to other African Nations, the Europeans, and later to the Americans. They did not, however, “sell themselves”, not in the same sense it’s being said in arguments. “Themselves” is true if you mean those that were already their slaves that they obtained from other countries and tribes that reside on the same continent. However, saying they sold “themselves” is wrong if you meant that they sold from amongst their own country’s beloved citizens.  

*In all situations around the world there are exceptions, but we are focusing on the majority of instances not the outliers, for argument’s sake.

“They have their own people to blame” is no more fair or true than to say about the African Slave Trade than it is to say that the Jews put themselves into Auschwitz and have “themselves” to blame simply because they, the Jews, the Nazi’s and the German people, in the eyes of outsiders, “look similar and are all from Europe.” We know that this on paper may be somewhat descriptively true, but we also know its wildly inaccurate and wrong to assert.  The individual countries in Africa, or kingdoms and tribes didn’t sell those that were citizens amongst their own tribes. They sold prisoners of war turned into their slaves of which they had no allegiance to because they were, to them, considered outsiders, and enemies from other countries.

 The usage of the umbrella terminology in; “Africans sold themselves” is only narrowly true since they are both from the continent of Africa. But so were the Nazi’s and Jews of WWII both from Europe.  Strange how people today can make the distinction that just because they are from the same continent, and some even look similar that they are in fact different people, but they just can’t seem to have the same discernment for the African people.

Africa isn’t the only instance where this umbrella terminology happens, we do it to Native American’s still today. The “Native American’s” were not just one large group of people; they were separate and distinct nations and ethnicities sharing a land mass. Amongst other tribes they can distinguish one another, and they historically had feuds, wars, and even slaves like all people on earth.  Now just because all cultures are guilty of selling their slaves which came from neighboring peoples, doesn’t mean that we can ignore the atrocities that later happened.  

Healing starts with honesty. Honesty requires knowledge.

The truth is that the acknowledgement for the inhumane treatment of any group of enslaved people needs to be addressed. Things must be done to ensure those mistreatments can never happen again.  Umbrella terminology isn’t solely an imperialistic mechanism, but it does need to stop when we are actively speaking about distinct cultures and countries. The truth is that blanket-term blaming is the first step towards being racially and culturally ignorant because it shows how the person making the blanket term statements cares so little about those they are generalizing. It shows how little they know and more-so it shows how little they care

Don Lemon should have known better than to bring up a topic he clearly couldn’t defend, and shame on the Royal staffer who instinctually pulled the equivalent to verbal “white privilege” and waved the Umbrella-Flag at the issue. 

How can we today, who wish to be fair, honest, and compassionate people do better than we’ve been doing to end systemic racism, and to address the injustices of all peoples far and wide? For starters, we could care enough to gain knowledge about distinct cultures, countries and their histories and stop umbrella terming things out of spite or defensiveness.

I never said it would be easy to fix this glaring problem of remedying the past and curbing the lingering systemic injustices it produced. The answer to complex and difficult problems are likely going to be just as complex and difficult. The reason however to do the formidable work is necessary because we as a world did the work to get us into these messes and for often, terrible results. So, it stands to reason that we must do the work to get us out of that, especially when the results are likely to be overwhelmingly remedial and beneficial and not just for some but for all.

Video mentioned throughout this article seen here:

Survive, America.

A few months back I wrote another speech- a desperate attempt to release my angst and grief in the best way I knew how. After writing it, I took to recording my lamenting to put together a short video that I then posted to my bitchute account. What was the cause of my grief and anger? It was the pains I felt and feel still upon watching the country and world I love backslide into an unrecognizable form- one without clarity, sanity, or comfort. Worst of all I felt helpless to stop it. So below is my short speech. Perhaps, you’ll agree or maybe you won’t. Beneath the video is the transcription of the speech for those who prefer to read. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment as well.

Transcript of speech (written by Destiny Rezendes 2022):

When you wish, pray, ask for or demand…be sure that you’re being as specific as you can. Human creation throughout all time and all nations has always fallen short and it has always lacked in patience. But isn’t innovation great and progress thus destined? Although that may be true, we’ve still failed to learn our lessons. 

Our hindsight is 20/20, but our foresight is gone.  Do you really think you’ll find acceptance in those who deny God?  What? Because mankind is so perfect? You forget we are often wrong.

They retort with “…but I was born this way” and then the lost all sing along.

