Democratic Backsliding & The Demoralization of the American Dream, Part II

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In a previous entry bearing the same title except it was Part 1, touched heavily on the current state of the nation in regard to it’s ever growing problem of undergoing the hellish process of democratic backsliding. In this entry, although is released 4 months after part 1, the conversation continues as it all has only become more relevant.

The destruction of our country is remarkable in collateral damage. The whole system is falling apart. The voting system is corrupt and has been for at least a decade or two. The members of congress continue to question people who clearly evade the truth or outright lie, and congress has done nothing to hold them accountable.

We are making laws and policies based on the opinion of non-government entities and a handful of un-elected government officials. There are laws passing without the say so from the public. When it is the people’s moment to try to uphold the integrity of democracy by upholding their civic duties, and voting then they cheat! Both sides! They cheat; not only the system but they cheat the citizens out of being part of the democratic process-officially ending democracy in the free world.

Let’s just quickly jot down the ways in which we’ve recently seen America get the stars knocked out of her stripes.

  • Coronavirus Pandemic- (*653,000k+ dead in the U.S ) ~ (*4,497,000+ dead worldwide.) **This includes; daily fear, changing rules, laws, policies/ daily life constantly being upended. Supply chain congestion, censorship, Societal division, rapid drug development and risky approval process. Vaccines, mandates, elderly dying, social distancing, distrust in science/media/government. Delta Variant, Lockdowns…. etc.
  • Underprepared exit strategy for our troops and citizens trapped in Afghanistan. Humanitarian crisis. More US military are killed in the first week of evacuation than in the previous decade! We had been there for 20 years! No weapons of mass destruction. No trace that the 9/11 hijackers and their people. Just billions of dollars, thousands of lives and instead of leaving with some dignity and honor we high tail it out of there without a plan in motion and with afghani citizens falling to their deaths after clinging to a United States Air Force plane.
  • A Presidential Campaign so ridiculous and embarrassing that the entire country fell pray to being a punchline. Total Joke.
  • Cuba, in a height of crisis sees more political oppression, media censorship/communication blacklist. Food shortages. Poverty skyrocketing.
  • Water Reserves in California are at record breaking lows.
  • Louisiana gets completely slammed by a hurricane. Multi-millions in damage.
  • Prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has announced that if you’re a Canadian and you want to travel, via plane of bus that you must be vaccinated.
  • Wildfires scorched the west coast yet again. 1,000’s of acres destroyed and a lot of homes too.
  • Since the start of this presidency there has been an estimated one million illegals from Central and South America that have crossed the Mexican-Mmerican borders. Currently Mexico ranks number in highest number of new covid deaths, and top five for the number of new cases. There is no quarantine, treatment or vaccine protocol for these people.
  • The Florida Towers collapse in “freak” accident killing dozens.
  • President Biden issues two Executive Orders mandating all Federal workers, Government Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and businesses with over 100 employees to get fully vaccinated. Also the entire military is subjected to this and face punishment if they refuse.
  • Health care workers, after being front line hero’s throughout this pandemic are being forced to get vaccinated or lose their jobs, benefits, and insurance.

Sadly, that list only scratches the surface of the issues we’ve faced since the pandemic started and this whole ordeal is yet to be done.

My question is this: With all that has transpired in recent years, what actions of the U.S government have warranted our compliance? Or our support? Our blind faith? Our tax money?

Because I struggle to see exactly what we are supposed to be grateful for, in debt to them for..

There was a time that many answers to that question would come to mind. However, those days are long behind us. Perhaps a greater question that we should ask ourselves is “What is to become of our future? Not even focusing on the political fabric of America, since that seems likely doomed towards an authoritative police state, but more so in terms of our faith and trust. Are we to live in a world where no one will have faith in doctors, scientists, or politicians? Will no on trust the news. If the truth comes out which child will want to grow up to be a physician? Who will be an eager politician in the making when it’s become such a joke? What is to become of our future?

The answer to that question lies in our actions as the populace. If we protect the foundations of our democracy, our rights, and traditions I believe we will come out of this a true global leader. However, if we are to quietly relinquish our rights, and let the corrupts dilute the democratic system with greed and power then we are helpless and destined to be ruled.

No matter which outcome occurs- you will have a part to play in what history will say about us.

Be Brave. Do Something.

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