Survive, America.

A few months back I wrote another speech- a desperate attempt to release my angst and grief in the best way I knew how. After writing it, I took to recording my lamenting to put together a short video that I then posted to my bitchute account. What was the cause of my grief and anger? It was the pains I felt and feel still upon watching the country and world I love backslide into an unrecognizable form- one without clarity, sanity, or comfort. Worst of all I felt helpless to stop it. So below is my short speech. Perhaps, you’ll agree or maybe you won’t. Beneath the video is the transcription of the speech for those who prefer to read. I hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment as well.

Transcript of speech (written by Destiny Rezendes 2022):

When you wish, pray, ask for or demand…be sure that you’re being as specific as you can. Human creation throughout all time and all nations has always fallen short and it has always lacked in patience. But isn’t innovation great and progress thus destined? Although that may be true, we’ve still failed to learn our lessons. 

Our hindsight is 20/20, but our foresight is gone.  Do you really think you’ll find acceptance in those who deny God?  What? Because mankind is so perfect? You forget we are often wrong.

They retort with “…but I was born this way” and then the lost all sing along.

 If you think that how you feel defines our reality just know your fantasy does not apply automatically to me. Does that make me offensive, a racist a bigot, or perhaps rude? Am I a terrorist for seeing the difference between a chick and a dude? 

And what a disrespect to leave this fallacy unchecked….to the scientists that dedicated their lives studying the biological differences of sex. 

Yes, data can change but science isn’t in vain,

All because you fail to recognize what’s real and who is really to blame.

But they cheer out, “Let’s be extra. Isn’t this so lit?!”- Living in a hell where immorality is legit.

Are you seriously celebrating the fact that society has grown sick? 

Now you want to end violence with a pitchfork and a brick.

Liberate with censorship? Replace what’s real with counterfeit?

They say they are saving the economy just as fast as money can print.

 …but now it seems they’ve ran out of script- so they change the topic and end the conversation quick. While the truth is ready to debate, the brain-washed just throw a fit.

Your emotional dysregulation isn’t an argument nor is it an incentive.

Being the most upset doesn’t mean that you win, and regardless of how you feel it doesn’t make me insensitive.

Your off-set hormones, or childhood trauma from broken homes are not the public’s problem because by the time you’re grown, regulating your emotions is something you’re in charge of all your own.

Hasn’t anyone told you that life isn’t fair?

You can’t cancel gravity just because you don’t like stairs.

I’m sure you will try, to toss on wings and wish to fly. Battling morals and nature? Dedicating all your energy to a lie? A fact is a fact there is no logic that can deny, but you rally for delusions and when you fail you wonder why.

See, you don’t want truth in the future, you don’t include it in the deal.  The future you want is custom-made, fitted snuggly to how you feel. 

But how a person feels changes, it’s capricious and unstable, and it’s unfeasible to think it would get a say on who and what gets a label. The designers of modern society must be jumping up and down for joy. To see what a big mess they’ve made out of us their little toys. They’ve kept us busy bickering amongst ourselves with zero intention to stop it. Why would they when our banter distracts so perfectly from their profits?

And how will they be held accountable if we think we’re the ones who caused it? And how the fuck do you call it progress, when nothing has been done at all to try and solve it?!

You can’t fight fire with fire and expect things not to burn. You can’t fight liars with lies and expect they’ll one day learn.

Stuck in a haze? Put a building to blaze! Stare at your screens in a soul-sucking daze or try to cry & scream till you finally get your way. Embrace the victimhood’s proclivity to tout your personal perceptions of pain.

Does nobody mind that we’re being led by the insane? Can’t you see we’re being devoured and maimed with each hour that wanes? You all just go along -content to play their games…but who’s holding on to the reins?

 What is their status, and what is their name?

Some of you remain blind to identify these foul-smelling souls & the hells from which they came. But they are exclusive, but they are not elusive. There are plenty of villains, so one need not be choosy. You need not a Blue’s Clue or to ask Q’s like Peter Dousey -to take a look around and see who’s really to blame for our current causes of the societal stain…

For they leave hints, and money-covered prints over all of their endeavors, agendas, and trips. Words like stakeholder, shareholder, and black-budget folders. Look for profits and coffins and luxury bunkers in Boulder. They happily stand shoulder to shoulder, and the only thing they really fear is getting older. They like to scream at our children that the Earth must get colder!