 If you think that how you feel defines our reality just know your fantasy does not apply automatically to me. Does that make me offensive, a racist a bigot, or perhaps rude? Am I a terrorist for seeing the difference between a chick and a dude? 

And what a disrespect to leave this fallacy unchecked….to the scientists that dedicated their lives studying the biological differences of sex. 

Yes, data can change but science isn’t in vain,

All because you fail to recognize what’s real and who is really to blame.

But they cheer out, “Let’s be extra. Isn’t this so lit?!”- Living in a hell where immorality is legit.

Are you seriously celebrating the fact that society has grown sick? 

Now you want to end violence with a pitchfork and a brick.

Liberate with censorship? Replace what’s real with counterfeit?

They say they are saving the economy just as fast as money can print.

 …but now it seems they’ve ran out of script- so they change the topic and end the conversation quick. While the truth is ready to debate, the brain-washed just throw a fit.

Your emotional dysregulation isn’t an argument nor is it an incentive.

Being the most upset doesn’t mean that you win, and regardless of how you feel it doesn’t make me insensitive.

Your off-set hormones, or childhood trauma from broken homes are not the public’s problem because by the time you’re grown, regulating your emotions is something you’re in charge of all your own.

Hasn’t anyone told you that life isn’t fair?

You can’t cancel gravity just because you don’t like stairs.

I’m sure you will try, to toss on wings and wish to fly. Battling morals and nature? Dedicating all your energy to a lie? A fact is a fact there is no logic that can deny, but you rally for delusions and when you fail you wonder why.

See, you don’t want truth in the future, you don’t include it in the deal.  The future you want is custom-made, fitted snuggly to how you feel. 

But how a person feels changes, it’s capricious and unstable, and it’s unfeasible to think it would get a say on who and what gets a label. The designers of modern society must be jumping up and down for joy. To see what a big mess they’ve made out of us their little toys. They’ve kept us busy bickering amongst ourselves with zero intention to stop it. Why would they when our banter distracts so perfectly from their profits?

And how will they be held accountable if we think we’re the ones who caused it? And how the fuck do you call it progress, when nothing has been done at all to try and solve it?!

You can’t fight fire with fire and expect things not to burn. You can’t fight liars with lies and expect they’ll one day learn.

Stuck in a haze? Put a building to blaze! Stare at your screens in a soul-sucking daze or try to cry & scream till you finally get your way. Embrace the victimhood’s proclivity to tout your personal perceptions of pain.

Does nobody mind that we’re being led by the insane? Can’t you see we’re being devoured and maimed with each hour that wanes? You all just go along -content to play their games…but who’s holding on to the reins?

 What is their status, and what is their name?

Some of you remain blind to identify these foul-smelling souls & the hells from which they came. But they are exclusive, but they are not elusive. There are plenty of villains, so one need not be choosy. You need not a Blue’s Clue or to ask Q’s like Peter Dousey -to take a look around and see who’s really to blame for our current causes of the societal stain…

For they leave hints, and money-covered prints over all of their endeavors, agendas, and trips. Words like stakeholder, shareholder, and black-budget folders. Look for profits and coffins and luxury bunkers in Boulder. They happily stand shoulder to shoulder, and the only thing they really fear is getting older. They like to scream at our children that the Earth must get colder!

When exactly will enough be enough?

Will it be when you’re robbed of your canned goods staring down the barrel of a gun?

Will it be when the government rips you away from those you love?

Perhaps you’ll think it’s enough when you wake to no sun, thanks to all of the poisons from the chemtrailing they’ve done. You know that from the very first moment that air terror had begun, 9 million people a year have died from polluted lungs.

Thinking that Covid is the killer- what an utter fucking joke!

White-collar criminals must be laughing hard at their premeditated hoax.

They think that we deserve to die because we are simple and stupid folk.

Maybe they’re right for once since the awakened are outnumbered by the woke.

They’ve already tainted the air, the earth, food, and our water…and they can’t wait to defile your movies, newspapers, your sons, and your daughters. They’ll steal your oil, your livelihood, your groceries, and your dignity. Til you’re starving, and shivering begging for crumbs on the street.

Food production in a crisis worse than the great depression… and isn’t that ironic? They say great like we’re all stupid or completely moronic. Like we’d not notice that like their “reset,” the word “great” really means demonic.

