My Freedom too, America.

The price for my freedom is something that not even the wealthiest country in the world could  possibly afford…

..and I think this rubs the US government the wrong way when they are face to face with something that cant be bought, bullied of lied for.... 

    …but they will have to come to terms with the fact that not everything is for sale.  That despite their many grand efforts that yes, sometimes, they are gong to fail. 

Because you cannot bribe me for my freedom or fear monger it into submission. 

It is not a carrot. I am not a rabbit.

  So you can scare me, threaten me,
 and try to force me to stay at home, but unless you have walked in these shoes on my feet, honey, you ain’t gonna tell me where I can roam. 

The only thing infectious about me is my smile and my laugh, and I tip my hat to the asshole who thinks he could contain even that!
My ancestors have already been your slave. They’ve also been those that sailed across the Atlantic seeking this very land of freedom. 
So from the slave in me to the English immigrant, and all the tyranny that they had to flee from, I hope you know that I was born, bred, and am bestowed this right to my freedom. 

You would have to be stronger than the  seas, and more sinister than their shackles to ever, and I mean ever, get me to turn my back on my ancestors.
This time my bloodline, will not be purchased, persecuted or ever again be put into chains. I’m not a virus, a vector or villain I live in virtue not in vain. I treat other how I wish to be treated. -I just wish others would do the same.

One thought on “My Freedom too, America.

  1. I have watched your video and I don’t agree with all that you say. The first Amendment is your right and my right and freedom is not free as an American I will not give this up for no one. Born American and I will die standing for the USA . Try to take my freedom away and cross that line there is no return. Dez keep up the good work. C53

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