When exactly will enough be enough?

Will it be when you’re robbed of your canned goods staring down the barrel of a gun?

Will it be when the government rips you away from those you love?

Perhaps you’ll think it’s enough when you wake to no sun, thanks to all of the poisons from the chemtrailing they’ve done. You know that from the very first moment that air terror had begun, 9 million people a year have died from polluted lungs.

Thinking that Covid is the killer- what an utter fucking joke!

White-collar criminals must be laughing hard at their premeditated hoax.

They think that we deserve to die because we are simple and stupid folk.

Maybe they’re right for once since the awakened are outnumbered by the woke.

They’ve already tainted the air, the earth, food, and our water…and they can’t wait to defile your movies, newspapers, your sons, and your daughters. They’ll steal your oil, your livelihood, your groceries, and your dignity. Til you’re starving, and shivering begging for crumbs on the street.

Food production in a crisis worse than the great depression… and isn’t that ironic? They say great like we’re all stupid or completely moronic. Like we’d not notice that like their “reset,” the word “great” really means demonic.

But how do we solve it? Well, we’re going to have to get our hands dirty, concerning this elitist scum-shit colonic. -But if you need a warning keep these words in the front of your noggin’. If not, all you know, and love will soon be dead and forgotten. Let’s be clear about the problem here; our enemies aren’t so far but rather very, very near. The only thing in our country that’s truly unified is our people’s overwhelming belief that our own leaders lie. The problem that our government now faces isn’t Russia or China but us, citizens that are losing our patience.

Have they never stopped to consider our loyalty has grown thinner? Thanks to their shady policies and their lies that keep growing bigger. Will they be surprised, when they recognize the red, white, and blue in the eyes of a betrayed face full of pride, with a gun to their side and a finger on the trigger? Why haven’t they seen the threat that they’ve made here at home? Trust me they have, and prepared but have since left it alone… sure that they’ve outsmarted us again thinking they’re free to go and roam.

They’ve masterfully hurt us in ways that no one really knows.

They didn’t need to take our guns, instead, they cut us down to the bones; and assaulted our hormones; by lacing every package, & food item down to the lining of beer cans…Ensuring chemically that those who would dare buck against the system would literally be less of a man. They pump us full of endocrine disruptors, and estrogen bumpers…

So that we’re confused and complain while testosterone gets tossed in the gutter. Then they have the gall to tweet to us all, that they support gender equality, and we just nod and applaud.

Celebrating the fact, that they’ve virtually cut off all our balls.

No wonder they and their stakeholders continue to pile up their stolen riches, or why other countries don’t respect us – because who would be afraid of a nation full of bitches. So, I guess that in this light the left may be right. Men and women are indistinguishable- the second you turn off the lights.

They forget yet again, despite how they’ve lessened the quality of our men… that they still have other matters to attend…With an old saying, I know they’ve been warned…that hell hath no fury quite like a woman scorned…and trust is left to rust the moment it’s been torn.

-But I do not think that all that is lost is ever truly gone.

For I know it was not just man who was made in the image of God. To that, though they will scoff, laugh, and flash their serpentine like grins. Because they have no faith in God. No, they don’t believe in him.

…And that will be their fall which catches them in all their sin. -Because it was God in the beginning and will be again at the end.

This is why their evil has accelerated, their bold moves grow ever big. For a fear, so crystal-clear comes to whisper in their ears, that in the end, “only good will win.”

USA: Between a Rock & a Wrecked Place


We’ve all adapted rather quickly to the current state of the world... as miserable as it all may be. This process that we are undertaking- of assimilating hasn’t solely been the result of force, hopelessness, or by some exhausted notion that we should just “live and let live.” Though I am certain that for many in the world, those may indeed be reasons as to why some seem to be taking the calamity with an ever-growing indifference. There is deeper purpose, and a reason to keep this nation together. The interesting thing is about this how easily offended we as a nation have become and pair that along with our historical proclivity to harshly guard our freedoms, and one might have assumed that throughout this whole pandemic it would have been us Americans who would’ve been first in line to buck against the tightening reigns of a government and the dismantling its citizens rights.

