Women’s Responsibility to Protect Natural Male Masculinity


Masculinity is under attack. It’s a fact that has been well-documented, but one that many people don’t seem to be talking about. For example: Men are less likely than ever before to marry or have children, they’re more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and they’re dropping out of school at alarming rates. The crisis we’re facing isn’t just an issue of gender identity—it’s a crisis of masculinity itself. And it’s something we must address together as women (and men). Here are three ways we can protect masculinity in the next generation. Men are under social pressures like never before and its cruel to know that they are at the mercy of a harsh world in terms of their physical well-being and masculine health on top of all of that!

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with the body’s endocrine system, which includes glands that produce hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These chemicals are found in many common household products including plastic containers for food storage or microwavable dinners; cleaning products like laundry detergents and hand soap; cosmetics like hair sprays and lotions; pesticides used to grow food on farms; toys made from plastics (especially those marketed toward girls) – even BPA-free plastics can have endocrine disrupting effects!

Endocrine disruptors affect both men and women–and even babies during gestation! The effect of Endocrine Disruptors is most impactful during the first trimester that a fetus is gestating because this is when natural gender forming processes take place within an individual human being (you know: sex chromosomes). Disrupting the natural progression of gender forming processes during this time will have lifelong impacts on the child’s identity as well as their health later on in their life – including reproductive organs damage/dysfunction such as infertility issues due to low sperm count or inability to conceive at all. Giving your son the right to have a fair and natural chance to be his true gender shouldn’t be hindered by a careless mother or selfishness. Give them the equal footing that your father had and let nature and your son make his own conclusions but don’t tilt the scales one way or another. It’s not fair to the world, or your son.

If they later in life, after being given a healthy and natural start, then chooses or informs you that his gender identity doesn’t align to his biological self then you can have that conversation and make the steps that you both think is necessary to facilitate their wellbeing. Until then, give them a chance to be themselves as men, naturally and without hinderance! How could you forgive yourself if you damaged your son’s ability to procreate, be as masculine as he may one day wish to be, or stunt his sexuality, sexual organs, or his ascent through the stages of puberty properly. Puberty is already a very hard time for our youth, stunting their development will only lead to more angst, confusion and pain for your child. Be a good parent and protect them from conception and all throughout their life.

We have a role to play in protecting masculinity.

Women are partially responsible for this crisis of masculinity. Women must take responsibility in their role in creating this crisis of diminishing masculinity in men. As nurturers, women have empathy and concern for the health of those around them. This includes men and their natural masculinity. Women have power to advocate for men’s rights just like they do for women’s rights; it is one of the things which defines women; having empathy, concern and care for the health of those around you. The health of men directly impacts women on numerous fronts including family life, finances and community safety.

No matter who you are, your race, religion, beliefs or background YOU would NOT be here without a MAN. I’m not referring to identity. I am referring to biology! Despite the current propaganda and body-dysmorphia/hormone dysregulation swayed disillusioned statements being made, there are two genders/sexes. There are males and there are females and they do have biological differences that indeed have hormone-based characteristics. Those characteristics have molded what we know to be “gender norms” and “gender identities” which is free for anyone to change and regard however they please. But your sex chromosomes cannot be undone or changed. They are X’s and Y’s and that is completely OKAY!!! It’s even okay to disagree with nature but you must exist with that truth regardless of opinion. Just like saying you need air to breathe-there is male and female within the human species. Not one better than the other. Just different and that isn’t just okay, it’s a beautiful thing.

Do’s and Don’ts for ensuring you do your part in protecting masculinity:

  • Reduce or Refrain from preparing any foods/beverages in plastics, especially if you have them heated (by either the food or the microwave, even from sitting in the sun) because endocrine disrupting chemicals in plastics leach into everything and heats exacerbates this problem.
  • If you’re pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, for at least the first 25 weeks: avoid using too many chemicals on your body, like makeups, lotions, shaving creams unless you can rule them to endocrine safe. That means no parabens, phthalates, or sulfates. Also, avoid microwaved food containers made of plastics.(of course I’m not a doctor and you should consult with your physician with any medical advice)
  • Resist the urge to virtue signal with the crowd when it comes to man-shaming. It doesn’t make anyone better off, in fact it hurts men and in turn hurts women.
  • Stop calling men emasculating things so casually! Calling a man, a “Simp” or a “B!tch” might be how you feel about him but there are other insults that aren’t taking a stab at his masculinity. *the best comeback is often silence anyways.
  • Encourage healthy male bonding; let him hang with his friends, go to the park to play ball, let him go to the gym  and watch the game.
  • Praise his masculinity by asking for his help with things that will boost his ego. “Can you reach that box on the shelf for me! Wow thanks, you’re so big and tall.”  “I can’t open this jar, could you do it, please?” While these sound-like outdated stereotypes and are just basic examples to make my point the idea is to be grateful for your differences and praise them on theirs that may differ from yours. Its not a competition, its collaboration.
  • Compliment him on his actions, appearance, and manliness. Let him know that you approve! Men ARE COMPLIMENT STARVED! Us women are constantly hyping each other up, and men rarely get that from their guy friends and rarely from the ladies. Compared to the love women get, men are running on fumes in the compliment department.