But how do we solve it? Well, we’re going to have to get our hands dirty, concerning this elitist scum-shit colonic. -But if you need a warning keep these words in the front of your noggin’. If not, all you know, and love will soon be dead and forgotten. Let’s be clear about the problem here; our enemies aren’t so far but rather very, very near. The only thing in our country that’s truly unified is our people’s overwhelming belief that our own leaders lie. The problem that our government now faces isn’t Russia or China but us, citizens that are losing our patience.

Have they never stopped to consider our loyalty has grown thinner? Thanks to their shady policies and their lies that keep growing bigger. Will they be surprised, when they recognize the red, white, and blue in the eyes of a betrayed face full of pride, with a gun to their side and a finger on the trigger? Why haven’t they seen the threat that they’ve made here at home? Trust me they have, and prepared but have since left it alone… sure that they’ve outsmarted us again thinking they’re free to go and roam.

They’ve masterfully hurt us in ways that no one really knows.

They didn’t need to take our guns, instead, they cut us down to the bones; and assaulted our hormones; by lacing every package, & food item down to the lining of beer cans…Ensuring chemically that those who would dare buck against the system would literally be less of a man. They pump us full of endocrine disruptors, and estrogen bumpers…

So that we’re confused and complain while testosterone gets tossed in the gutter. Then they have the gall to tweet to us all, that they support gender equality, and we just nod and applaud.

Celebrating the fact, that they’ve virtually cut off all our balls.

No wonder they and their stakeholders continue to pile up their stolen riches, or why other countries don’t respect us – because who would be afraid of a nation full of bitches. So, I guess that in this light the left may be right. Men and women are indistinguishable- the second you turn off the lights.

They forget yet again, despite how they’ve lessened the quality of our men… that they still have other matters to attend…With an old saying, I know they’ve been warned…that hell hath no fury quite like a woman scorned…and trust is left to rust the moment it’s been torn.

-But I do not think that all that is lost is ever truly gone.

For I know it was not just man who was made in the image of God. To that, though they will scoff, laugh, and flash their serpentine like grins. Because they have no faith in God. No, they don’t believe in him.

…And that will be their fall which catches them in all their sin. -Because it was God in the beginning and will be again at the end.

This is why their evil has accelerated, their bold moves grow ever big. For a fear, so crystal-clear comes to whisper in their ears, that in the end, “only good will win.”

Jacob Rothschild — It’s Obedience Training — Litteral Truth

By JR December 10, 2021 Covid doesn’t make any sense.That’s the point.We’re being trained to obey deceitful,irrational, immoral, self-destructive dictates. From the horse’s mouth:“For the New World Order we needed a much deeper and lasting compliance. When the overwhelming majority of the people yield in allowing you to inject into them, a substance which any […]

Jacob Rothschild — It’s Obedience Training — Litteral Truth

USA: Between a Rock & a Wrecked Place


We’ve all adapted rather quickly to the current state of the world... as miserable as it all may be. This process that we are undertaking- of assimilating hasn’t solely been the result of force, hopelessness, or by some exhausted notion that we should just “live and let live.” Though I am certain that for many in the world, those may indeed be reasons as to why some seem to be taking the calamity with an ever-growing indifference. There is deeper purpose, and a reason to keep this nation together. The interesting thing is about this how easily offended we as a nation have become and pair that along with our historical proclivity to harshly guard our freedoms, and one might have assumed that throughout this whole pandemic it would have been us Americans who would’ve been first in line to buck against the tightening reigns of a government and the dismantling its citizens rights.

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on

Afterall, in the world’s view of the American people has historically been type-casted as a gun-toting, freedom loving, credit-card maxing, bible-thumping G.I Joe-esque character; Our role on the world stage was a righteous gift to the modern world; delivering hope and democracy one military engagement at a time.

You know... ‘Merica!

-G.I Joe Classic- Hasbro

That source which our comfort, in such unsettling times, isn’t propelled by wanting to comply and I don’t think that it’s from our infamously patriotic nature that’s getting us through.

At least not the distorted patriotism the media deems terroristic, I mean our long-standing spirit of pride that we had as fiery droves of troops that would head off to war, hungry to fight for their country and we, just as hungry to support them. Our adaptation to today’s problems is patriotic in nature, but not quite the same way as it once had. Today the country’s more reminiscent to the atmosphere brought home by seasoned troops that have returned home from a long war; soldiers that’ve just settled back into normal lives to get some well-deserved rest. When out of the shadows, our government would appear to say that yet another war had begun. Those troops aren’t excited. They aren’t concerned. They know what to expect and they know what they must do. They must fight once again.