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on

Afterall, in the world’s view of the American people has historically been type-casted as a gun-toting, freedom loving, credit-card maxing, bible-thumping G.I Joe-esque character; Our role on the world stage was a righteous gift to the modern world; delivering hope and democracy one military engagement at a time.

You know... ‘Merica!

-G.I Joe Classic- Hasbro

That source which our comfort, in such unsettling times, isn’t propelled by wanting to comply and I don’t think that it’s from our infamously patriotic nature that’s getting us through.

At least not the distorted patriotism the media deems terroristic, I mean our long-standing spirit of pride that we had as fiery droves of troops that would head off to war, hungry to fight for their country and we, just as hungry to support them. Our adaptation to today’s problems is patriotic in nature, but not quite the same way as it once had. Today the country’s more reminiscent to the atmosphere brought home by seasoned troops that have returned home from a long war; soldiers that’ve just settled back into normal lives to get some well-deserved rest. When out of the shadows, our government would appear to say that yet another war had begun. Those troops aren’t excited. They aren’t concerned. They know what to expect and they know what they must do. They must fight once again.

Blame it on the 244 glorious years of our young country’s existence. It’s been through intense struggles starting from its infancy. Decades would pass as our country grew heartily alongside the generations of our forefathers. Blood, sweat and tears went into the American Dream. The United States grew to a super-power that no longer maintained the same familiar environment we once knew. Together, we as a nation have evolved, and from that rugged upbringing we’ve inherited the torment and temperament that comes from being of the free world. We are today left with a resilient and patient pride, but not one that stems from the tiresome mission to spread democracy to foreign lands. This is no Cold War. No, this is much warmer- for the fight is here on the home-front. Don’t think that just because this “warm-war” is on home soil that we don’t have enemies or that they lack in weaponry to attack us with. The adversary’s arsenal include:

  • Censorship, Cancel Culture. Critical Race Theory. Inflation.
  • Child exploitation, The assault on our Constitutional Rights. Polarizing Politics.
  • Bodily Autonomy. Rising suicides & overdoses. Dishonest Media.

This list of modern armaments could easily continue, but the important question is,

“Can we, the citizens continue?”

What could one expect from those who must fight at home? Where does that fighter find their refuge if the assaults are close at hand? The entire scenario then becomes more of a prison break than a liberation.

In the past, we could count on journalists, policymakers, and our neighbors to be on the side of American’s simply for the sake of being an American. However, we’ve watched governors like, Gavin Newsome put in place draconian lockdowns, and imposing scientifically unsupported mask mandates on millions of terrified Californians just for everyone to catch Newsome shamelessly dismissing his own edicts. The sheer audacity we saw in regard to the media, those tasked with pursuing and publishing the truth, when the story of our President’s son’s laptop was called “Russian Disinformation” by none other than the Press Secretary {Jen Psaki} for the White House. And where’s the accountability for leaving the vivid discovery to be crudely swept under the rug until either the authenticity was no longer up for debate or until they’d have denied the claims enough times to wrongly convince us all of a narrative that they knew was a blatant lie!

Certainly, in the America of our grandparents the politicians and media would have actually admitted to their biases and blunders, and they would set the record straight. Yet the slanderous lies are still headlined. The apologies and accountability for their negligence however seems to magically evaporates before ever making it to print.