Men should be taught to respect women for their natural femineity and to respect themselves and learn to embrace their natural masculinity.

In addition, men need to understand that they are not solely responsible for protecting women from the dangers of the world. Women are capable of protecting themselves and protecting men; it is a gross misunderstanding of gender roles to believe otherwise. Socially, in my opinion, is where a lot of damage by women on masculinity is occurring. Sadly, women have been led astray by a false movement that masquerades as “Feminism” when the agenda is really about destroying families and creating more debt amongst the everyday people. Modern feminism was created by men (Look into Henry Kissinger and his 300 Report!)

When there are imbalances in the endocrine system, it can lead to numerous health problems, including infertility, depression and diabetes.

The endocrine system is a complex network of glands that produce hormones. Hormones are chemical messengers that travel through the bloodstream to target organs and tissues, where they regulate various body functions such as metabolism, growth and reproduction. Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with the normal functioning of our endocrine systems by mimicking or blocking natural hormones in our bodies. When there are imbalances in the endocrine system, it can lead to numerous health problems including infertility (inability to conceive), depression and diabetes.

Some of the main sources of endocrine disruptors come from pesticides that are used on crops such as corn and soybeans; flame retardants found in furniture foam; plasticizers like bisphenol A (BPA) which leach from plastic bottles/cups/containers; phthalates found in personal care products such as nail polish remover and hairsprays aren’t all you need to be wary of. Recent studies have found ALARMINGLY high presence of these endocrine disruptors in most of the beauty products women have been indoctrinated into purchasing and using!

This includes:

Foundation, blush and pressed powders as well as liquids and cream-based makeup products.

Shaving cream, hand sanitizer and sunscreens

Lipsticks, Eye makeup, perfumes, and sanitary feminine products

Body washes, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions and even body sprays and hair dyes and treatments!

Because the prevalence of these toxic gender diminishing chemicals are in so many products and used so heavily, I have some tips that I guarantee will help lessen the threat they present to you as a woman, and to the men in your life!

Tip #1. Advocate! Use your wonderful capacity for care and concern to be passionate about this topic. Write governmental bodies like the Human Health Services, express your concerns to the FDA, and to your local retailer! Remember, that governments are meant to serve the people and so are manufacturers! It is amazing what some letters and passionate advocacy can do!

Tip #2. Get familiar with the companies that don’t use Parabens, Phthalates and other endocrine disruptors. Support them by purchasing them over the other products that use those toxins. Businesses RELY on your money to operate. If they see that their clients are buying other competitors’ items over something they could change BELIEVE ME, THEY WILL QUICKLY CHANGE in order to win you back! Be sure to read labels. Almost all products have a customer service number on them, free to call. Bonus: Post about it on social media to spread awareness for maximum impact!

Tip #3. Get your microplastic levels checked, and your hormones! Once you do that, you can take healthy steps to stabilize your hormones and levels of toxicity. Doing this before and during pregnancy are vital! Avoid as many chemicals, and use of plastics as possible. Be sure to check everything with your doctor before any major lifestyle changes.

Tip #4. If you aren’t pregnant and aren’t planning on it for some time, look into toxin detoxes like Bentonite Clay detoxing, juice cleanses, and fasting to reset the body’s metabolism. Also, remember that if it is prepackaged, then it’s probably not the healthiest thing you could be eating. Exercise is also GREAT for stabilizing your hormones!

Hormonal imbalances can be caused by everything from genetics to diet and lifestyle habits. For women and their role in facilitating natural masculinity in males this is primarily prominent in our roles as mothers. While pregnant, during the first 25 weeks of pregnancy the gender and gender certainty both physically and chemically is being determined in the womb. Women have the utmost critical responsibility to give their children the fairest and most natural chance at reaching their child’s natural gender qualities. Women, more than men, have the most decisive role in the aptitude of the child’s sex. Women must be informed and act upon this in a way that best serves the child.

As women, we have the power to advocate for our own health and the health of our families and specifically the men in our families and communities by taking the following steps:

  • Avoiding toxic chemicals. Women should avoid toxic chemicals at all costs. Some specific examples include BPA (bisphenol A), phthalates, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, GMO foods and processed foods. All these things can be found in common household items such as shampoo bottles or plastic wrap packaging around food products like cheese slices or hot dogs–and they’re not good for anyone!
  • Phrases that encourage and celebrate healthy masculinity can help foster positive self-esteem and a sense of belonging for men. Here are some examples:
  • “Be proud of who you are and embrace your masculinity.”
  • “Confidence and strength come from embracing your true self, including your masculinity.”
  • “True masculinity is about being respectful, empathetic, and responsible.”
  • “You have the power to make a positive impact on the world by being a strong, responsible, and kind man.”

Together as a team, not as adversaries is how we bring out the best in both sexes. Give men a chance to be men. No one likes to be shamed for who we are. and knowledge is our only way forward that benefits us all.