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Last post was dedicated to laying a foundation about who Dr. Fauci is for you to draw your own conclusions from. I do always hope that you take matters into your own hands and do as much research as possible. I was raised to be curious and above that to always question authority. Don’t confuse that message with disrespecting authority. No. Absolutely give respect where it is due but worry not over your place and right to question whenever you need. With the world so big and full of information it would be outlandish to think you can’t get answers. Speaking of research and answers at the bottom of this post I will insert links to my favorite non-biased search methods but for you to see where I gather some of my information from and to promote you to do the same.

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The CDC is one of our country’s most respected federal institutions. Well, up until recently it didn’t seem as though trust was shaken but we’ve seen faith in them wavering since covid-19 started. What is the rudimentary facts we can gather about the CDC. The CDC in name is an abbreviation for Center for Disease Control and the title pretty much explains its purpose. After WW2 nearly 75 years ago the remnants of the Malaria Control Group and the funding of the Rockefeller foundation collaboratively created the CDC and it fell under the national defense parented by the US public health service. I know what you’re thinking…. it’s involved with the illuminati! No, at least as far as rational thinking suggests no. The Rockefeller foundation and its supposed rise to the top of the illuminati is just that a supposition. I will, however do a blog post dedicated to the Rockefeller Foundation because (get ready conspiracy enthusiasts) they are very much involved with what is going on with this coronavirus, bill gates, and of course the CDC.

When the CDC first began, back in 1946, it ran on a budget of 1 million dollars and their number one concern was eradicating malaria from the United States and in regions of war across seas. A million dollars might not seem like a lot of money but you have to take into consideration the time period and inflation. One million big ones back in 1946 would be equivalent to 14.1 million dollars in 2020. Still this a meager budget compared to the 11+ billion dollar budget it runs off of in today’s world.

Up until the 1960’s malaria, tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted diseases was the majority of what they covered. It wasn’t until 1963 that the CDC along with the PHS began working on immunization.

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