When we as a country have always seen ourselves as the liberators of injustice and thus, always maintained the belief that if there were ever unjust suffering in the world, regardless of borders or regimes that we, the United States, would come kick down the door, and restore peace and freedom! That’s what we used to expect, but now who do we look to? As I find myself trying to locate rationale in our country’s history I think of the words of John F Kennedy, who perfectly said,

“First examine our attitude towards peace itself. Too many of us think it is impossible. Too many think it is unreal. But that is a dangerous, defeatist belief. It leads to the conclusion that war is inevitable, that mankind is doomed, that we are gripped by forces we cannot control. We need not accept that view. Our problems are manmade; therefore, they can be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings. Man’s reason and spirit have often solved the seemingly unsolvable, and we believe they can do it again……

….we do not want a war. We do not now expect a war. This generation of Americans has already had enough — more than enough — of war and hate and oppression.

We shall be prepared if others wish it. We shall be alert to try to stop it. But we shall also do our part to build a world of peace where the weak are safe and the strong are just. We are not helpless before that task or hopeless of its success. Confident and unafraid, we must labor on–not towards a strategy of annihilation but towards a strategy of peace.”

John F Kennedy

Kennedy spoke these words just 5 months before he would become a victim of senseless violence when on a visit to the friendship state, Texas, he was gunned down in broad daylight. The reason I bring Kennedy into today’s post is because that was the day the American Dream really started fading. His death alone caused more American’s to be apprehensive of their own government far more than any piece of Russian/Chinese propaganda could ever wish to have. That day, when Kennedy was slain, signaled to our people that America isn’t always righteous and good. It won’t always have the citizen’s best interest at heart. Kennedy’s death was so unpatriotic. The way that our government would dishonor a WW2 veteran, our leader, by not protecting him or his legacy made many question the establishment and to make it worse, they continue to lie about the tragedy even still today.

JFK pictured far right alongside his shipmates on the PT-109

So, as I said before, this is not the rallying cry for war, nor is it the whimper of defeat. This is the morning groanings of yet another day pursuing the noble ideals of a dream so that we all, Kennedy included, can be free and rest peacefully. We may be the tired, poor and huddled masses, but our Lady Liberty has long beckoned none other than the tired, poor and huddled masses. It is not a seasonal invitation that American Liberty extends but a reassurance that here we are welcomed to stay. As Kennedy said, “Confident and unafraid-we must labor on…”

My Freedom too, America.

The price for my freedom is something that not even the wealthiest country in the world could  possibly afford…

..and I think this rubs the US government the wrong way when they are face to face with something that cant be bought, bullied of lied for.... 

    …but they will have to come to terms with the fact that not everything is for sale.  That despite their many grand efforts that yes, sometimes, they are gong to fail. 

Because you cannot bribe me for my freedom or fear monger it into submission. 

It is not a carrot. I am not a rabbit.

  So you can scare me, threaten me,
 and try to force me to stay at home, but unless you have walked in these shoes on my feet, honey, you ain’t gonna tell me where I can roam. 

The only thing infectious about me is my smile and my laugh, and I tip my hat to the asshole who thinks he could contain even that!
My ancestors have already been your slave. They’ve also been those that sailed across the Atlantic seeking this very land of freedom. 
So from the slave in me to the English immigrant, and all the tyranny that they had to flee from, I hope you know that I was born, bred, and am bestowed this right to my freedom. 

You would have to be stronger than the  seas, and more sinister than their shackles to ever, and I mean ever, get me to turn my back on my ancestors.
This time my bloodline, will not be purchased, persecuted or ever again be put into chains. I’m not a virus, a vector or villain I live in virtue not in vain. I treat other how I wish to be treated. -I just wish others would do the same.

Democratic Backsliding & The Demoralization of The American Dream part I

What happened to the American Dream? The short answer is that we got it and more.

The longer answer is what started as a chase for a dream ended up imploding and although for a very short period of time it became an amazing dream. Sadly, most of us were fast asleep, the corrupted, with their heads full of trickery and hate were unable to go back to bed, and now awake looked with envy upon the sleeping and sought to take advantage of reality and slip back into their sheets before anyone could notice.

From history books we have been told that the origins of our country came out of the injustices committed amongst commoners of England under the rule of King Henry the 8th. While under the rule of a monarch there was little to nothing the average person could do to enact change or get their voices heard. Thus, some departed England to the new world in hopes of creating a fairer system the one in which we all live in today.