Blame it on the 244 glorious years of our young country’s existence. It’s been through intense struggles starting from its infancy. Decades would pass as our country grew heartily alongside the generations of our forefathers. Blood, sweat and tears went into the American Dream. The United States grew to a super-power that no longer maintained the same familiar environment we once knew. Together, we as a nation have evolved, and from that rugged upbringing we’ve inherited the torment and temperament that comes from being of the free world. We are today left with a resilient and patient pride, but not one that stems from the tiresome mission to spread democracy to foreign lands. This is no Cold War. No, this is much warmer- for the fight is here on the home-front. Don’t think that just because this “warm-war” is on home soil that we don’t have enemies or that they lack in weaponry to attack us with. The adversary’s arsenal include:

  • Censorship, Cancel Culture. Critical Race Theory. Inflation.
  • Child exploitation, The assault on our Constitutional Rights. Polarizing Politics.
  • Bodily Autonomy. Rising suicides & overdoses. Dishonest Media.

This list of modern armaments could easily continue, but the important question is,

“Can we, the citizens continue?”

What could one expect from those who must fight at home? Where does that fighter find their refuge if the assaults are close at hand? The entire scenario then becomes more of a prison break than a liberation.

In the past, we could count on journalists, policymakers, and our neighbors to be on the side of American’s simply for the sake of being an American. However, we’ve watched governors like, Gavin Newsome put in place draconian lockdowns, and imposing scientifically unsupported mask mandates on millions of terrified Californians just for everyone to catch Newsome shamelessly dismissing his own edicts. The sheer audacity we saw in regard to the media, those tasked with pursuing and publishing the truth, when the story of our President’s son’s laptop was called “Russian Disinformation” by none other than the Press Secretary {Jen Psaki} for the White House. And where’s the accountability for leaving the vivid discovery to be crudely swept under the rug until either the authenticity was no longer up for debate or until they’d have denied the claims enough times to wrongly convince us all of a narrative that they knew was a blatant lie!

Certainly, in the America of our grandparents the politicians and media would have actually admitted to their biases and blunders, and they would set the record straight. Yet the slanderous lies are still headlined. The apologies and accountability for their negligence however seems to magically evaporates before ever making it to print.

When we as a country have always seen ourselves as the liberators of injustice and thus, always maintained the belief that if there were ever unjust suffering in the world, regardless of borders or regimes that we, the United States, would come kick down the door, and restore peace and freedom! That’s what we used to expect, but now who do we look to? As I find myself trying to locate rationale in our country’s history I think of the words of John F Kennedy, who perfectly said,

“First examine our attitude towards peace itself. Too many of us think it is impossible. Too many think it is unreal. But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable, that mankind is doomed, that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. We need not accept that view. Our problems are manmade; therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. Man’s reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable, and we believe they can do it again……

….we do not want a war. We do not now expect a war. This generation of Americans has already had enough — more than enough — of war and hate and oppression.

We shall be prepared if others wish it. We shall be alert to try to stop it. But we shall also do our part to build a world of peace where the weak are safe and the strong are just. We are not helpless before that task or hopeless of its success. Confident and unafraid, we must labor on–not towards a strategy of annihilation but towards a strategy of peace.”

John F Kennedy

Kennedy spoke these words just 5 months before he would become a victim of senseless violence when on a visit to the friendship state, Texas, he was gunned down in broad daylight. The reason I bring Kennedy into today’s post is because that was the day the American Dream really started fading. His death alone caused more American’s to be apprehensive of their own government far more than any piece of Russian/Chinese propaganda could ever wish to have. That day, when Kennedy was slain, signaled to our people that America isn’t always righteous and good. It won’t always have the citizen’s best interest at heart. Kennedy’s death was so unpatriotic. The way that our government would dishonor a WW2 veteran, our leader, by not protecting him or his legacy made many question the establishment and to make it worse, they continue to lie about the tragedy even still today.

JFK pictured far right alongside his shipmates on the PT-109

So, as I said before, this is not the rallying cry for war, nor is it the whimper of defeat. This is the morning groanings of yet another day pursuing the noble ideals of a dream so that we all, Kennedy included, can be free and rest peacefully. We may be the tired, poor and huddled masses, but our Lady Liberty has long beckoned none other than the tired, poor and huddled masses. It is not a seasonal invitation that American Liberty extends but a reassurance that here we are welcomed to stay. As Kennedy said, “Confident and unafraid-we must labor on…”