In a simple definition our country is in the midst of democratic backsliding. Democratic backsliding is defined as is a “gradual decline in the quality of democracy, and the reverse of democratization, which may result in the state losing its democratic qualities and becoming an autocracy or authoritarian regime.”

From what I have always believed that story is one of the most magnificent stories and I have always been proud to be an American (with the exception of the Biden/Trump presidential debate) However recently its dawned on me that at some point, somehow, something within the American Dream went awry. This is what I think the meaning of “woke” should truly be about. Upon being “woke” after being jarred awake by the coronavirus I looked for answers. Instead of trying to drift back in slumber I went to satisfy the need for understanding and went to undergo an onslaught of research. What I’ve concluded in the year of research whilst being “woke” has forever changed how I see the United States. Like any psychologist today will tell you, people dream prolific amounts in their lifetime, and few undertake the care and effort to document and decipher them. But if they were to do so would find that what they thought their dream was about was in-fact a much more complex and filled with details beyond one’s understanding. The American Dream is no different.

I now heavily believe a great and terrible thing has happened to this country. I’m uncertain of the exact date of when it began. I do not know which state, or on which coast it started on, and I know not the names or faces of those who birthed the atrocities. All I know is that it happened and that there are infinite tracks all throughout the crime scene and just as many witnesses; except the tracks lead everywhere and no where and the witnesses saw all of nothing.

One thing that I do believe to know is why things went awry. Power. Greed. Evil. Call it whatever you like it makes no difference. I hardly see any of them ever standing alone.

I think we have an awful proclivity for advertising our great dreams and noble intentions while at the same time burying our grim reality and discrediting our actions.

The system was never perfect, but it was never this bad.

I wish I knew who is to blame for the great political joke played on every American. It might sound unpatriotic of me but the joke I am referring to are the current political parties, the republicans and the democrats. Both parties as we know them in their actions today would be unrecognizable by their own parties 100 years ago. From a republican freeing the slaves and refusing the expansion of slavery to how now Republican’s are seen as the anti-black party. To democrats, who then supported slavery to now being the majority of the black American’s identifier in politics. One can surely see that some sleight of hand trickery has occurred.

How could such a lurid topic such as the justification of human slavery in our country quietly sneak over party lines unnoticed and undiscussed? That is just one absurdity that still boggles me.

More recently, and I make it a point to try and bring forth an argument that is of relevant timing , topics and terms in hopes that the average person will be able to maintain focus on the point I’m trying to make…More recently, how did we go from a country that would pity, mock, and  stare and point in disgust toward communistic countries overseas and how they treated their people to a country that can’t take the slightest notice to the same practices preformed on their own streets.

Once the American people would speak about how inhumane north Korea or china treated their people with regards to the total government control of their information. From the core policy of Freedom, we clung to the red, white and blue grateful that we lived in a free country, one where we could express our ideas freely and without fear or repression. We used that fear of being like that to build into the believe that we were superior because we could never in a million years see America doing the same and we would all die willingly if it meant ending up in a society like that.

We have used it to justify capitalism and any endeavor against any country that was not “as free” as us.

And justify is a key term. What we believe and what we know doesn’t add up. Beliefs are dime a dozen. Knowledge is arctic ice- not much remains and its less and less every day.

For the life of me I just do not understand how such a disarray has come to be. We all used to have mortal fear of total annihilation in the face of nuclear war. To the point that another great war has not happened since WW2. We all knew that blowing up nukes at each other was futile because it would surely cause irreparable damage to not only those engaged in the war, but certainly would destroy the planet as a whole and thereby sealing humanities fate into near extinction. Now we have people and institutions that deny climate change. We have looked at evidence of imminent danger that holds power the likes of nuclear war and dismissed its very existence.

When did we become so unbothered by acts of murder-suicide? We fight so hard to maintain our independence and spend multi trillions waging wars on foreign soil, often without invitation or provocation. Yet we fail to secure the actual dirt beneath the feet of our soldiers and the air they breathe.

It is easy to say that if we are so ignorant and evil than we deserve such perils that surely await us. Maybe we do. I like to think that we still deserve better than that.